The Daily Grind: What You Need to Be Doing Every Day in Iron Throne

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Iron Throne is rife with daily activities to both occupy your time, have fun and get rewards! We’ve discussed your daily grind before, but lots of things have changed! Let’s take a look at what you should be doing every day to fully maximize your Iron Throne experience.

Event Center

The Event Center is located in your Citadel. It shows all the ongoing special events (which there’s always a lot), as well as game notifications. Even if you haven’t completed one of the special events there yet in the morning, there will always be a check-in gift. Do your best to work your way through all these events. Some of them are there until you complete them (like the Growth Strategy), while others rotate based on the day.

Gifts/Alliance Check-in

Make sure and collect your gifts several times a day. They will expire if you don’t! Also, be sure and collect the gold after all your members have checked in for the day.


This is a big one. Try and time your activity around the Solo, Inferno and Alliance Events. For example, if you have large researches or construction, start the timer for help, and then wait to speed it until an Inferno. Completing events is a fantastic way to increase your Gold, RSS and Gear Chests.

Ancient People’s Trial Steeple

You can challenge in the Steeple three times a day. Each time you win you get orbs and RSS. If you get stuck, go back to one of the easier ones you have passed. You still get goodies, just at a lower rate.

Invasion Rift

This event can be both a blessing to your Alliance Speeds and a curse to your gold. The biggest mistake people make is speeding their troops across the map. Organize with your Alliance to make sure that you have full coverage around the edges of the hive, and then only send troops to kill the ones close to you!

Alliance Deathmatch/Battle Royale

These are free events that happen every 6 hours. Not only do your troops not really die, but you can win rewards! It’s a fun way to stay active and benefit without losing anything “real”.


Make sure and collect your wishes here daily. Most players choose the Lord’s AP Potion option.

Dimensional Battle

Once you have beat the levels once, you can go in daily and complete these for silver.


Many players ignore the Arena, but there are some recent rewards (such as gold) for players that rank. Take the time to play your chances here daily. It’s also helpful to learn about leveraging and test your strength.

Town mode

Yes, it’s a grind, but Town Mode has many useful rewards. You can either run it manually or complete the quests for silver once you’ve completed them once. Total silver cost and benefits can be seen here.


Hitting monsters gives gear chests, as well as speedups. Make sure and devote some of your day to this. The auto-hunt feature is great for this to set it and multi-task while you wash the dishes or take a conference call (not that I’m advocating gaming at work…I swear).

Chaotic Strongholds

There is lots of RSS up for grabs with Chaotic Strongholds. Farming these can help boost your supply, and farming them in Bloodmoon is even better!

Golden Moon

With the most recent updates, playing in Golden Moon is even easier. You no longer have to leave to play Alliance Deathmatch and other content. Just sitting on a Golden Sanctuary while you do other things will net you chests with items to enhance your empire. This is also a good place to meet friends to test your base.


There are three different types of daily quests; Daily, Alliance and VIP. There are also Challenges and Chronicles, but these aren’t ones you will do daily. The first three you should be sure to collect, and in the case of VIP, do the quests allotted daily for the rewards.

Dragon gold

This isn’t a huge one, but hey it’s free gold! Make sure and poke your dragon friend who sits atop the Altar whenever he’s ready.

Random Cards

Make sure you do this daily, and if you have the gold, the refreshes. The most important thing these give are Speed Ups.

There you have it! There’s a lot to do daily!

Is there anything in your daily routine you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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