Understanding Leverage – Video

Learning about the actual numbers/stats of leverage, how it applies to your attack, and how to debuff it to the fullest.

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Understanding Leverage

Leverage can be a confusing topic when you start delving into it. But thankfully our favorite Princess Kat will be going over Leverage thoroughly in this new video.

Leverage is the bonus you receive when using specific troops against troops they’re weak against. For example, Infantry Troops are given a 200% bonus against Cavalry Troops, Cavalry Troops have a 200% bonus against Archer Troops, and Archer Troops have a 200% bonus against Infantry Troops.

The 200% bonus represents the natural advantage that you receive against your favored enemy troop. It’s a big bonus in a troop game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. This is why Leverage Bonuses granted from Runes only offer around 10%. Because the benefits of a huge bonus would be gigantic if they offered anymore.

The balance to this is the bonus only benefits you in specific situations i.e. when you’re sending troops against the troops they have affinity bonus against. Or, as Princess Kat suggests, you can also get a +5% Leverage bonus if you get your Attack Runes to 15%.

Now, there’s a big difference with Leverage when it comes to your troops when they are going against troops they are weak against. Known as the Leverage Penalty, your attack is going to be halved (50%)!

This is huge because your troops not only have a huge penalty against the troops they’re weak against (Cavalry vs Infantry, for example) but they’re also getting a 200% attack bonus against you!

Understanding what you’re sending your troops against is huge because it can help prevent you from taking unnecessary Troop losses.

Don’t forget, you can boost your Leverage bonus by an additional 200% from your Troop Training Tree. At the very end, you’ll find a Cavalry, Infantry, and Archer Leverage Damage Increase, that when maxed gives you an additional 200% bonus!

As a defender, you might think you’re out of luck versus someone who has a Leverage bonus against you, but there is various gear that can help negate some of that. Also, you can enhance your buildings through the Command Center. Warehouse, and Wall.

Each building offers a Leverage debuff to the corresponding troop: Command Center debuffs Infantry, Wall debuffs Archers, and Warehouse debuffs Cavalry.

There’s a lot more details about Leverage that Princess Kat explains in her video, so make sure to watch it all the way through! If you have any questions or comments make sure to leave them below the video!

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