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How to Improve Your Attack Techniques and Conquer Your Enemies

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Attacking other Castles in Iron Throne is an exciting next step after building up your Castle, crafting Gear and training Troops. Below, we will discuss best practices and some tips and tricks to make your burning session as efficient and exhilarating as possible.

Obtaining Offensive Gear Sets

A strong Offense requires good Gear. Iron Throne offers multiple Gear sets that can be utilized, each with their own specialty. Gear sets can be purchased in packs, or obtained through hitting Monsters. Upgrading gear will use Upgrade Hammers, which you can get by hitting Chaotic Strongholds, Defiled Strongholds and Elite Monsters. Additional Gear Chests and Upgrade Hammers are rewards from Events, Dimensional Gate and Town Mode.

Gladiator Set

This Infantry set is the easiest of the Offensive Gear sets to obtain. Comparatively, it is also the weakest. Upgrading this set only requires Common Equipment Hammers and Silver. Once you have fully upgraded to Immortal Grade, work on enhancing this gear to give it an extra punch.

Gladiator Gear

Berserker Set

The second tier of Infantry sets, Berserker, is a good all-around attack set, and Immortal Grade almost doubles the stats offered by the Gladiator Set. Materials needed to craft the Berserker gears are found by hitting the ever popular Black Unicorns (Monster Levels 16-20) and Rocs.

Black Unicorn

Conqueror Set

The strongest of the Infantry Offensive Sets, the Conqueror Set, is difficult to craft in Immortal Grade by hitting Monsters and Events. Many elect to supplement this by purchasing packs with gear and chests included. Hit Conqueror Minotaur and Conqueror Chimeras for chests that contain set materials.

Conqueror Chimera

Destroyer Set

The Destroyer Gear Set is Archer-based. This is a set to seriously consider, as many players will be using Infantry Sets, especially early on. Remember, Archer is strong against Infantry. Although you can find materials in packs for purchase, you can also find them by hitting Destroyer Ogres and Destroyer Ice Ghouls.

Destroyer Ogre

Dominator Set

The Dominator Set is Cavalry-based. Aside from purchasing packs, find these materials by hitting the Dominating Lamia and Dominating Combat Mammoth.

Dominating Combat Mammoth

True World’s Mighty Set

Fighting the Raid Boss and obtaining Raid Boss Ranking Rewards is the only way to obtain this set. It is specialized for Infantry, Archer and Cavalry, making it extremely versatile.

True World's Set

Dark Lord Set

An incredibly versatile and powerful set, the Dark Lord gear boosts overall Troop Attack, Defense, HP and March Speed. Additionally it contains a 1000% debuff (at Immortal grade) to Tier 1 Enemy troops. Material for the Dark Lord set can be obtained by killing level 30 Cerebus monsters, and from World Inferno Rank rewards and Raid Rank rewards.

Skilling Your Lord

It is imperative that you not only have your Battle Skill Preset activated, but that it is skilled appropriately. First, create a preset that is ONLY for attacking other Castles. Then, focus your skilling on the Gear that you will be using for battle. If you have outfitted your Hero in the Destroyer Set, fill the Archer Attack/Defense/HP and Debuffs. Finally, do not forget to skill your Debuffs, as these are crucial! Debuffs take attack and defense power away from your opponent, resulting in a better burn.

Time to Attack

At this point, you’ve crafted gear and skilled your Lord. It’s time to go hunting! The best troops for attacking are Tier 4 and above. Lower-tier troops will easily die and most likely result in a loss in battle. Here are some tips for a burn session;

  • Scout your target. This will become even more important as Castles get bigger in power. A scout allows you to see if there are troops home and what they are.
  • Attack with your strong troop. It is very tempting to auto load your troops. Don’t do this! If you are wearing Berserker Gear, send infantry of your highest tiers possible.
  • Always have a meat shield in front of your Tier 6 troops. Tier 6 troops CANNOT be revived. If they die, it is a very expensive loss. Always be sure to have Tier 4-5 troops included in the march to help protect them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Many times, enemies will take advantage of the fact you have a march out by attacking you. This can get very costly very quickly. Keep a supply of march speed ups on hand to quickly return home if needed.
  • Have a Guard Captain appointed. During an attack, your Guard Captain is critical in loss mitigation. In the event your Guard Captain (or any Hero) is captured, and you use a Hero Suicide, you MUST reappoint it. It will not appoint automatically.
  • Apply buffs. Iron Throne offers a large selection of buffs to choose from. March Size, Increase Attack, and Debuffs, they are all there. Take advantage of them!
  • Add Runes to your Hero. Using three of the same Rune is the most effective way to utilize these extra boosts.
  • Remember your leveraging! Infantry is strong against Cavalry, and Cavalry is strong against Archer. Archer is strong against Infantry and Siege is equal against all. If you are an Archer based attacker, and your target is Cavalry heavy, either switch gear and presets, or see if another Alliance member can hit first. The below report is an Archer hit, with the attacker wearing the complete Destroyer set. As you can see it was very effective.
  • Leveraged Battle Report
  • Research and Build to Increase Your March Size. The maximum march size is approximately 600 thousand troops and a large march size will help devastate your opponent.
  • Town Mode first thing daily. Get your town mode buffs going!
  • Build Level 25 plus silver mines. Each level of your silver mine (25 plus) adds 2% attack and is stackable, and Level 30 offers 5%. Also, be sure to check the boosts that the other rural buildings offer.
  • Rally larger targets. If the target is too big to solo and seems rally-sized, gather up your Alliance for a rally. Remember that everyone is a target at that point, and reinforce each other accordingly.

After you have prepared for battle, have fun burning! Remember this is war game, and remind the senders of your hate mail of this on a regular basis.

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