Recruiting 101: How to Get People to Try Iron Throne

Three Basic Steps to Recruiting

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Whether you are building your alliance or trying to get people to try out the game, half of the battle is convincing them that your battle is one they want to join. Even our heroes in the game need to find their place within the battle, we are told that our hero, John Lionheart wandered and refused to be tied down until he found hope in his current lord.

We need to be able to inspire our comrades to fight alongside us and convince them to join in the battle. The question then becomes how do we engage our fellow warriors in battle? How do we effectively recruit people to join not only our alliances but our game? Well Elite, seek no further because we have the answers here for you. Join us for Recruiting 101 and then go out and recruit with confidence.

Three Basic Steps to Recruiting

I Want YOU!!! Many of us are familiar with the iconic image of Uncle Sam that graces these posters that came out around World War II, a perfect example of recruitment at work. Uncle Sam did not just want anyone, he wanted you.

Uncle Sam

Our purpose here is to help you with your own recruitment. Whether you are trying to recruit people for the Greet an Elite Program or to join your alliance there are some basic things that can help you be successful.

Step One: Know Who You Are

Wait, wait, wait, this is about getting other people to join… why in the world do I need to know who I am? I counter your question with a question. How do you know who to recruit if you do not know what you need or want for your team? I can send out random invites to everyone I know but that will not effectively build a team.

In order to build a team, you must know not only the type of player you are looking for but who you are as a team. For example, let’s say that for your team you are looking for serious players who are able to be a dominating force in game modes such as Alliance Deathmatch. You want to recruit players who are able to help you reach that goal. These are players who have not only an interest but the ability to strengthen gear and complete large amounts of research.

Sam over there, well he’s a great guy but he just wants to chill and chat and is not a very competitive player. His playstyle will be better suited to an alliance that is largely social. There is nothing wrong with either playstyle. However, if you recruit the wrong type of player they will not be happy and will eventually end up leaving the team.

Knowing who your alliance is and having team goals will help you to find the right type of players who will fit into the team you are building. In addition, they will help you to be able to work towards the goals you have as a team and accomplish those goals.

Step Two: Know Who You Are Recruiting

Knowing yourself and your own goals is important when recruiting. However, knowing who you are recruiting is just as important. Part of step two ties in with step one. Once you know who you want you must know who the people you are recruiting are. How will you know if they fit in with your goals and visions if you do not know who they are as players?

Alliance Recruitment

Valerie (yes, I am making up random player names) loves to build accounts and show off how strong they are. She started playing Iron Throne and is really interested in getting invested in Alliance Deathmatch Tournaments. However, she needs an alliance first. She sees the alliance BYE (Yes, the alliance name is completely made up too) is recruiting players in the kingdom chat. Since she is new and does not know anyone in her kingdom she goes ahead and joins.

Valerie is excited to be a part of this alliance and they are very social. However, Valerie quickly learns that this alliance does not really care about Alliance Deathmatch. She sees that they play it sometimes but it is not a priority to them. At this point Valerie has a few options:

  1. She leaves the alliance and finds one that is more focused on Alliance Deathmatch.
  2. Valerie stays but really does not get to engage in the part of the game she enjoys.
  3. She leaves the game because she is not getting what she wants from it.

By knowing who you are recruiting you can help to prevent a revolving door of players. When players are constantly leaving it makes it difficult to mesh as an alliance. On the other hand, if you are wanting a friend to come to play Iron Throne this is important as well.

Iron Throne Recruitment

Billy Joe Bob is very excited! He just got accepted into the Greet an Elite program and he is ready to invite all his friends to play and rack up the rewards! So he randomly starts sending out invites to friends.

Billy Joe Bob: Hey Norma Jean, I am playing this great new game and you should come and check it out. If you are interested let me know so that I can get some cool rewards and you can too.

Norma Jean: Thanks for letting me know Billy Joe Bob. I will let you know if I am interested.

Note: Billy Joe Bob never hears back from Norma Jean about this exciting game

He begins to become frustrated because he really wants his friends to play but no one seems to be responding to his invites. Billy Joe Bob gives up and never cashes in on the awesome Greet an Elite Rewards. This conversation could have gone much differently if Billy Joe Bob had used what he knows about Norma Jean to recruit her. Here is what a more effective conversation may have looked like.

How The Conversation Should have Looked:

Billy Joe Bob: Hey Norma Jean! How are you?

Norma Jean: Hey! I’m great how have you been doing?

Billy Joe Bob: I’m good, I have actually been playing this new game and it made me think of you!

Norma Jean: Really? What are you playing?

Billy Joe Bob: It’s a game called Iron Throne

Norma Jean: Oh, I have heard of that game… I think Johnny Boy is playing it too.

Billy Joe Bob: I would not be surprised! You remember how before we quit playing Game X you always talked about wishing there was more features for players who really do not have the budget to spend a lot?

Norma Jean: Yeah, I remember that, why?

Billy Joe Bob: Iron Throne has those features. I’m part of a program right now where I earn rewards just for having my friends come to play and my friends get rewards too. It’s also totally possible to grind and get the resources and speedups and gear materials you need in order to play. The rewards from events are actually worth it. I wish that Game X had these before we quit. (Billy Joe Bob sends Norma Jean Screenshots of the game and rewards).

Norma Jean: Wow that sounds and looks amazing!!!

Billy Joe Bob: You should definitely check it out and get in on some of this free stuff.

Norma Jean: I am definitely interested, how do I check it out?


At this point, Billy Joe Bob (I really need to start making up shorter character names) sends Norma Jean his information and she completes the process and downloads the game. This conversation went much differently and not only earned Billy Joe Bob rewards but Norma Jean earned some great rewards to help with getting a solid start in Iron Throne.

Knowing who you are recruiting and what features are interesting to them is going to help you when attempting to get people to join you in playing Iron Throne. While we know the rewards are great they will need something to show them that it is not just a waste of their time. So get to know your recruits and play to their interests.

Step Three: Build Relationships

In order to be able to do Step Two, you need to be able to complete Step three. But Cinder, it’s a war game? I’m here to burn stuff, why do I need to Build Relationships? Yes, it’s a War Game but players need a reason to be loyal to you and to want to join you. If a random person comes and asks me to join their Alliance or come to try out a game it is easy to say No. However, if my friend asks me it is a little more difficult to say No.

While it is a War Game it is inherently social as well. Many people who have spent any amount of time in these communities will tell you that the relationships are what makes everything worth it. Building a community is how you build an Alliance and a Game. You build community through relationships and through those communities we see Strong Alliance rise up and make a name in the Gaming Community.

These are just a few simple steps to get you on your path to recruitment. We hope that you will be a part of our Community as well and join us on Line (Just add thatcinder and ask for an invite) and Discord.

Do you have your own ideas on the best recruitment techniques? Comment below and let us know!

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