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The week of Christmas arrived and in the midst of bells and bows and Holiday preparations also came preparations for battle.  The Championship Tournament Finals were around the corner and the determination from the groups at war was high. However, only one group would walk away victorious. One team would come out the victor. In a match-up between two-time winner BxS and ONE, who would rise to the top?

Only one Alliance would win this time. However, many have won before. if you have not read our past Tournament Recaps be sure to check them out to get some great perspective from the early Victors.

The Tournament Comes to an End

Tournament V2.0 

Who Reigned Victorious? Tournament 3 Recap

The Path to Victory

The road to victory is often paved with obstacles. We have learned that this is the case within the tournaments as well. Once again Teams were divided into eight groups. In order to make it to Round 5 and have a chance at the semi-finals, it was necessary to progress through your group.

Group A

Our first group, Group A had several strong Alliances, however, the powerhouse ONE pushed all the way through to Round for their chance at the Semi-Finals.

Group AGroup B

In Group B we saw the group GUN from K17 push their way through to Round 5. This is yet another strong group and it was no surprise to see them do so well.

Group BGroup C

Next up, Group C pushed through the Alliance OME this group is not as well known as some of the other big names we saw but obviously had their own talent and strength to back their name.

Group CGroup D

The Alliance CRU was in Group D. This is another strong group out of K25 with some beastly players.

Group DGroup E

This was a big one! Group E had the well-known BxS and these guys are not only strong but a stellar team that is scary to go up against in competition!

Group EGroup F

Kingdom 25 has a lot of powerhouse Alliances! Group F also saw a group from Kingdom 25 push through the first rounds BDU was headed into Round 5 and their chance at the semi-finals.

Group FGroup G

This group had another past winner of the tournament, PSY from Kingdom 9. These guys are not a group you want to trifle with and they were determined to get their chance to reign victorious again.

Group GGroup H

Finally last but not least Group H saw the well known Alliance The from Kingdom 13 push through the first rounds!

Group HThe Semi-Finalists

Round 5 came and we saw some big names there! This is where the competition really starts getting tough and having your strategy down and good teamwork is essential. Not only, that but this is a game mode where stats matter. Players must spend time honing and improving not only strategy but stats to make it through the final rounds.

ONE faced off against GUN to make it to the Semi-Final Round. CRU and OME faced off with CRU finding their way to the Semi-Finals to face off against ONE! This was going to be an epic showdown with some of the big names in CRU and ONE.

BxS and BDU faced off against each other with BxS finding their way into the Semi-Finals. Then PSY faced off against The to secure their spot in Semi-Finals. BxS and PSY are both past victors in the tournament and I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see that face-off!


The Finalists

However, at the end of the day, only two Alliances would advance to the Semi-Finals. ONE and BxS were determined and ready and pushed their way through the Semi-Finals against some tough opponents. These two Alliances are well-known powerhouses in the game. BxS had already won two Alliance Tournaments and ONE had yet to win! Only one group would be named Champions!

The FinalistsWe got a quote from Yeshua from BxS about the Finals and his thoughts on it. Thank you to him for the time he took to provide us with his thoughts and feedback.

Bake was a good addition to Ctesse’s team. I think he added a much needed element of strategy. 

The Champions

At the end of the Tournament, ONE was the one group who worked their way to Victory showing their teamwork and determination. The Alliance ONE is a powerhouse and a group that you want to look out for. I have the pleasure of being a part of this group. Which made writing this article even more fun! ONE had made it far in the tournament in the past but had yet to grab a victory for themselves. The week of Christmas this opportunity arrived making the Holiday even sweeter.

We took the opportunity to talk to the leader of the Alliance and ask her some of the same questions we have asked our past Tournament winners. Ctesse is always good for some great insight and she is funny to boot. This powerhouse player had some great thoughts and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

What were your thoughts going into the tournament?

We had been knocked out of the tournament a few times in the semis and the competition is always very tough in the final stages….. pretty nervous that we would even get to the final given the quality of the competition

Did you expect to win? 

We hoped but didn’t expect … we had been pretty disappointed historically

What are some of the challenges you faced along the way?

To wake the team up! Horrible hours for the competition for many of our players…

What worked the best for you guys? 

Teamwork was excellent throughout and being on comms helped the communication in the later rounds. We could communicate targets and rally setting quickly for the right players to hit.

What were some of your frustrations around how people were talking about the different alliances in the finals?

We don’t listen much to this sort of troll… we have always played our own game and respect all our competition.

What are some tips you would give to players when playing Alliance Deathmatch? 

This is a team game and not about individuals scoring points … T6 are important in this competition and to get them requires not everyone smashing smaller players … otherwise, no one gets them. We have our bigs striving for t6 and leave the last bars for rally leaders (for the boosts when zeroed).

What were your reactions when you won?


We all want to know your strategy and how you won? What are you willing to share?

Our first step in our strategy is to wake the team…. seriously we have that in our strategy list. LSU whips them well! Rally leaders know their capabilities and our mids know they need to constantly fill. We leave smashing to Ctesse and Bake duo. Uncle Angry screams fill for the rallies he, Beasti and LSU run… seems to work. Rouge and Chem are very good target spotter, you can change your name but you can’t escape from them

Do you have anything to say to any of the opponents you faced off against? 

You guys were awesome and we all hope you enjoyed the competition… we did!

If you could change one thing about the tournament what would it be? 

We had a couple of no-shows in early rounds and therefore didn’t get any dark lord chests… that sucked after we have used expensive boosts… if they don’t show it is not our fault ! We want our chests! A few scales in DL chests would be handy …. hey it’s Xmas special from NM! I think better individual prizes as you progress in the tournament would be a better reward.

What was it like returning to your Kingdom chat as Champions?

We don’t do KC much these days … our kingdom is pretty dead .. err we killed them all. Our line rooms went wild which was the main thing for extended family … we run a few alliances and thank you to them for donating us high level heroes.

Any other thoughts you would be willing to share? 

Win or lose it’s just a game to be enjoyed… we are here for the friendship and fun… so enjoy! Hope u all had a great Xmas and I hope 2019 is a great year for you all ! Party hard! In my case now is time to work on my tan.

Thank you to Ctesse for taking the time to answer these questions for us! We hope that you all can glean your own insights from this to help as you enter future Alliance Deathmatch Tournaments!

What was your favorite part of this last Tournament? Let us know in the comments below.

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