Safeguarding Your Castle: The Ultimate Defensive PVP Guide

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Safeguarding Your Castle: The Ultimate Defensive PVP Guide

In any war game there is always the chance of losing what you have built to another player who is stronger than you. For many players these losses can be devastating. Just as in any war it comes at a cost. Fortunately, Iron Throne is one of a kind and has given players features that help with this.

However, it does not change the fact that players do not want to lose everything they have in one sitting, players have to know how to defend. Please note that this article is not intended to be a guide for trapping but a guide for basic player defense.

Safeguarding Your Castle

All of us put a lot of time and resources into our accounts. So we want to protect what we have built. So how do we do this?

Top 3 Tips

    1. Always Shield – You can have the most troops in the game but sometime that does not matter. A shield is your protection for when you are offline or just unsure of your safety.
    2. Educate Yourself – Know and understand what the stats are for, what they mean, what they do and what you need.
    3. Ask QuestionsPeople get worried that if they ask questions they appear stupid. Here’s the thing, you look dumber if you do not ask! If something confuses you, it’s better to ask before you lose all your troops and waste a lot of money! Join the Elite on Discord and Line for access to tons of information and a wealth of experience.


We will begin with the Hero. For many Carl is the first Hero to be appointed as Guard Captain however, we have charts and guides listing which Heroes have the best Attack, HP, and Defense in our Heroes guide! Be sure to check this out and use the best Hero possible when equipping a Guard Captain. In addition, we now have the ability to equip different Guard Deputies. As your research increases you are able to equip up to 2 deputies and the stats you get from them increase as well. 


Many gear sets seem to have the same stats, so at times it can become confusing about what set to use for what function. While there are three sets with Infantry stats, some have better stats than others. We talk more about Gear in the Forge and choosing the right gear for your setup. Here, we will take a look at choosing a set for defense.

Defensive Gear has changed a lot recently. The current favorites when it comes to defense include Dark Lord and Crimson Steel highly enhanced. These gear sets come with some great HP, Defense, and Attack. Crimson Steel is the gear that everyone is chasing after currently so do not miss out on checking out this gear.  Below we have included a table comparing this gear to its counterpart, Majestic Gear. 

Crimson Steel

Recent Game Changes including Pets, Buildings, Buffs, and More

Recently there have been many changes to the game. We cover some of the basics in this guide however, we will be working to update this guide and more. There are new features you do not want to forget when you are working on setting up your account. Including things such as Pets, new Ancient Magic Boosts, Building Enhancements, Obelisk Blessings, and so much more. Make sure you are keeping up to date on our newest guides on these features and we will be sure to keep you in the know as well!


Different boosts are available for purchase using Gold from your Manage Buffs Screen and in the Gold Store. There are boosts for Troop Defense, HP, and Attack. These boosts can come in handy when coming up against a formidable enemy. Some of these boosts last longer than others; however, activate them wisely in order to best utilize your resources.

Lord Skills

You will want to be sure to skill your Lord and have the right skill setting on for defense when sitting unshielded. There are two tabs for Lord Skills: Economy and Battle. You will find your defensive skills under Battle. The higher the level of your Lord, the more points you have to spend. In skilling for defense, you will want to focus on the following things:

  • Defense
  • HP
  • Debuffs
  • Attack


Research is crucial to expanding your stats and becoming better able to defend yourself. Research with important defense stats to focus on are the following:


This Research includes many debuffs that are important in protecting your city. This Research will be a definite help!

Battle Training Research

This new research is quite possibly one of the most important researches you will see when it comes to combat stats due to the increased stats compared to older researches. 

Troop Training

This Research offers stats to strengthen your individual Troop Tiers.


In Iron Throne, every building provides a different function and different boost in order to be able to help with defense of your Castle. For more information on how each building functions, check out Iron Throne: The Journey Begins. However, this article will cover a few buildings that will be key to your defense.


The higher the level of your Watchtower, the more detailed information you receive on incoming attacks. This will help you to prepare and know whether or not you have the capability to take a hit from the incoming enemy.

wdt_ID Building Level Watchtower Effect
1 1 March Detection
2 2 Display the Opponent Marching Troops toward you
3 3-4 Display the opponent's Castle Coordinates
4 5-6 Display the Opponent's Name
5 7-8 Display when the opponent will arrive
6 9-10 Display a rough estimate of the opponent's troops (type, name, tiers)
7 11-12 Display a rough estimate of the opponent's troops (headcount)
8 13-14 Display the opponent's Lord Level
9 15-16 Display an accurate headcount of the opponent's troops
10 17-18 Display the opponent Captain's Level


This building will allow you to revive dead troops within 7 days of them being killed. This is not free, so be sure to choose wisely the troops you wish to revive.


Worried about the incoming attack? You can evacuate your troops using the Warehouse. As with other buildings, the level improves your ability to use this feature.

wdt_ID Building Level Max Capacity
1 1 10k
2 2 11K
3 3 12k
4 4 13.5k
5 5 14.5k
6 6 16k
7 7 17.5k
8 8 20k
9 9 21.5k
10 10 24k


Your Wall houses your traps. Traps play a role in defense of your Castle, so it is important not only to build them but to make sure that you improve your Wall durability by leveling up your Wall. A stronger Wall helps with safeguarding your Castle.

wdt_ID Building Level Durability
1 1 8K
2 2 8.1k
3 3 8.2k
4 4 8.3k
5 5 8.4k
6 6 8.5k
7 7 8.6k
8 8 8.7K
9 9 8.8k
10 10 8.9k


This building allows your alliance members to strengthen you through reinforcements. The higher the level of your Embassy, the more reinforcements you can receive. In addition, a higher level Embassy gives additional perks.

Embassy Perks

wdt_ID Building Level Perk
1 25-29 Defense of Reinforcement Received through Embassy +10%
2 30 Defense of Reinforcement Received through Embassy +30%
Building Level Perk


Executing enemy Heroes will give you boosts for your stats through your Altar. These buffs will last for 24 hours. Leveling up the Altar increases Troop Attack, Defense, HP, March Speed, and Hero Experience.


When your troops are injured, they go to the hospital. The higher the level of your hospital the more troops it will hold. In addition, different boosts are provided for your hospital.

wdt_ID Hospital Level Injured Troop Capacity
1 1 10k
2 2 11k
3 3 12k
4 4 13k
5 5 14k
6 6 15k
7 7 16k
8 8 17k
9 9 18k
10 10 19k
wdt_ID Building Level Hospital Perk
1 25-29 Increases the HP of all Troops by 2% for each Hospital. (Stackable)
2 30 Increases the HP of all Troops by 5% for each Hospital. (Stackable)


Your Barracks increases the defense of your troops. The more Barracks you have at certain levels, the higher the defense boost.

wdt_ID Building Level Barrack Perk
1 25-29 Increases Defense of all Troops by 2% for each building. (Stackable)
2 30 Increases Defense of all Troops by 5% for each building. (Stackable)


While VIP does not increase battle stats until VIP 11, it does increase your injured troop capacity before that. So if you are counting on your hospitals to support your injured troops, VIP can help to boost this ability. Once you have obtained VIP 11 and higher you will begin to receive other stat boosts from VIP including things such as attack and defense.

When all comes to a close, your best source of protection is a Peace Shield. Here, we have covered the best of the best for defense. However, be sure to talk to your alliance mates and friends and test, test, test before walking away unshielded.

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