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Hop on board the train and join us for a tour of the Kingdoms and Alliances that make up the world of Iron Throne. From K1 to K55, each Kingdom is made up of unique Alliances and players, creating a different environment in each floating world.


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: Psy
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 10 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (Psy) Therapy: 1,522,388,760,340
    • (FAM) Murd3rInc: 1,302,737,567,206
    • (~X~) Immortals: 546,736,575,266
    • (BiZ) Ataturk: 378,345,417,523
    • (DRG) Dragons: 317,943,668,641
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (PSY) Mars: 105,632,534,983
    • (FAM) NIC: 94,241,582,674
    • (PSY) JustForRelax: 83,557,776,741
  • Player Sentiment:
    • AlyKat: “A lot is changing with the K1/K9 merge. K1 has needed a merger for a long time, so this is great! We are all still settling into each other. With several strong alliances, and some lovely pet trolls (I’m looking at you Shae and Hammer), we are looking forward to the events coming up, such as Blood Moon and Domination!”
    • Price: “Newly merged K1 and K9 are now having fun in the now active Kingdom of K1.  It is now the Kingdom to be in, as there is fun in Kingdom and good cooperation for events. Come one, come all to K1 and enjoy this awesome Kingdom.”
    • Shae Kitty: “It is an eclectic international community, with many cultures and religions. Plus the energetic and vigilant farming community of K1 is having their life violently taken away by the equally energetic K9 tile fiends.”
    • KittyPuppy: “Kingdom is crowded now, and when monster-killing event time comes, I had to kill Level 30 monsters to finish it…Damm.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: ONE
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 3 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (ONE) One-Team: 2,599,237,479,672
    • (WTF) WTF-ONE-Team: 759,349,748,608
    • (HTS) The Hunters: 424,488,919,392
    • (ON3) ON3: 362,956,844,697
    • (RIP) Death Dragon: 185,659,944,511
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (ONE) Ctesse: 160,014,916,379
    • (ONE) Angry1: 140,090,158,846
    • (ONE) LSUGirl: 137,803,351,361
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Cheminem: “K5 is a wasteland of bubbled farms…but it’s troll free now…all the trolls ported out.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: AVE
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 3 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (AVE) Avengers: 2,027,151,224,436
    • (NOA) NoahArk: 668,708,094,406
    • (ZFG) ZeroFksGiven: 563,102,208,434
    • (GnG): 418,253,120,439
    • (D~R): 389,199,560,081
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (AVE) Taye: 161,768,350,952
    • (AVE) Braan: 136,709,570,834
    • (AVE) Arrow: 131,180,448,702
  • Player Sentiment:
    • KK~peaky: “K17 rocks…period.”
    • Candyman: “K17 is very active, and pretty low drama, considering the population.”
    • Sio/Hell/Sybella: ” The merger of 17 and 30 has been quite interesting. Lots of people were nervous about having AVE coming in. Still waiting for the dust to settle really. Dealt with some concerns last night in chat. I find when merges happen it takes a while for everyone to get comfortable with each other. Blood Moon should be interesting to see how we fight together.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: BDU
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 3 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (BDU) BloodUnity: 1,247,136,946,993
    • (MVL) Marvel: 795,338,770,810
    • (KIL) Killers: 723,105,877,031
    • (CRU) Concrucio: 350,946,540,650
    • (R3D) Redemption: 325,655,606,960
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (BDU) whitebear: 99,628,994,696
    • (BDU) TAKE-KOR: 91,086,189,611
    • (BDU) DonaChan: 69,232,519,439
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Zee: ” There’s a lot of unity in the kingdom during Kvk events like Blood Moon and Invasion, and there are no bullies that farm on small players.”
    • The Mizfaar: “The main thing special about our Kingdom is that we chit chat a lot. If you come to our Kingdom during Invasion or other events, I bet you will never get bored.”
    • Lagertha: “K25 has lots of active players, lots of testing, game talk in KC, and not over-populated by trolls. ;)”
    • Saint/Talon: “K25 is where everyone is from, and some still are. We coulda been a contender.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: DGL
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 2 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (ROE) ReignOnEarth: 968,827,595,533
    • (DGL) DRAGONLORDS: 739,196,878,503
    • (101) KIZUNA: 614,134,234,267
    • (SR~) SunRise: 607,205,750,021
    • (R_L) Royal Legion: 575,770,740,193
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (101) LOE: 131,386,502,901
    • (DGL) SHOTOKAN: 96,690,631,450
    • (DGL) BULVEIGH: 64,349,605,633
  • Player Sentiment
    • Ray Ling/Narri: “K33 has faired amazingly since Kingdom transfers have begun. They seem to get stronger with every one. ROE has been an Alliance there since the beginning.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: S-M
  • Age of Kingdom: 1 year 1 month
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (S~M) Simple_Math: 931,101,664,064
    • (~A~) Hurricanes: 521,724,120,152
    • (F~U) TheSyndicate: 396,867,187,307
    • (SKS) ShadowKnight: 220,508,244,312
    • (~I~) Instinct: 211,479,212,731
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (S~M) YulisG: 108,786,239,685
    • (S~M) REN: 76,554,724,014
    • (~A~) : 65,273,691,425
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Soren: “K34…probably more of a report then what makes us “unique” or different from other servers/kingdoms. After our merge, lots of scrambling for power definitely was in play. Nothing was safe, and the opportunity for big hits was bountiful. If not…then they were created by force. That has since settled. The Kingdom is now moving towards tolerance and consolidation, focusing on Blood Moon and Domination. Not much bullying, but don’t drop your shield…because your power will drop too.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: FnB
  • Age of Kingdom: 10 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (FnB) Fire+Blood: 848,778,439,724
    • (H~D) hellsdynasty: 743,491,016,038
    • (FKM) FckEmAll: 424,609,727,041
    • (DeC) Demons_Chaos: 397,691,740,975
    • (GDB) GoldenBanana: 312,259,447,445
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (K1L) Rhoynar: 73,004,038,238
    • (FnB) Haheeting: 67,084,831,763
    • (FnB) KingArthur: 54,135,365,555
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Santa: “K40 has some trolls. I love my friends, I always have their back and they have mine. Sometimes I love the Kingdom drama because it’s too funny to even be mad about.”
    • Jade: “K40 is a fun Kingdom. Lots of friends, rather than enemies and allies. Lots of entertainment in KC, especially when everyone gets involved for or against an argument. Very active Kingdom chat. It’s an open kingdom, no rules that I can see, everything from tile hitting to Alliance City burning. All have fun in their own way, either helping folks grow or burning folks down.”
    • Cableguy: “If you’re a GOW veteran then it’s a good place to be, and meet old GOW frenemies daily.”
    • Pirate Queen: “Once K40 was the cool Kingdom everyone visited, now we have a lot of internal strife. People working against each other, we lost our common goal, we are out of balance. Alliance Castles get burned, one Alliance Castle has been burned for weeks because of a quarrel. We have the potential to be a fun Kingdom again if we can find that common goal, feel unity as one Kingdom.”
    • Sio/Hell/Sybella: 40 is a bit rough. Having some issues with rogue players burning ac’s and angering the majority of the players. I stay because I am co-leader in an Alliance to help an old friend I knew from a previous game. Some really fun people there, but also some total jerks…”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: OFA
  • Age of Kingdom: 9 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (OFA) OneForAll: 681,333,119,534
    • (FKU) SHOCK-N-AWE: 604,204,435,453
    • (OP0) OnePiece: 442,991,947,251
    • (JAG) JustAGame: 277,411,988,197
    • (AwE): 205,284,161,892
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (OFA) Rebellious: 67,407,664,277
    • (FKU) ~mj~: 46,204,421,462
    • (OFA) Panda: 44,086,857,916
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Soundwave: “We are a pretty friendly Kingdom, pretty united on Kingdom level events, but we have a low number of spenders, so even with unity we fall short in Blood Moon and Domination. The current K43 is a merger of K45 and K43. There are no more toxic players in the Kingdom. We won our last Blood Moon against K46 because they are about the same power level as us. A couple of our Alliances have won Domination. Our main population is between 1b-8B players. For Kingdom events, the bigs usually join one Alliance.”
    • Sio/Hell/Sybella: “I completely love K43. I moved with half my Alliance out of 17 before the merge. Great people, fun Kingdom chat, and we have made some good connections so far.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: RMB
  • Age of Kingdom: 8 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (RMB): 734,833,160,289
    • (FYT): 538,927,310,642
    • (VIP): 396,313,463,191
    • (Rdy): 374,993,313,606
    • (Omn): 283,954,240,487
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (RMB) HerryG: 57,302,790,826
    • (RMB) 555Roman555: 57,164,047,692
    • (FYT) ~Spider~: 50,462,071,743


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: GOW
  • Age of Kingdom: 7 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (GOW) God_of_Wolf: 779,817,171,561
    • (IDN) IND0_ARMY: 351,484,934,318
    • (EVY) ~EVONY~: 349,382,942,006
    • (Cha) Challengers: 249,628,174,013
    • (WiT) Whtvr-it-Tks: 151,331,874,884
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (EVY) McLovinBoon: 116,451,768,921
    • (GOW) ???B?E?N????: 55,189,108,930
    • (GOW) wolfBOLT: 55,073,293,574
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Phenyx: “K48 is awful, 90% of the players I started with, and the kingdom originals, have transferred. If it wasn’t for the amazing people in my Alliance that used their Kingdom transfer ticket, I would be gone too. I stayed behind to keep things running in the hopes that they would have the opportunity to earn another ticket before the next transfer.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: kov
  • Age of Kingdom:6 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (kov) Metal: 312,714,934,432
    • (G_W) GodsOfwar: 307,872,075,007
    • (G~R) GRIMSREAPERS: 213,145,361,368
    • (Ckz) ChaoticKingz: 160,255,330,184
    • (I_C) IceCold: 154,122,268,815
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (kov) Salvation: 78,427,477,354
    • (Ckz) EvelWarrior: 36,830,372,991
    • (G_W) MemO: 36,628,977,546
  • Player Sentiment:
    • ” We need a merge, it’s getting really boring here. Everyone is nice, but we live in bubbleland.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: G0D
  • Age of Kingdom: 5 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (G0D): 736,033,190,435
    • (FB1) FireBrigade: 514,257,063,393
    • (DGN) DRAGONS: 508,016,356,436
    • (7ft): 279,578,62,874
    • (FKu) FlufyUnicrns: 254,391,037,286
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (FB1) Big_Z_DGAF: 50,647,648,305
    • (DGN) KingPanos: 44,835,834,866
    • (G0D) FnTwister: 37,685,830,096
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Voodooqueen: “K50 is unique because we have some of the best players. Area51 is the best because it’s a family Alliance. We don’t push power, we just push players to have fun and grow as you learn.”
    • Outlaw/ThePeacemaker: “Even though certain clans are at war, the kingdom has set a rule about tile hitting. One Alliance has been breaking the rule, and the kingdom talks together about how to solve it.”
    • Dani: “The power is evenly distributed, and players have a chance to grow, it seems in K50. There isn’t a big power gap and I like that.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: DVO
  • Age of Kingdom: 5 months
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (PLA): 361,492,384,469
    • (NON): Nameless: 267,457,103,258
    • (DVO): DEVO: 266,198,194,489
    • (FFS) FFS: 162,252,572,489
    • (MFB) MF_Bishes: 81,744,507,094
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (PLA) : 74,154,339,910
    • (PLA): 51,082,976,331
    • (NON) Phuong: 43,226,477,423
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Khue: “The Pulse of the Kingdom is picking up amid recent challenged to the one Alliance that which has mostly ruled since the Kingdom opened. A fierce Tango of cooperation between once warring groups may finally bring rise to the Phantom menace. And K51 has THE best cookies!”
    • Phantom:  “So. K51… What can I say.. it has its ups and downs like any other realm but it’s for sure active! Mostly the battles are between the top 3 or 4 alliances with PLA being the biggest. They have held the Capital constantly since opening, and no one was able to take it (probably due to a guy coming and going to over 70bil in weeks of 51 opening). The spell was broken when Phantom and his team Devo took it from them. (ty Xoot)Overall it’s a busy realm and I’m enjoying playing. After playing final fantasy for nearly 2 years thinking “this is the one”, Iron Throne has changed that. Lots of things to do and much more competitions and overall gameplay is awesome. The KC is busy with the usual realm trolls and let’s be honest, it’s them who keep the chat flowing. People here are growing daily some faster than others so I’m sure there are plenty of battles to come.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: uwu
  • Age of Kingdom: 133 Days
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (FKU) uoYkcuF: 509,601,308,835
    • (uwu) woof: 372,471,836,456
    • (TOW) TitansOfWar: 241,479,984,653
    • (WNE) WINE: 138,929,375,449
    • (GUR) RusWarrior: 125,781,164,292
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (FKU) Rosalie: 68,638,081,793
    • (uwu) RamrodUSMC: 49,596,119,996
    • (FKU) Anarchy: 40,635,545,721
  • Player Sentiment
    • TANZ: “It’s a relatively fun Kingdom. KC isn’t loaded with salt, which is enjoyable. No trolls to speak of which is  nice for me, coming from Final Fantasy and a toxic Realm.”
    • Princess Kat: “We have a good mix of people in K52, from all shades of the f2p-p2w spectrum. Most bigs are for Kingdom growth and don’t bully the smaller guilds (MOST…there are always exceptions). Even people in rival Alliances tend to chat and get along. It’s a good place to grow.”
    • Arrow: “Kingdom 52 is very different from what I’m used to…it has a friendly atmosphere there, yet competitive. Trolling is minimal from previous kingdoms I have been in, it’s a very nice change.”


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: BAD
  • Age of Kingdom: 88 Days
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (BAD) Black~Dust: 236,896,264,570
    • (NoB) NoBrain: 138, 056,390,139
    • (RUS): 37,136,825,635
    • (B4D) BAD_fam: 31,600,419,916
    • (KER) KERBEROS: 29,336,295,587
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (BAD) BadZwei: 87,636,055,975
    • (BAD) BadVenom: 34,435,955,747
    • (NoB) Keanu: 29,237,818,670
  • Player Sentiment:
    • Tisi: “K53 having a population of around 20 active people makes it really action packed daily.” (Editor’s observation: Looks like K53 needs some new friends)


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: DGL
  • Age of Kingdom: 88 Days
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (TOP) Top: 199,934,440,374
    • (DGL) DRAGON_LORDS: 126,171,125,999
    • (GGG) GangsterGGG: 44,626,460,420
    • (BSV) BOSS_SAVAGE: 38,138,962,487
    • (K0R) K-POP: 32,881,971,259
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (TOP) Top: 35,066,831,229
    • (MyS) Quinn: 30,277,774,394
    • (DGL) Named: 25,384,433,925


Fun Facts (all Stats as of 8/26/19)

  • Ruling Alliance: CTK
  • Age of Kingdom: 39 Days
  • Top 5 Alliance Power
    • (T-C) The-Chosen: 88,580,300,651
    • (CTK) IMPERIUM: 87,048,475,740
    • (PyC): 35,789,674,918
    • (DTH) MERC_INC: 18,242,355,667
    • (RUT) RUTHLESS: 15,456,498,873
  • Top 3 Lord Power
    • (CTK) Babu_Bisleri: 29,090,512,143
    • (T-C) necroslayer: 12,449,113,269
    • (CTK) MAYANK: 8,481,480,053
  • Player Sentiment
    • Mayank: “The kingdom is mainly CTK vs T-C and there are not many new players. All came from other kingdoms such as 1, 17, 33 and 39.”

Iron Throne has diverse worlds and cultures. In the end, everyone just wants to play and have fun! Do you have any questions or sentiment? Let us know in the comments below!

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