Ten Elite Tips to Help Train your Army

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Troops are essential in any war game. At times they can feel burdensome and costly. Knowing the tricks and tips to train effectively is important. In addition, having knowledge about what the stats on your troops is can be very important. While Iron Throne has created a lot of built-in safeties that allow us to not actually lose our troops in battle we still want to be sure that we are doing our part.

Ten Elite Tips to Help Train your Army

When Training your Army you want to ensure that you are not only doing so in a way that is the most cost efficient but that you do not train troops that you do not need or are not smart. We have ten Elite tips to help you when you start training to not only be sure that you are training at the lowest possible cost but that you are protecting the Army you build.

1. Elite Tip Number One: Train with Events

When you are Training Troops you are using Speed-ups and Resources. While you are investing your resources into your Troops you should also be getting something in return. By training Troops during Troop Training Events you ensure that you are also getting rewarded for the effort and resources you are putting into Training up your Army. Whether this is resources, materials, Speed-ups or AP every little bit will help you continue moving forward.

Elite Pro-Tip: Train on Fridays (Soldier’s Day) to hit events in the Event Center as well

2. Elite Tip Number Two: Appoint a Drill Sergeant

Make sure you appoint a Drill Sergeant to take advantage of the stats available. These stats will make it possible to save on the cost of Troops and the time it takes to train troops. In addition, it will boost your Troop Training Capacity to allow you to train more troops at once.

3. Elite Tip Number Three: Equip Your Drill Sergeant

Make sure you put the right gear on your Drill Sergeant. There are a couple of options for gear to help with Training. We recommend the Tactician’s Training Gear. However, this gear set does require a purchase from the Gold Store. We have included the stats on it below. For those who are unable to purchase this gear make sure you take a look at the Eldred Set which is free in Town Mode. This gear set also helps with Training Troops.

wdt_ID Gear Name Where to Obtain Immortal Set Stats
1 Tactician's Training Purchase the (Tactician's Training Set) at the shop to obtain the complete Set. +100% Troop Training Speed

4. Elite Tip Number Four: Get Your Buildings up to Par

Your buildings are very important when it comes to Training. Some of the most important buildings are your Training Grounds, Archery Range, Stable, and Siege Workshop. The level of these buildings determines what Tier of Troops you are able to train. By increasing the level of these buildings you are able to unlock higher Tiers.

The Academy is also very important as the level of your Academy determines the level of Research that you are able to complete. Finally, the Barracks will help increase your Training Capacity and help with Troop Training Speed. By increasing the number of Barracks you have you will increase the boosts you are receiving from these buildings.

5. Elite Tip Number Five: Do Not Forget to Boost

Make sure that you hit up your Boost screen to toss on some Training Boosts while you prepare to begin training your Army. Be sure that you do not activate these boosts until you are ready to train so you do not waste them. When looking at Training there are boosts available for a few functions including:

  • Training Speed
  • Troop Training Capacity
  • Troop Training Cost Reduction

Elite Tip Number Six: Train with a Purpose

Before you begin training your troops, know what troops you want to train and why. You do not want to use Speed Ups and Resources on training that ultimately will not benefit you. Part of understanding what you need to train is making sure you keep up to date with current debuffs on troops and gear. Many players choose to remain under a shield and only participate in events where they do not lose actual troops. This can be things such as Golden Moon, Continental Domination, and hitting Chaotic Strongholds.

If this describes the type of player you are then training only what you need for that purpose is fine. Other players choose to engage in PVP content and need more troops or will train only enough troops to fill their hospital beds. Knowing what type of player you are and how to train is important so that when you begin training you do not waste your resources and boosts.

Elite Tip Number Seven: Do your Research

Research has not only stats to strengthen the Troops that you train but to help with the costs of these Troops. In every aspect of the game, Research is important, so, make sure that you know where to decrease your costs via research and get that research done. In the long run, it will benefit you. If you are looking for more information regarding in-game research be sure to hop over to our Research Guide.

As mentioned Research is also important in order to be able to strengthen your troops. Troop Training Research will help to strengthen each Tier of your Troops. By completing Research you give your army a fighting chance against your opponents.

Elite Tip Number eight: Do Not Forget to Skill your Lord

Your Lord has skills that help you with Training as well. Before you get started, be sure that you are skilled correctly and have swapped over to the correct preset. This is one of those things that is really easy to forget but just taking a moment to do it can save you. Your Lord has the following skills to help you with training your Army:

  • Troop Training Capacity
  • Troop Training Cost
  • Troop Training Speed

Elite Tip Number nine: Be Aware of the current Status quo of your Troops

Not every Troop is created equal. Early on in the game players would spam T1 to be able to see Victory in battle. However, over time Netmarble has released gear that has Debuffs on Tier 1 and Tier 2 Troops. In addition, the second Troop Training Research has research nodules for T7 to inflict additional Damage against Tier 3 and Tier 4 troops. While at this point Tier 7 Troops have not fully be released and players are not able to fully complete this research that is something that needs to be looked out for.

As additional citadel levels are released and T7 become more prevalent within the community players will begin to complete this research. This will further weaken troops that players are using. Knowing what is happening with your Troops and what is coming down the line is important so you do not spend massive amounts to train troops that will soon be weakened.

Elite Tip Number ten: Use Your Troops wisely

Once you train your troops you obviously want to hold onto them as long as possible. While Iron Throne does provide some unique opportunities that other games do not such as the ability to revive your troops you still need to be cautious and smart. Troop Revival, especially for the higher tiered troops, can quickly become quite expensive. If the expense of retraining is a concern be sure that you take precautions that are available.

There are several game modes that you are able to utilize your troops in with little to no risk. An example of this would be the Golden Moon. You get the opportunity to earn prizes by holding a Sanctuary, however, you also get the opportunity to be hit and hit other players within this Game Mode. The best part is that even though your troops “die” they are immediately restored upon exiting the Golden Moon.

Another example would be hitting Chaotic Strongholds. When hitting Chaotic Strongholds your troops are “magically revived.” You do not actually lose them and you are able to gain rewards that help you to build up more.

Bonus Tip: Protect your Army!

You spend a lot of time and resources for training troops. The most important thing to do is to protect your Army. If you are not logged into the game make sure that you activate a peace shield so you do not return to a Castle full of dead troops. Even if you are currently logged in be sure to protect yourself as some of your opponents can be quick! You may find yourself on fire before you know what happened. A shield is your best line of offense and there are many things that you are able to do while you are shielded. If you are interested in learning about more game modes you can engage in while shielded click here.

As always when it comes down to it just make sure that you are having fun. Enjoy the community and enjoy the content that you are able to engage in within the game.

Do you have any Elite Tips for Training your Troops that we did not cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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