True World War

True World War has arrived in Iron Throne. Are you ready to compete for the title of Emperor or Empress? Prepare your strategies for the war ahead.

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True World War has arrived in Iron Throne. For the first True World War, we saw LSU Girl from the Alliance ONE take the title of Empress. Congratulations to her and good job on the work put forth by her Alliance in supporting her.

First True World WarHowever, now that we know what True World War looks like it is time to start preparing for the future! Who will be the next Emperor or Empress? It will take preparation, teamwork, and time to obtain that title. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at True World War and what is available to players there and preparation for future True World Wars.

What is True World War?

True World War is a battle on the Blue Moon for the title of Emperor or Empress. It is a war waged between all Kingdoms to prove who is the strongest. During this time there are several modes of gameplay players can engage in to earn rewards.

However, it is important to note that to be allowed access to the True World War Moon you must have at least a level 25 Citadel. Players with a Level 25 Citadel will be awarded one free port and after that, it costs 5,000 Gold to port to the Moon.

What to do during True World War?

There are several aspects of play that players can engage in during True World War. Three events are going on the entirety of the time that players can take part in with different tasks to earn rewards.

True World War Events

  1. Solo Event
  2. Inferno Event
  3. Alliance

Solo Event

The Solo event consists of Destroying Void Strongholds. Void Strongholds are only available on the Blue Moon during the True World War. There are multiple tiers to complete this event and the higher your points the more rewards you get from the event.

Void Stronghold

The Void Strongholds range from level 25 to 35. They are similar to Chaotic Strongholds however, give different rewards. From the Void Strongholds you can receive:

Void Stronghold Rewards

  1. Resources
  2. Gear Chests
  3. True World War Coins

This is unique in that the Void Strongholds will drop 1 chest of each type of gear mat. While these strongholds do have an increased AP cost of 30 if you look at the rewards for hitting one of these versus the rewards for hitting monsters in a normal kingdom you will receive more for your AP then you would in your Kingdom killing monsters. Killing one Void Stronghold is comparable to killing 4 Monsters which would cost you 40 AP.

Inferno Event

The inferno Event consists of Killing troops or having troops killed in the Sanctuaries or Imperial Castle. To participate in this, you must work in conjunction with your Alliance to rally and fill either the Imperial Castle or one of the Sanctuaries.

Also, there are rewards for the top 3 alliances who occupy each of the sanctuaries the longest and rewards for the Alliance who occupies the Imperial Castle the longest. To check your Alliance’s standing in this event you simply go to the True World War section under events and click on the appropriate tab.

True World War Status
Here you can see the occupy time of different alliances and where your alliance stands in the rankings.

Alliance Event

The Alliance Event again consists of destroying Void Strongholds. However, it also adds a PvP element into the event. For the Alliance Event, you get points for Troops Killed and PvP troops killed. So if you take a trip to the Blue Moon and are not ready to take hits be sure to double-check your shield time before you get caught without your bubble.

True World War Rewards!

We have these three events and we can check and see what the rewards are there:

Imperial Castle Rewards

The Rewards for the Imperial Castle are broken down into two categories. The Top 3 Alliances get rewards, however, and the Leaders of these alliances get their rewards.

Imperial Castle Alliance Leader Rewards

We will cover the Leaders rewards first. These rewards only go to the R5 of the Top 3 Alliances. The Top Alliance Leader is also rewarded with the title of Empress or Emperor. In the image below you can see the rewards, the R5 will receive for ranks 1 to 3.

Imperial Castle Alliance Leader Rewards

Imperial Castle Alliance Rewards

The Top 3 Alliances also get rewards from the Imperial Castle. These rewards include Gold, Silver, and Gift boxes, the amounts for each rank can be seen below.

Imperial Castle Alliance Rewards

True World War Sanctuary Alliance Leader Rewards

For the Top 3 Alliances in the sanctuaries, the Leaders of those Alliances will receive the following rewards.

True World Sanctuary Alliance Leader Rewards

True World War Sanctuary Alliance Rewards

For Sanctuaries, the top three alliances will once again receive Gold, Silver, and Alliance gift boxes. Amounts of these rewards can be seen below again:

True World Sanctuary Alliance Rewards

On top of the Rewards listed above, there is also a vault for both the Imperial Castle and Sanctuaries with items that can be given to other Alliance members.

True World War Coins

True World War Coins are listed as rewards in many aspects of the play. So what do you do with these coins? If you go to the Imperial Castle from there you can access the True World War Coin Shop. You can use the coins that you gather to be able to purchase items from this shop. You will be able to see more of this in the video from Princess Kat below!

An Overview of True World War with Princess Kat

Preparing for the Next True World War

Are you ready to start preparing for the next True World War? To be successful your strategy and team will need to be on point. So start preparing early so that you can toss your hat in for a victory!

Preparing your Strategy

We have some great articles that talk about strategy in Sanctuaries and Capital. Be sure to brush up on your reading so that your game strategy is on point.

Capital and Artifact Sanctuary Behavior

Triumph in the Artifact Sanctuary

An Intro to Sanctuaries (video)

However, another essential part of True World War is deciding where you will focus. Are you going to go for the Sanctuaries? Or will you go for the ultimate title of Emperor or Empress at the Imperial Castle?

My recommendation would be that if you do not have the team or support to combat against some of the biggest players in the game that you shift your focus to a sanctuary. However, the fact that there are sanctuaries and the Imperial Castle is great because it allows more players to participate.

The strategy will be important, however, your Team will be a huge part of your strategy and Iron Throne has some great Teams out there. So next we need to know how to prepare your team.

Preparing your Team

Your Team is an essential part of this. The team that you have supporting you can make or break your quest for victory. Sometimes it will be necessary to pair up with other teams to support you as well. We have some quick tips to help you lead your team to victory.

Five Quick Tips to Prepare your Team
  1. Clear your Calendars– Make sure that your team has the players that can be online and ready to play. This may mean recruiting players from other alliances who are willing to come help in the battle.
  2. Organization is Key- Everyone on your team should know what their role is. Whether they are helping fill the sanctuary or Imperial castle or helping reinforce the leader, or helping speed troops. Each of your players should have a role and know what it is.
  3. Good Coms is Essential-  You not only need to but want to be in constant communication with the rest of your team. Having a call on discord or the Line App going during this time is essential.
  4. Be willing to be flexible- If something is not working change it up and try a new strategy! This is where preparing strategy comes in handy.
  5. Practice makes Perfect (or at least close)- Be willing to fight at the capital and sanctuaries in your home kingdoms. This will allow you to test out different strategies and prepare your team for the real battle ahead.

Most importantly do not forget to have fun!

You are going to encounter teams that have been playing different games together for years and have tons of tried and true strategies under their belt. This is inevitable. However, go in and fight your hardest and support your team and have fun and at the end of the day, you will have a team that is willing to continue fighting alongside you.

What were your favorite parts of the first True World War? Let us know in the comments below and do not forget to join us on Line and Discord for more information on the go!

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