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The Kingdom Transfer event is coming! Players have been asking for the ability to transfer Kingdoms and Netmarble has answered with a YES! This opens a new world of opportunity for many players who have been itching to either get out of the kingdom they are currently in due to… umm… personalities or lack of activity within the community.

However, this new update comes with its own rules and regulations. To prevent the game from becoming too unbalanced certain restrictions have been placed on Kingdom Teleports. In this article today we will take a look at some of these restrictions and how they will affect us. We will also discuss within those Restrictions how to pick your new home. So let’s get started!

 Ten kingdom Transfer Restrictions that you NEED to Know About

Kingdom Transfers will begin on April 11! Are you prepared? We are here to make sure that you are with the knowledge that we will provide for you within this article.

Restriction Number One: If you are in a protected Kingdom you cannot Transfer

New Kingdoms are just getting on their feet and made to encourage growth. These Kingdoms are protected from things such as invasion by more advanced Kingdoms. Keeping these Kingdoms growing is essential as the game advances. Therefore, if you are in a protected Kingdom you cannot participate in this event and other players cannot Transfer to you.

Restriction Number Two: There is a population Limit

This means you need to decide where you want to go and move quickly. If a Kingdom fills up then you will not be allowed to transfer there. So if there is a concern that this will be a more popular Kingdom to Transfer to you will want to get in on the party early on. Check out this list of available Kingdoms for Transfer so you can start planning where you want to go.

Can Transfer From Can Transfer To
1 O O
5 O O
9 O O
17 O X
25 O X
30 O O
33 O O
34 O X
37 O X
39 O O
40 O O
42 O O
43 O O
45 O O
46 O O
47 O O

As you can see some Kingdoms are already not available for Transfer so be sure to move quickly on where you want to go.

Restriction Number Three: You Cannot Transfer to another Kingdom where you would be ranked first in Power

Let’s be honest it is fun moving to a new Kingdom and having new players to face off against. However, it’s scary when a huge player comes in and burns your kingdom to the ground. Netmarble is preventing this by not allowing players ranked first in power to move in. This keeps Kingdoms that are trying to grow and enjoy the game from being destroyed. On the flip side for players that want to move it is a struggle but hopefully, you will be able to find another Kingdom with more players closer to your power level so that you are able to be competitive with the people you are playing against. Also, remember the number of Teleports you need in order to be able to move is dependent on your estimated power ranking in your new kingdom in order to be able to address this concern.

Kingdom Transfer

Estimated Ranking
Required Quantity
1 Transfer Unavailable
2 20
3 19
10-4 18
20-11 16
21 – 30 14
31 – 40 12
41 – 50 10
51 – 60 8
61 – 70 6
71 – 80 4
81 – 90 3
91 – 100 2
101 and lower 1

Restriction Number Four: You cannot transfer if you have troops deployed, Heroes deployed, or your Heroes in prison

Do not leave your men behind! You are going to want your Heroes and Troops in your new home so be sure that they are tucked away safely in your castle before you take off to your new home.

Restriction Number Five: Transfer is available only if you are not a member of an Alliance (You cannot transfer if you are waiting for an approval to join an Alliance).

As we all know Alliances do not cross borders. That means that you cannot be in a K5 Alliance while in K1. So before you can take off to your new Kingdom you need to say either your tearful goodbyes (or maybe not so tearful) or see ya laters to those who are moving with you.  As long as you are in an Alliance or waiting to join one you will not be able to move. So drop those tags and do not apply anywhere else before taking off.

Also Note that if you are moving as an Alliance this means you will have to rebuild your gift level, buildings, and more.

Restriction Number Six: You cannot Transfer if you currently have a title or if you are currently a King

If you are planning to move, stay away from Capital and do not ask for a title! While the transfer event goes through April 23 please recall that if the Kingdom you want to move to fills up you will not be able to move. So make sure that this small thing does not keep you from moving.

Restriction Number seven: You Can only Transfer ONCE during a Transfer Period

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!! You may only move one time within a transfer period. Currently, there is no information out there on how often transfer periods will roll around. That makes this aspect very important. You want to ensure that when you buy your Teleport(s) that you use them to move to a Kingdom that you will enjoy.

Picking your Kingdom Quick Tips
  1. Scout out the Kingdoms beforehand. Take some time to look around at the kingdom and the amount of activity you see and the levels of the Castles and Power.
  2. Jump in our Discord or one of our Line rooms (thatcinder) and see if you can find some people from the Kingdom you are considering joining. Chat them up and get their perspective on their Kingdom.
  3. Find an Alliance before you move. This is where you will spend the majority of your time so you want to be sure that you know where you are going and who you will be playing the game with. If you have people you know there already that’s just a bonus!
  4. Know what kind of play you really want to engage in. It is one thing to move to a small quiet Kingdom. It is quite another to move somewhere like K5. Know how much time and money you are willing to invest before you try to “keep up with the Joneses.”

Restriction Number eight: Kingdom Transfer is not available during Kingdom vs. Kingdom war (Domination, Blood Moon, and Invasion) or Raid and You must not be participating in the Golden Moon.

Are you ready to move? Great! Make sure that you are not currently participating in any of the above events before you try to move. If you are you will not be able to move.

Restriction Number nine: Unused Resource Items in the Inventory must all be spent, registered resources can be partially transferred

You know all those unopened items in your inventory, you are going to need to open them and that’s not the only thing. You can only take some of those resources with you. That means that anything over the kingdom resource cap will be lost when you transfer. This is a big downside to these items. So if you are planning on moving, be sure to open all your items and start using as many as possible so you do not waste them. Also maybe hold off on buying more resources until you have moved.

Restriction Number Ten: All Mail must be claimed before Transfer

Finally, make sure you claim all your mail. If you have unclaimed mail you will not be allowed to transfer. You want all those goodies anyways so run through and start claiming your mail now so you are not stuck doing it at the last minute.

So you moved to a new Kingdom?

So you moved to a new Kingdom. There are some things that you should be aware of now that you have moved. Netmarble provided us with a list of things to note will happen after Transfer.

Things that are good to Know

  • Your Shield that was on before transferring will remain active as will all battle and economy buffs.
  • Any prisoners that were in your prison? They are going home.
  • All reinforcements will be returned to their castle (although you won’t be in an alliance so I am not sure why this one was on the list).
  • Any rallies that you have filled or set are going to be canceled, if you are at a rally point you must cancel or finish the attack before transferring.
  • Points in Points event will reset
  • Personal Dragon use counts and chat history will reset
  • Battle, Monster, and Gather mail will be deleted except mail registered as favorite. So if you want to keep certain pieces of mail be sure to mark them as a favorite. Only the last 200 Alliance and Notice mail will be kept with priority being given to favorite mail.
  • Kingdom Donation/Claim History and Donation Ranking will reset. However, the number of remaining Daily Donation Count/Daily Kingdom Donation Count before using Kingdom transfer items will be maintained.
  • Your Daily count for Ancient People’s Trial Steeple will remain. So you cannot go and hit it three more times in your new Kingdom
  • Lord ranking will reset according to your new Kingdom.
  • Attendance and Received Rewards status at the Event Center is Maintained.
  • All Battle Points/Revenge Records/Defense Records in the Arena WILL Reset
  • All Arena Rankings/ranking rewards (weekly/season) in progress WILL Reset
  • Players who have the same Lord Name as someone in their new Kingdom will temporarily have their name changed to: Players with duplicate Lord Names in the merged Kingdom will temporarily have their names changed to: ‘K(Kingdom number)_(LordName)#(random4characters).

Are you ready to move and make new friends as you take over the world of Iron Throne? What Kingdom is in your sights and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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