The Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Hero

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Your Iron Throne Heroes perform all necessary functions within your Citadel. Each Hero boosts different stats. The Heroes you have are very important as they provide valuable boosts. The multi-hero system is very unique and might confuse some players new to the game. In this guide, we will cover heroes and their different functions.

Where do I find my Heroes?

You can access your Heroes from two screens. The most obvious method is to select the tab that says “Heroes” at the bottom of your screen.

Hero MenuYou can also access your Heroes from the screen for your Lord.

HeroAt the very bottom of the Lord screen, there is a button that looks like a helmet, which will take you to your Heroes.

Recruiting Heroes

When first beginning the game, you will be taken through a tutorial in which you recruit and appoint a Hero for construction.

Steps to Recruiting a Hero:

  1. Go to your Hero Screen.
  2. Choose an open slot (this is notated by the plus signs at the bottom of the screen). Recruit 
  3. Choose a Hero; those currently available will be highlighted.Recruit Hero

You can open more Heroes as you progress through the game. The number of Heroes is constantly increasing so be sure that you keep your eyes open for new Heroes. 

The Heroes

We are going to look at our Heroes in two sections:

  1. Earned Heroes- Heroes that you do something in-game to get
  2. Purchased Heroes- Heroes that can only be obtained from the Gold Store.

Earned Heroes

Earned Heroes

Purchased Heroes

Purchased Heroes

Hero Traits

Every Hero is gifted with a different Trait. However, you can change the Traits your Hero possesses. You do this by selecting the symbol next to their current trait. However, be cautious, as changing your Heroes’ Traits will cost you valuable Gold.

HeroHero Traits

Gear and Runes

Each of your Heroes can be equipped with Gear and Runes. You want to choose Gear and Runes that play to the strengths each Hero already possesses. For example, you would want to equip your Construction Hero with Construction Gear. For more information about Gear, be sure to check out The Forge.

Equipping Gear and Runes

To equip Gear or Runes, simply select the Gear slot or Rune slot and choose from the available Gear. Note that the level of your Hero factors into what Gear you are able to equip.

Appointing your Hero

There are four slots available to appoint your Hero. These are the roles your heroes will play.

  1. Guard Captain
    A Guard Captain increases the battle capabilities of the Castle.
  2. Treasurer
    A Treasurer increases the production capabilities of the Castle
  3. Architect
    An Architect increases the construction capabilities of the Castle
  4. Scholar
    A Scholar increases the research capabilities of the Castle.Hero Appoint

When appointing your Hero, be sure to choose one whose traits match with the appointed role. For example, for an Architect, you will want to appoint a Hero with Construction traits. Appointing a Hero increases the stats allotted in that area. By increasing your appointed Hero’s level, and equipping Gear and Runes, you increase your prowess to dominate in the game.

September 12th Update

The September update has brought not only new heroes, but new appointment slots. These new slots give functions that previously were not available with other appointed heroes. Here are your new Appointments.

  • Drill Sergeant – This is where you will appoint your training hero. This new appointment will help with your Training Time and Resource cost, which has been a big need for players.
  • Infirmary Officer – This new appointment does not need a hero with a trait that is specific to healing. This helps increase your hospital capacity and reduce your healing cost and time.
  • Master Craftsman – This hero also does not have a specific trait to go with it. However, this appointment will help you in your forge. It will decrease the time and cost of crafting and upgrading. In addition, it will help with Trap Production as well.

No Hero Appointed

No HeroLevel 1 Hero Appointed

Level 1 HeroLevel 27 Hero Appointed

Level 27 Hero


It is now possible to appoint Deputies! This feature is largely dependent on Research. However, the Deputies help to increase your stats. We have an article coming soon with more in-depth information on Deputies.

Which Hero

One of the questions we find being asked is are all Heroes equal? Or, Which Hero should I use my XP on first? This is a good question as many people have noted that there does appear to be a slight difference in the Heroes.

Not all Heroes are created Equal

The observation that not all Heroes are created equal is an accurate one. If you take the time to look closer at each of your Heroes you will notice some that are newer or only available in the Gold Store have slight differences. We have broken down the Heroes into three charts to help you better grasp what you are able to get stat wise from your Hero. 

Chart 1- Hero at Level 60 

This Chart shows each of your Heroes and their Base Attack, Defense, and HP at Level 60. The table is sorted by the highest attack to the lowest. 

Hero Level 60

Chart 2- Hero +5 Immortal Stats

This chart shows what your Heroes gain at a +5 Immortal Status. Once again we sorted the chart by the highest to the lowest attack. 

Hero Immortal Stats

Chart 3- Sum of Level 60 and Immortal +5 Stat

Finally, to pull all of this data together we have a chart that shows the sum of your Hero stats from both charts. Once again the data is sorted by the highest to the lowest attack. 

Hero Base Stat + Immortal +5

Your Hero is a valuable asset to your defense and attack. Making sure that you appropriately Appoint, level, and equip your Hero can decide your fate in Iron Throne. We will cover Defense and Attack more in other articles, and how to best set up your Hero for those functions, so check back often.

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