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A Comprehensive Guide to Team Deathmatch

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Now that you have conquered Battle Royale and leveled high enough to compete in Team Deathmatch, you’re looking for the best strategy available. Luckily, the Iron Throne Elite are here to bring you that strategy. Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a fight to the death where the last team standing wins — and you’re here to win. Let’s get started!

What is Team Deathmatch?

Team Deathmatch opens at Citadel Level 14. For more information about how to reach this level, check out for our leveling guide, Getting Started. While TDM does contain some similarities to Battle Royale, it is vastly different in other ways. One of the most important things to note is that in TDM you are given troops to use, and your actual troops are not lost. It allows you to compete against other Lords from other dimensions without worrying about losing your troops. This makes TDM action-packed and a lot of fun.

Alliance Deathmatch

Gone are the days of randomly matched Team Deathmatch! While you can still participate in normal Team Deathmatch for more enterprising Alliances we now have Alliance Deathmatch. Team up with your Team to take the rest down. The same rules apply with a few differences.

  1. Enlistment begins at the same time but instead of five minutes you have ten minutes to enlist
  2. Your Team is only made up of your alliance members who enlist
  3. You are matched against another alliance with similar power bringing a new level of fun and strategy to the event
  4. You DO NOT  need 20 people to be able to compete in this. However, you can only have 20 people from your alliance in the same deathmatch.

This will bring a new level of strategy to the game. While you do not know who you will be going against you do know who your team is and will be able to assign roles accordingly and plan ahead. As we immerse ourselves more in this new feature we will be able to bring you more and more strategy surrounding Alliance Deathmatch.

How it Works

30 minutes before enlistment for Team Deathmatch begins a screen that allows an R4 or R5 to enlist your alliance in Alliance Deathmatch will appear. In order to take part in Alliance Deathmatch an R4 or R5 must enlist your team!

Alliance EnlistmentEnlistment

Once this occurs when the time for enlistment rolls around your alliance will be able to enlist in Alliance Deathmatch using the same process as you would for Team Deathmatch.

EnlistEnlistedThe Teams

As you can see for this Alliance Deathmatch both teams had only 10 players enlist. However, with power and the number of people they were matched to play against each other.

The TeamsTeam Deathmatch

In the case that an R4 or R5 does not register your team for Alliance Deathmatch when Team Deathmatch rolls around you will still be able to enlist to participate in TDM.

Team DeathmatchWhen is Team Deathmatch?

Team Deathmatch occurs 4 times a day. Enlistment begins exactly one hour after enlistment for Battle Royale. For those of you on the East Coast, or EST, this means that Team Deathmatch occurs at:

  • 12AM
  • 6AM
  • 12PM
  • 6PM

For those on the West Coast, or PST, Team Deathmatch occurs at:

  • 3AM
  • 9AM
  • 3PM
  • 9PM

If you are in any other time zone, adjust your times accordingly.

Preparing for Team Deathmatch

Preparing for Team Deathmatch looks a lot different from preparing for Battle Royale. The main difference here is that buffs, heroes, research, etc. all apply within Team Deathmatch. Due to this, we have created a checklist of what you need to do in order to prepare for TDM.

The TDM Checklist
  • Put on Battle Buffs.
  • Ensure that you are completing Research that will help with TDM.
  • Skill your Lord appropriately.
  • Appoint and Gear up your Guard Captain.
  • Ensure that any heroes you will use to attack are leveled up and have appropriate Gear.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Team Deathmatch

To start off we will begin with some simple Do’s and Don’ts of Team Deathmatch.

The Do's and Don'ts of Team Deathmatch

wdt_ID Do Don't
1 Put On Buffs Before Enlisting Forget your Buffs
2 Work as a Team! Showboat
3 Fill Rallies Repeatedly hit people who are not burning
4 Reinforce other Players on your Team Ignore people asking for reinforcements
5 Be sure to conserve resources provided to you Sit back and watch and not help

What is provided?

When entering Team Deathmatch you are provided with items to play with. These items can only be used in Team Deathmatch. Here is what you start out with:

  • 112,500 for each Tier V Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, and Siege
  • Cancel March x10
  • 25% March Speed x50
  • 50% March Speed x50
  • Instant Deploy for Rally Attack x3

Additionally, you can earn more rewards, which are discussed further below.

Winning Team Deathmatch

We all want to win. At the end of TDM, when that Victory flashes and we get some great rewards, it is awesome. However, in order to win, there are things you must remember. The most important note is that this is a TEAM EVENT! You do not win on your own, and you lose as a team. Now that this is noted, there are different roles players should play throughout the course of TDM.

  • Attack
  • Defense and Fillers

Each team has an R5. In an ideal world, the R5 would direct and help be a leader who brings the team to victory. Sadly, we all know that this does not always happen. However, if your team happens to have an R5 who is willing to play this role, follow their direction so that your team can work efficiently together to score points. The R5’s Castle can be identified by a special gold emblem on their castle level.

R5There are multiple ways to score points in TDM, as seen below:

How to Score Points
  • Kill Monsters (Note: Team Deathmatch Monsters are easier to kill than Monsters on the World Map, so even if you have not killed Monsters of that level on the World Map before, you may be able to do it in TDM.)
  • Gather Resources
  • Kill opponent’s troops on Defense or Attack
  • Reinforce other players who are being hit

Ultimately, your team wins when every player on the other team is forced to surrender, or by having the most points when the time limit is up; whichever comes first.

Inside Team Deathmatch

Inside Team Deathmatch, things move very quickly. Due to this, you want to be quick and efficient and know what you are doing. While inside Team Deathmatch, you should play to your Developmental Level. As mentioned above, every player has a different role to play; knowing your role is very important.

Knowing your Role

Look to players who are more advanced to take the attack role. When attacking players, if they are not burning, STOP. While you may see your points going up, ultimately you are allowing them to win, as they are killing more of your troops then you are of theirs. This effectively weakens you and gives the other team more points.

If you have a Hero Level 10, you should not be leading rallies with this hero. If you have players with Heroes at Level 40 and above who are leading rallies, make sure you fill these, as they will be your strongest rallies. When choosing who to attack, prey on the weak. You can see how people on the opposite team are ranking on their team. If you are soloing, the weaker players will be more likely to burn to solo. If you are rallying, the weaker players will also be more likely to burn to rally and players who may not burn to solo could burn to a rally. However, NOTE: Rallies are critical to success in Team Deathmatch. Even when individuals are burning to solo, you are still losing more troops then you would on rallies and weakening yourself. Rallies give you large marches and fewer losses, but this will only work when working together as a team and when your rallies are filled.

Choosing a target:
  • At the beginning of TDM, choose targets that have a lower ranking as they will not have as many buffs yet. Do not continue to hit them if they are not burning!
  • As TDM progresses, watch for individuals who are hitting others over and over and not burning them or the high scorers. These people will have lost more troops when you get towards the end and have weakened themselves.
  • If one of your teammates is being targeted, Reinforce them to keep them safe and accumulate points for them and yourself. Target the people that continue to hit them even when they are not burning.
Defense and Fillers

These are players that are not as advanced in their development and weaker. For these players, ensuring their own safety will be vitally important. By attacking, these players will simply weaken themselves and become an easy target for the other team.

For these players, we recommend playing defense. Get reinforcements, collect resource tiles, and do your best not to give away points. Remember that when you are hit and killing their troops, you are getting points. Also, recall that by reinforcing your teammates who are being hit and filling rallies, you can get points.

The Ideal Team Deathmatch

The ideal TDM will look and feel like a team that works together. Every player will play within their role and it will function beautifully. Starting out, be sure to attack monsters and gather resources to get ports and some quick buffs. Higher-level monsters are in the middle, so if you kill a few lower-level monsters quickly, you can then port to the middle to grab the higher-level monsters before the other team gets them. The higher the level of the monster, the more points you get. Team Deathmatch Buffs have been updated to include new levels of points and buffs received while in the match. You can see this in the updated table below:

Team Deathmatch Buffs

wdt_ID Points Buff Image
1 100,000 Premium Teleport x10
2 300,000 200% Troop Attack
3 1,000,000 50,000 for each Tier V Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, and Siege
4 2,000,000 200% Troop March Speed
5 4,000,000 300% Troop Attack
6 6,000,000 Premium Teleport x3
7 8,000,000 +50,000 for each Tier 6 Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege
8 10,000,000 +300% Troop March Speed

As you begin to obtain your Team Deathmatch Buffs, move to your different roles of Attack and Defense/Filling. Those playing Defense should be sure to collect tiles to keep the other team from getting those points. You can monitor your team’s points by watching the bar in the middle of the screen at the top.

Team Deathmatch

As seen above, the Blue Team is in the lead. You can also see players team ranks next to their castle’s in these images. The timer for the time left in TDM you can see above the middle of the score bar.

Mid-game in TDM a Death Knight is summoned. You want to find this monster and share the Coordinates with your team! The death Knight will appear two times during TDM. The player who deals the final blow to the Death Knight earns a 1,000% attack buff for their entire team.

Team Deathmatch Rewards

Team Deathmatch gives Participation Rewards. For participating in Team Deathmatch, everyone earns 500 gold. After that, the top 3 players on each team receive additional rewards in the form of Random Soldier Chests. If you are on the winning team, your rewards are doubled. So you get 1,000 Gold instead of 500 and the top 3 players’ rewards are doubled as well. Additionally, the person in First on the winning team gets an Immortal Gift Box for their Alliance.

Team Deathmatch Rewards have been updated to include War Coins as well. The winning team for Team Deathmatch will receive 10 War Coins, while the defeated team will receive 5 War Coins.

Team Deathmatch with Cinder and ChrisHero100

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