Beginner’s Guide: Unique Tactics to Get Ahead

Important Tips to Give You an Advantage Starting Your Game in Iron Throne

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In this beautifully rendered Strategy MMO by Netmarble, you will undertake a journey unlike any you’ve encountered in any other mobile game. In this guide, we will start from the very beginning and give you the necessary tools to join the kingdom of the Iron Throne.

Logging into Iron Throne for the First Time

Upon logging into Iron Throne for the first time, you will be greeted by a gorgeous and elaborate storyline. Be sure to watch the introduction — Netmarble will use it to set the stage for the ongoing quest for the Iron Throne. Let’s discuss the first steps to take after your first login.


The first thing to observe is that Netmarble has done a wonderful job integrating the tutorial into the game mechanics. After completing the initial tutorial, guidance and hints remain embedded throughout the gameplay. Players should be sure to follow the recommended quests, as they fluidly move through the initial creation process, as well as provide substantial rewards upon completion.


Iron Throne allows for ample accumulation of resources immediately. It’s important that you protect your investments with a Peace shield as soon as possible. One will be provided upon game startup, but be sure to keep it refreshed until you are ready to defend yourself! Shields can be found under the “buffs” section of the castle screen view, and can be won through quests or purchased with gold.

Changing Your Lord Name

Every warrior needs an impressive name! You will receive one free “Rename Lord” item. To change your name, click in the top left corner on the Lord icon. The field for name changes is located right above the avatar picture. Additional name changes can be obtained through quest rewards or purchased with gold.

Activating VIP

It is always important to keep VIP activated, as it provides several benefits. Among these are resource production increases, additional quests, troop capacity, and more. VIP can be turned on with a button along the top left of the screen right next to the buffs icon, or through your Lord view. VIP points and activation items can be won in quests or purchased with gold.

Join an Alliance

An essential part of the Iron Throne experience is joining an alliance. In an alliance, you will be able to chat and fight with new and old friends alike. Additionally, being in an alliance provides many game benefits. If you’d prefer to start your own alliance, that is an option as well.

Moving Forward

At this point, you’ve most likely completed the initial tutorial and settled into an alliance. So where do you go from here? This section discusses some crucial next steps as you venture forth.

Quests and Rewards

Iron Throne offers offers an abundance of free items to help you build up your Castle. In the article “Iron Throne: A New Breed of Mobile Gaming” we discussed the various quests and rewards available in depth. Take full advantage of these as you start your journey.

Heroes and Appointing Them


At the bottom of your screen in Castle view, you will see a tab for Heroes. Iron Throne offers eighteen unique Heroes, each with their own special skill set. Each Hero’s default trait can be changed using gold if desired. It’s important to note that traits do NOT stack. For example, you cannot appoint two construction Heroes and have the stats from both apply. You will want to level these Heroes up using Hero XP. The leveling sequence is your choice, but Heroes pertaining to build, research and production may be good first choices. You may appoint four Heroes to help within your castle walls. Appointing Heroes are done through each individual Hero’s main screen. Each appointment carries its own capability increases. This is also where you will equip the gear, runes, and auras you obtain.


The Heroes screen is also where you will equip your Heroes with gear. Early on, gear sets can be obtained by completing quests. Dimensional Battle, Town Mode and the Event Center are great for this! Gear can also be crafted using materials you find along your journey. In the forge, you will want to combine your materials to a higher level before crafting. You can also upgrade your gear in the forge using Upgrade Hammers.

Runes and Auras

Runes provide an additional boost to your Heroes’ stats. They can be fused and enhanced to higher levels, and fall into three categories: Economy, Dimension and Battle. Up to three runes can be assigned to each hero, although the third rune requires Hero Lv. 40.

Auras are timed, so use these wisely. They can be combined to higher levels just as gear and runes. They are used for battle; there are no economy auras.

Starting to Build

Iron Throne does an excellent job at assisting beginning players with directions on building order, so they do not get lost when building their Castle. That being said, you don’t have to follow the suggested order. Utilizing the rewards we just discussed will give you ample resources and speed ups to get your build off to a great start. Be sure to take advantage of alliance helps and share your resources with your teammates as you work to build up your Citadel. At the far south end of your Castle, you’ll notice a portcullis. Upon passing through the gate, you will enter the Town.

Town Mode

Town mode is a completely unique experience. Your hero, Captain Lauren, is physically controlled by you. Run around and explore the town — there are treasure chests hidden within the environment that can be opened for rewards. Central to town mode are three types of quests. These quests give rewards as well as provide for powerful daily buffs. The buffs range from research and construction speed increases to combat and monster boosts. Additionally, the quests progress Iron Throne’s rich storyline, so be sure to read the conversations!

Be sure to visit the town daily and take care of your townsfolk! When you’re done with your duties there, you may feel the need to engage in some battle. There are several ways to fight that don’t even require you to drop your shield!

Battling Without Dropping Shield

Monsters, Chaotic Strongholds and Defiled Strongholds

From the World view, you will see a plethora of Monsters and fortresses called Chaotic/Defiled Strongholds. Attacking these provides you with rewards and completes daily quests. The “search” function can be used to find the closest desired target. It automatically searches for nearest next level target that you haven’t beaten yet.

Killing a monster or conquering a stronghold for the first time gives amazing First Kill rewards! Beware though, Chaotic Strongholds can hit back!  Alliances rally the high-level Defiled Strongholds, as they can be very strong and give millions of resources as prizes to each participant.

Dimensional Battle

Passing through the glowing blue gate in your castle takes you to another dimension. Here is where the battle rages and rewards are plentiful. The Dimensional Battle mode contains multiple chapters. Completion of each chapter gives a chapter reward, which includes gear and gold. For example, by clearing all Chapters you will obtain the Hunter King’s Sword, which boosts your heroes’ attack stats, three pieces of the Scholar’s collection, and 20,000 gold. Once Normal Mode has been completed, you may play in Challenge Mode, the rewards of which include Runes and Auras.

Battle in this Dimension uses none of your “real” troops. Troops are provided and should be leveraged to offset your enemy.  For example, if the opposition has four archer troops, increasing your cavalry troops would be a good strategic decision. Additionally, there are special attack features such as Meteor Showers, Death Knights, and Ogres which you can strategically use to crush the opposing team.


Also residing within the Dimensional Gate is the Arena. Again, here you will use none of your real troops, but you will battle against other real players. Winning these battles provides buffs to be used in additional Arena battles. You are competing for rankings here, and each Arena Season lasts for four weeks. Winners are assigned each week in addition to the end of each season, and the prizes are fantastic.

Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch and Alliance Deathmatch

Several times a day, the gate to the Dimensional Void opens, offering a unique battle opportunity to players. Matches are timed and fast-paced, and are a favorite of Iron Throne players! As with the Dimensional Battle, no real troops are used.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale unlocks at Citadel Lv. 12. In Battle Royale, all participants have equal resources. Lord skills, hero levels, research, etc do not apply in the Battle Royale. Attack Chaotic Strongholds and other players’ Citadels to accumulate points. As you reach each point level, you receive buffs and additional (stronger) troops. But beware! Fire will randomly break out in sectors until all Lords standing are in the same area fighting it out. Winner or loser, everyone receives a reward.

Team and Alliance Deathmatch

Deathmatch is available starting at Citadel 14. In Team and Alliance Deathmatch, your Lord Skills and Castle Research are applied. Players engage in a high-paced 20-on-20 battle versus an opposing team or Alliance fighting monsters, collecting resources and attacking rival Lord castles. As with the Battle Royale, as points are accumulated, buffs and additional troops are provided. 

Continuing the Journey

As you continue to explore the world of Iron Throne, many more opportunities for battle and rewards will be discovered. Everything we discussed in this beginning guide can be done with a shield on. When you’re ready to drop your shield and battle in the realm, things get even more intense! Your ultimate goal, total domination and control of the Iron Throne. Do you have what it takes to conquer all?

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