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Welcome, Lords (and Ladies) to our guide for your Lord in Iron Throne Elite. The Lord is essential to the functions in your Castle and therefore, it is important that you know what you are doing and that you do not forget to properly skill. This guide will cover everything regarding your Lord from the basics to skilling. We will also include a video from ChrisHero100!

The Lord

The Lord is an essential part of your setup. The current max Lord Level is 80. It will take many points to reach this level, but doing so grants you a great number of skill points that can be used to best supplement the stats in your city.

Leveling the Lord

There are many opportunities throughout the game to level the Lord up. As your Lord level increases, it takes more experience to advance to the next level. However, the higher the level you reach, the greater the amount of points you have to allocate to your skills.

Where to gain experience:
  • Constructing buildings
  • Completing Challenges
  • Doing Research
  • Completing Quests
  • Buying from Gold Store
  • Buying using Gold
  • Merchant
Using your Experience

Adding Experience to your Lord is simple.

  • Go to your Lord Screen.
  • Click on the plus sign next to the experience bar below the profile image.
  • Add points that you have already accrued, or purchase additional XP points utilizing Gold.

Adding Xp

As you gain more and more Lord XP, you will continue to level up and receive more skill points for your skill trees. At Level 80, you will receive 396 skill points.

From the upper right hand corner of your Lord Screen, you can see your Lord Skills button. This is where we will spend the majority of the time in this article.

Navigating the Skills Tree

Once you click on the Lord Skills button, you are brought to this screen:

Skills TreeThe first thing you will see is your economy tree. This is appropriate, because this tree is what is useful to most players when just beginning. You can also see that there is a tab for the Battle tree.

The Anatomy of the Skills Tree

Anatomy of a Skills Tree

  • Point 1 is your Economy Skills Tab.
  • Point 2 is your Battle Skills Tab.
  • Point 3 is where you are able to name your Preset.
  • Point 4 is where you are able to see your Presets.
  • Point 5 is where you can see the number of skill points you have available.
  • Point 6 is where you are able to reset your skill points.
  • Point 7 is where you can activate your Preset or see that your preset is active.
  • Point 8 is your Skills Tree.

Naming your Preset is helpful so that you can quickly identify what Skills Preset you need. If you are great at remembering what number it is, that works too, of course! But for those of us who are going, what is this Preset for again? this is a great function to help you remember.

If you want to reskill because you do not like how you currently have your skills set, you can reset the whole tree and start over. You can see this function at Point 6, next to Point 5, where you can see how many Skill Points you have. Point 7 is where you can see whether or not your Preset is active, or activate the Preset that you want.

Economy Skills Tab

Here is where you will find skills for your basic Economy skills. However, when looking at skilling for battle do not discount the importance of this tree. In addition, to different Economy Skills you will also find Trap Attack, HP, and Defense in this tree and a skill to increase the number of reinforcements that you are able to receive. In addition, you can increase hospital and warehouse capacity. So if you are counting on these features for defense utilizing this tree for a battle skills may be helpful as well.

Battle Skills Tab

Here is where you will find all of your skills for battle. There are important skills here for Monster Hunting as well which is important to note. March size, debuffs, and attack, defense, HP, and various other Battle Statistics are found in this tree. When skilling for battle you will want to be sure to consider what you are doing and how to best skill for different battle functions. We will discuss this more later.

The Numbers

Let’s break these tree’s down into Numbers. Below you can see tables showing you what the increase in your stats will be when skilling to the max for certain skills. Note that several skills are spread across the tree and as you skill higher and go further down the tree the numbers will increase more.

wdt_ID Skill Stat
1 Construction Speed 1
Construction Speed 2

2 Research Speed 1
Research Speed 2
3 Food Production Rate
Wood Production Rate
Stone Production Rate
Iron Production Rate
Silver Production Rate
4 Food Gathering Speed
Wood Gathering Speed
Iron Gathering Speed
Stone Gathering Speed
Silver Gathering Speed
5 Troop Capacity 20%
6 Troop Training Capacity 1
Troop Training Capacity 2
7 Troop Training Cost -10%
8 Trap Attack
Trap HP
Trap Defense
9 Troop Training Speed 1
Troop Training Speed 2
10 Trap Production Speed 1
Trap Production Speed 2
wdt_ID Skill Stat
1 Troop March Speed 20%
2 Monster Hunt Attack 10%
3 Max AP 1
Max AP 2
4 AP Regen Speed 30%
5 Troop Attack 30%
6 Hunting March Speed 20%
7 Hero Defense 1
Hero Defense 2
8 Hero Attack 1
Hero Attack 2
9 Hero HP 1
Hero HP 2
10 Deployable Troop Size 1
Deployable Troop Size 2

Lord Skills with ChrisHero100

Let’s Get to Skilling

Now that we have explored the basic anatomy of your skills tree, the functions, and the numbers, let’s get to skilling. For everything you do in your Castle, you will want to be sure to have the proper skills set. This will save you time, money, and resources. Also, do not forget to switch skill trees when switching functions. For example, if you are set on an Economy skills tree for training, do not forget to switch to Combat for Team Deathmatch.

The other caveat to be aware of is completing tasks in groups. Switching your Skills Preset comes with a cost. If you do not have a Skills Preset item, you will be paying 1,000 gold every time you switch Presets, and you will also pay 1,000 gold to reset your Skill Points.

Skill Up for Economy

As your Lord level advances, skilling will become easier and easier, as you will gain more points to allocate to your tree. When looking at Economy, for example, if you can skill one tree for just all of your basic Economy functions, this will be hugely helpful.

Every Skill you have is going to cost anywhere from 10 to 30 points to max out. If you are not yet at a point where you can skill multiple functions on the tree, then you will definitely want to be careful when you are switching trees. Your most important skill to focus on first will be Construction. This will not only help to continue increasing your Lord Level for more skill points, but it will allow you to set the foundation for completing other tasks, such as Research and Training.

Once your Lord is leveled to a sufficient level, you can branch out more and skill more things. Recall that as you get further into your skill tree, you are able to get more benefits. So one of the recommendations to consider when skilling is using the minimum number of points possible to get to the skill with the largest stat available, and then working your way backwards when completely filling the targeted skills.

Skill Up for Battle

There are multiple considerations when skilling for Battle. One of the things you want to be sure to always do is skill to your strengths. There is no ideal skills tree to give you because every player will be set up differently. However, below we will give you some things to consider when setting up your Skill Tree for different functions.

  • Here, you will want to look at skills such as Attack and HP.
  • You will want to consider what Hero and Troops you will be using to Attack with.
    • For example, if you are using Mikoto, who is an Infantry Hero with Infantry Gear such as Berserker, you will use Infantry Troops. In this case, you will want to be sure to Skill for Infantry, Attack, Defense, and HP to strengthen these Traits.
  • After skilling based on Troop Type you will want to look at skilling Attack and Hero Stats.
  • In addition, Defense Debuffs will be helpful when attacking.
  • Here you will want to look at stats. Overall Defense, Attack, and HP will all be important.
  • Once again, Skill to your already present strengths.
    • If you are utilizing Guardian Gear, this gear utilizes a lot of Debuffs. So focus on Debuffing Troop Stats first to strengthen this function.
  • After this, look at your Hero Stats again
  • If you are setting your account up to be strong for one type, such as Infantry, focus on these troop stats as well.
  • Make sure to skill Troop Attack, as this is important to help kill off your attacker’s march.
  • If you rely on Hospitals and the Warehouse, do not forget the Economy Tree.

With both of these functions, don’t forget that the further in on your Skill Tree you go, the more you will increase your stats. So put the minimum amount in at first, and then go back and fill in the rest.

Skill Up for Monster Hunting

Monster Hunting is probably one of the easiest Skill Trees to do. Here, you will want to skill for Max AP 1 and 2, Monster Attack, AP Regen, and Hero Attack, Defense and HP. These are the skills that will increase your Hunting CP.

There are multiple ways to set up your Lord Skills. Here, we have provided some basic things to think about and focus on. Whatever the challenge be, make sure you Skill up and conquer the battlefield!

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