Troop Composition Defense Overview

Princess Kat explains the various Troop Defenses offered in Iron Throne.

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Troop Composition

Single Type Troop Defense

The most common defense, Single Type Troop Defense, is when you have a large amount of one type of troop, and you have a small number of others.

For example, a player who has a large amount of Infantry Troops (of various Tiers) with a small number of Siege, Calvary, and Archer Troops.

The main benefit of this type of defense is you can defend with various types of gear that will boost your specific Troop Type.

With Infantry, you could use Conqueror and/or Slaughter Gear or you could change into Majestic or Guardian Gear. Don’t forget the new Crimson Gear Sets and all the new information we have on those.

Siege Defense

Siege Defense, while it can still benefit from a Single Troop Type Composition, is best with a Mixed Troop Build.

Suggested Gear for this would be Majestic and/or Guardian Gear which really helps to boost the defensive capabilities of this type of defense.

However, the inherent weakness of Siege Defense is Strategic Siege with its Leverage Bonus. Leverage is the bonus you receive when using specific troops against troops they’re weak against.

For example, Infantry Troops are given a 200% bonus against Cavalry Troops, Cavalry Troops have a 200% bonus against Archer Troops, and Archer Troops have a 200% bonus against Infantry Troops.

According to some reports and testing, Strategic Siege Troops can have a four to five times advantage against Siege Troops, so be mindful when adopting this Defensive Composition.

Mixed Troops Defense

Mixing Various Troops of different Tiers is another viable option. With this, you’ll gain the max benefit of the Leverage bonus and allow your Troops with Preemptive Strike to destroy some of the Enemies Troops that may have an advantage against your defending troops.

With this type of Troop Composition, you need to use different Tiers of Troops. In Kat’s example, she would have high-tier Infantry on top, and Tier 2 Archer’s on the bottom.

Since opponents would want to hit her with Archers (vs her Infantry), her bottom Archers would help prevent any Leverage they may have against her.

If the enemy would see Kat’s Archer Troops and hit her defense with Calvary, then the Infantry’s Preemptive Strike would destroy the Calvary incredibly easily.

Crimson Gear Sets

Keep in mind, with the release of Crimson Gear Sets, a lot of things have changed, so make sure to check out our Guide on this new Gear and watch Kat’s explanation on how this Gear changes the Meta and your Defensive Troop Composition.

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