Deputies, New Gear, and Research, Oh My!

Update 3.1.0 Overview

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This month, Iron Throne released a huge update with many features. From Deputies to new Gear Sets, let’s break down the major components of this update.

Deputy System

An additional hero can now be equipped for both your Guard Captain and Attack Hero. Currently, only one extra hero for each can be researched, but the teaser indicated that in the future up to four each will be available. The deputies are researched in the new hero training research node. The Deputy Hero starts with 10% of it’s buffs and can be researched to 50% max.

Deployment Deputy

The Deployment Deputy assists the Attack Commander in attacking other castles, and the Defense Captain in the sanctuary and capital. Academy 26 is required and initial research is heavy on silver and speeds.

Guard Deputy

The Deployment Deputy stays home to defend your castle, just like the Guard Captain. Appoint this from the appointment menu. Just like the Deployment Deputy, it requires Academy 26 and lots of silver.

Hero Training Research

This is where you research the new deputies, but additionally, there are further researches for offense and defense. Troop type debuffs, attack, defense and HP all make an appearance here. There are researches to strengthen the new deputies, and also research to increase the battle buffs at faceoff. This means whoever wins the faceoff at the beginning takes additional buffs with them into the main battle.

New Equipment Sets

This update brought four new sets of equipment; Slaughter, Outcry, Agility and Majestic. The first three focus type combat, while the Majestic aims for Defense. Slaughter, Outcry and Agility all add a Tier 1 and Tier 2 troop debuff.

Slaughter Set

This is the new Infantry set. Below is a comparison of a straight Immortal set between Conqueror and Slaughter. Note the T1 and T2 debuffs. Attainment of set bonus 5, 10, and 15 adds to this debuff.


The new Archer Set, Outcry, has higher archer combat stats, along with the same Tier 1 and Tier 2 debuffs as the Slaughter set.


The newest cavalry set, it mirrors the archer and Infantry set, and again has the Tier 1 and Tier 2 debuffs.

Majestic Set

The replacement for the rarely used Guardian set, the Majestic set offers debuffs and a lot of them. A fully enhanced +15 set has a huge attack debuff as shown below. Compared to the 510% attack debuff given by the Guardian set, it’s looking promising that the Majestic set will be a viable defensive gear set.  Also note that the troop attack and troop HP are not type specific, just like Dark Lord. Dark Lord has a higher troop attack/defense/HP, but no debuffs. Mixing and matching may be a viable option as well.

Enhancement Rings

These rings are used to enhance gear, instead of another gear piece. Currently a mystery on where to find them, this article will be updated when they become available.

New Monsters

Four new monsters have now appeared on the world map. Monster levels up to 35 are now in all kingdoms. They hold the key to obtaining the new gear sets.

  • Agile Ice Troll: Agile Chests
  • Majestic Windigo: Majestic Chests
  • Winter Insect of Outcry: Outcry Chests
  • Ice Skull Soldier of Slaughter: Slaughter Chests

In the Blood Moon Valley, additional level monsters 36-38 will be added.

Auto Hunt

Auto Hunt is now available and is purchased in packs. They finite (there’s a time limit), so remember that monsters are disappearing quickly at the moment.

Crafting Adjustments

There are several adjustments to crafting from the look of the interface to the actual functions.

Group Sell

This is a great one for all of you looking to sell purple and Chaotic gear! Simply tap one of the items you wish to sell and hit “Group Sell.” It will give you an “are you sure?” pop up and then sell all pieces of gear that match the one you selected.

Equipment Protection

This is a great feature for those players with fat fingers (and those who have sold their Hunters Mark gear in error before). Simply select the piece you want to protect, and poke the padlock in the upper left corner.

Upgrading changes

The hammer requirements for upgrading equipment have been increased, but the material requirement has been reduced to 2 for Guardian, Conqueror, Destroyer and Dominator sets.

Balance Adjustments


  • The Defense Captain’s equipment and battle stats now apply, not just the Alliance Leader’s.
  • Maximum troops now reflect the Defense Captain’s abilities.
  • Invasion ports can now be given to any lord in the kingdom.
  • Scout report contents now are randomly selected from Level 1 to current scout ability levels.
  • A single scout can only be sent now into the enemy castle and sanctuary.

Alliance Castle

The defense area of the stronghold now blocks non-allied members from porting into the alliance’s territory.


Domination is now played against multiple kingdoms.

Hospital Capacity

This is a big one! Hospital capacity is now per tier. What does this mean? It means a lot more beds, and more protection for your higher level troops in the event that you are zeroed or hit badly. It also means that those of you running only troops for beds have the potential for protecting a much larger number of troops. There are trapping implications here, which we will discuss in a future article.


New Castle Skins

Both new skins require tickets and have a timer. They don’t last forever!

Resource Limitations

The amount of sharable RSS has now been limited, contingent on the level of your marketplace.

Rune Fusing

One of the most popular convenience features of this Update, Runes can now be group fused up to Epic grade. You cannot mass fuse Immortal grade runes.

Invasion Rule Changes

One or more of the conditions below must be met;

  • The Kingdom to be invaded must have been created before the Invader’s Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom to be invaded must have been created within 60 days of the Invader’s Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom to be invaded must be at least 150 days old.

This prevents the older kingdoms from porting in and smashing newer kingdoms that don’t have the ability to defend themselves against that level yet.

Rally Attack Buffs

Rally attacks on a castle not only now include the commander who initiates the attack, but also 10% battle stats of the top five members in the rally with the highest equipment power.


New events, special growth strategy and growth strategy 4 were added.

As you can see, there was a lot to this update. Future articles here at Iron Throne Elite will explore the ramifications of the new Deputies, Gear Sets and more. Happy exploring!

Which new feature are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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