A Thankful November with the Iron Throne Elite Crew and You!

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Iron Throne has been around for six months now and with it, many people have fallen in love with this new game. However, just like any gaming community, everything is not always puppies and rainbows. To some degree that is to be expected, but sometimes it can be easy to get trapped within the negativity and complaints about what we do not like. Therefore, we took some time this month to take a look at the things that we are Thankful for in Iron Throne.

November is traditionally a time where we take a step back and take a look at the things we are Thankful for. In that spirit, we asked our community some questions about the things in Iron Throne they are thankful for and why. We also took some time to talk to our Elite Team and find out what they are thankful for. We loved the answers we got and hope that you guys enjoy them as well. Even Netmarble got in on the thankful fun and the day of Thanksgiving ran a give away for ppl who shared their responses on what they were Thankful for this November.

The Elite Team

What is AlyKat Thankful for?

I’m thankful for the ability to grind out what I need without spending thousands of dollars.

What is ChrisHero100 Thankful for?

I’m thankful for the chance to play a great game with some of my best and closest friends all over the world.

What is Cinder Thankful for?

I am Thankful for many of the people I have met while playing Iron Throne. People I would have never met if I had never downloaded the game. Some of these people have become dear friends and constantly inspire me. I am Thankful for a great alliance with players with loads of talent. I am also Thankful that there are so many opportunities to be able to grow and progress in the game without having to constantly drop money into it. Including events that have gone even as we all reflected on the things we are Thankful for.

Poll One: What Feature are you most Thankful for in Iron Throne?

We asked our community what feature in Iron Throne they are most thankful for. There are so many features that are available and each gives something different. It allows for a variety of gameplay. Players are able to see what they love and what they do not and see where they can really excel. These features support players who range from free to play to spenders.

We took a look at several features in this poll including, Monsters, Alliance Deathmatch, Battle Royale, Town Mode, Continental Domination, Blood Moon, and Chaotic/Defiled Strongholds. Each of these features offers rewards and different ways for players to engage with the game. There was actually a tie for this category! The winners of this poll were:

Continental Domination

Team Deathmatch/Alliance Deathmatch 

Elite Polls

Continental Domination and Team Deathmatch/Alliance Deathmatch were the clear winners. We asked you guys what you liked about some of these features and really enjoyed your answers. Sometimes we can easily forget what caused us to love the game and these answers are a great reminder of the things that make Iron Throne great.

Iron Throne Features

Darkflames loves all of the game and wasn’t able to name just one.

I ain’t got a favorite the whole game is my favorite part.

CrameR loves Town Mode.

Town Mode. I started going through all the quests not using silver and understanding the story like how I really play a console RPG game. I like it because I get a lot of items from it plus the buffs which help me with my research and construction, that’s where I splurged on silver. Now that I’ve finished it, I brush through it with silver.

Jade love Alliance Deathmatch.

Alliance Deathmatch is my favorite. I like playing where teamwork is involved, this is the best for that. You don’t lose anything so even the small players can and do usually play, makes for a happier alliance in my opinion, with everyone given a chance to play.

Toonami loves Continental Domination.

Continental Domination is my favorite… gives a great feel for real gear, power, and research from players through the kingdom… saves time on scouting in PvP.

Darkovibes went a little off the poll and said his favorite part is ChrisHero100’s YouTube uploads (we love them too).

My Favorite part is watching Chris’ YouTube uploads whenever he posts them.

KingH BazookaKid is Thankful for Continental Domination.

Domination. Serious when I say this I feel half of my guild, myself included, would have quit Iron Throne if it wasn’t for Domination. We have all continued to play for this one game mode. Domination brings some unique excitement, doesn’t feel as P2W [pay to win] and has some sweet rewards.

Poll Two: What in your Kingdom are you most Thankful for?

We took a look at features so then we moved on to our kingdoms. When you are constantly playing the game in your kingdom then you will make friends and enemies. Our kingdom is important to who we are as players and many times can make or break the game. We took a look at several things within the kingdoms and asked what you were most thankful for. The answer you guys gave us was:


Elite Polls

Friends were by far the number one answer to this question. We all love playing the game with our friends and the people who become our friends. We are a community and within a community, we thrive. If you are looking for more friends to come to join the battle make sure you check out our Greet an Elite Program and earn prizes for yourself and your friends as they begin to play.

What are you Thankful for?

We asked our Community one more question. We asked, What are you thankful for in Iron Throne? In celebration of thankful November, we wanted to hear the things that at the end of the day make the Game for you. The things that we are thankful for are the things that keep us coming back and continuing to play. So many times that extends beyond just the features we enjoy. Iron Throne like other games that are similar grow and thrive due to the community that exists. We are thankful not just for free stuff, game modes, or discounts. We are thankful for friends and alliances that become so much more, they become family.

Lilm shared that she is thankful for her alliance leader. As we all know an alliance leader can make or break the alliance.

I am thankful for my amazing alliance leader. Azragual DA has had to put up with a lot from me but he’s shown me and the rest of our crew how much we mean to him.

We heard from Toonami again as well who enjoys some of the fun features.

Continental Domination… and the unicorn big point accounts in a desperate PvP hit.

The_Jester is thankful for the fun because at the end of the day we all just want to have fun.

For the fun of it all!

Succs is Thankful for something that most of us are a big fan of!

I am thankful for Shields!!

SaltyAngel gave us just one word for what she is thankful for but it speaks volumes.


Karen is thankful for some of the differences we encounter that make the game fun and sometimes humorous!

I am thankful for diverse cultures and awkward time zones and the poor translations that keep us laughing and guessing each other’s comments.

Reapers Fire is thankful for a couple of things that I believe ring true for all of us.

The Free gifts they give us. Thankful to play with many old school people I played with in the past.

Lagertha is thankful for a couple of things as well including one of the newer features in the game.

I’m thankful for my team, always fun, supportive, sassy, and silly. Oh and today I’m really thankful for Group Sell.

Thankful November Wrapping it Up

This November has brought many new features to Iron Throne and many new players. As we meet the people that join the Elite through the Greet an Elite program we are able to make new friends and new memories. The community that is forming within Iron Throne is unique in its own way. We hope to keep getting to know that community and hope that you continue to be a part of that community.

There are so many things in our lives to be thankful for. This month here at the Elite our focus was game specific. However, we know that there are so many more things that our community is thankful for. We here at the Elite want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to continuing into these holiday months with all of you.

Did you miss out on sharing what you were Thankful for this November? Comment on this article and keep the spirit of Thankfulness going.

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