Using your Lord AP Skills in Iron Throne

Getting the Best Out of Your Lord XP and AP

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Knowing how to utilize your Lord’s AP skills to benefit you the most can seem daunting to those who are new to Iron Throne. Luckily, Princess Kat is here to help with this handy-dandy video going over how to utilize the most out of your Lord’s XP.

Princess Kat covers your daily 25% XP boost and using your gold to increase your VIP levels, which leads to unlocking your Lord Skill Presets after VIP 15. Additionally, Kat explains how to appoint your Lord Skill Presets to help expedite your progress.

Also, make sure to check out fellow Gamefluencer, xAlyKat’s article, “Get A Handle On The New Lord Skill Points!” to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your presets and become the most efficient player out there!

Lord Skills

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