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Invasion Teleports are here to change the game!

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Invasion DayGet ready for Battle! Invasion Day is coming! Make sure that you prepare yourself and your Kingdom, as Lords from other Kingdoms are also preparing to invade. Invasion Teleports are here, and this adds a new aspect of gameplay to Iron Throne that we have not yet encountered.

Will you join in the fight? Capital War has proven to be a fun challenge for many Kingdoms. Alliances fight for control and the right to be the ruling Alliance. While this comes with its own benefits the rewards with the last update have made the fight even more worth it.

Have you dreamed of exploring other Kingdoms and seeing what they have to offer? Have you wondered whether the people are different or the scenery is better? Winning Capital can now give you the opportunity to explore new Kingdoms make new friends and maybe even a new enemy or two.

What’s New in Invasion

The September 30th update brought many new features but it also brought some fun features to our favorite existing events. Including Invasion! Invasion is no longer just for the players that can exist outside a shield but offers opportunities for all. Two new events have been added and we want to be sure to cover what all that entails for invasion. The two events consist of:

  1. The Invasion Event
  2. Invasion Inferno Event 

The Invasion Event

The Invasion event is an event that will appear every weekend during invasion. You can score points for your Kingdom and see it rise in the ranks as you invade other kingdoms. You earn points by gathering resources in invasion, killing troops of invaders, and invading and killing enemy troops. 

Under the Invasion Event, you can see the Kingdom Rankings, you can also see the points breakdown and the contribution tab. 

The Invasion Inferno Event

The Invasion Inferno Event is going to look like your typical points event. By doing the same functions as above Killing troops of invaders, killing enemy troops while invading, and gathering resources in invasion you are able to score points towards this inferno. The inferno gives rewards as you hit different levels. 


These changes are providing even more rewards for Invasion. Combined with the fact that invasion allows players to be shielded and purchase a teleport with 50k gold this gives every player the opportunity to participate. It also gives ongoing opportunities for players who are actively engaging in PvP to test setups and get some extra kills. So get out there and have some fun. 

What are Invasion Teleports?

Invasion Teleports were introduced to Iron Throne with the last update. These ports allow players to visit other Kingdoms during specified times. This is an opportunity that was not previously available in Iron Throne to travel to new Kingdoms.

How Do I Get an Invasion Teleport?

Now that Invasion Teleports are here, everyone is going to want to get their hands on a port. However, these prizes will not be easy to obtain. Invasion Teleports are being offered as a reward for conquering Capital. The Alliance Leader or King receives one Invasion Teleport after Capital. After this, 12 more Invasion Teleports are sent to the Capital Vault. The King is able to distribute these Teleports to their fellow Alliance Members to use.

Invasion TeleportsHowever, each Alliance member can only be given one Invasion Teleport item until the next Capital War, and the King is not able to award themselves multiple Invasion Teleports. This allows various members to participate in this activity, and for your team to be able to travel together to visit neighboring communities.

**Update this has changed! Invasion Teleports are now available to be purchased with 50k gold as well 

How Do I Use Invasion Teleports?

Invasion Teleports are available now; however, they cannot be used at random times. This is good news for players who may be worried about random players teleporting into their Kingdom and catching them off guard. Iron Throne has set times where these are usable. The plus side to this is you know when Invaders from other Kingdoms may come to visit; however, you never know if it will be your Kingdom that they port to.

Use Invasion TeleportThe Kingdoms that are available for Invasion will be displayed when an Invasion Teleport is used. Kingdoms that are less than 30 days old or undergoing maintenance will not be displayed on this list. Select the Kingdom that you would like to travel to, and hit ‘Invade Kingdom.’ When you do this, you will be teleported to a random location within the selected Kingdom.

Criteria for Using the Invasion Teleports

There are criteria for the use of the Invasion Teleports. Some of them are normal criteria when porting anywhere. Fortunately, Iron Throne has provided us with that information. Therefore, if you are struggling to use your Invasion Teleport, check out the criteria below to make sure this is not preventing your use of this item.

Below are the criteria for using Invasion Teleports:
  • Players can only enter 1 Kingdom per Invasion Teleport.
  • Players can only use an Invasion Teleport if they are part of an Alliance.
  • Players with Heroes that are captured or deployed cannot use an Invasion Teleport item.
  • Reinforcements or Prisoners in a player’s Castle will be forcibly returned to their owner’s Castle when an Invasion Teleport item is used.
  • Players that are enlisting in Battle Royale or Team Deathmatch cannot use an Invasion Teleport item.

After Using an Invasion Teleport

Once you use your Invasion Teleport, you are teleported to a random location within the Kingdom you have selected as your target. Once there, you are able to use normal Teleports to move around the Kingdom. However, while the rules for Gathering, Attacking, Scouting, Hunting, and Camping are the same, there are some restrictions when invading another Kingdom. It is important to note some of the restrictions, especially those concerning Peace Shields.

The following actions are restricted while traveling to another Kingdom:
  • Attacking the Capital and/or Sanctuaries
  • Raid participation
  • Using the Alliance Menu or Dragon Skill
  • Acquiring Points for Solo/Inferno/Alliance Events
  • Battlefield Content (Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, Arena)
  • Story Mode and Town Mode will still be available

When Your Kingdom is Invaded

Your Kingdom has been invaded. When this happens, all Lords within the Kingdom will receive a message letting them know. A new Location Tracking Feature has been put in place to allow players in the invaded Kingdom to  see where the Invading Lords are on the Kingdom Map. The approximate locations of Invaders will be marked with a red circle. These locations can be seen on the map by all Lords of the Invaded Kingdom, excluding the Invaders.

Invading LordsThe Invasion with ChrisHero100

*Please note that changes have been made to the Invasion since the time the following video was made.

Be Prepared

The Special Buff does help out some to prevent massive bloodshed on both sides. However, there are some things that you can do to be sure you are ready when your Kingdom is invaded. Obviously the Lords (and Ladies) who invade your Kingdoms will be strong. These are the players that have conquered their own Wonder, and so they are typically the players that dominate within their Kingdom.

  • When preparing for Invasion, remember that your top priority should always be safety. With the knowledge that the invasion occurs only during the weekends, before you log out, be sure to set either a 24 hour or 3 Day Peace Shield, and you’ll have no worries about invaders coming to your Kingdom.
  • Before taking on new foes as you travel to new kingdoms or have visitors in your Kingdoms, make sure that you are working out a solid setup. This means making sure that you are not only training troops but also strengthening them with Research, Gear, Runes, and Buffs.
  • Recall that because of the Special Buff, battle outcomes will not be normal. So do not use these to judge your outcomes, but have fun if you choose to go without a Peace Shield.
  • Port to a point within your Alliance’s Territory to ensure that you are receiving the buffs from your Alliance as well.
  • Be sure that your Guard Captain is appointed if you chose to remain unshielded.
  • If you are worried about your Resources or troops when unshielded, utilize your warehouse.
  • Make sure that if you are unshielded, you equip the correct skills tree. Do not try to take hits while wearing Construction Skills! We have all had our share of going into Deathmatch with the wrong skills, but here you will lose real troops.

It Has Only Just Begun…

Invasion Day is new. We all will be testing and learning our boundaries and having some fun visiting other Kingdoms. However, this is just the beginning. We will be bringing you up-to-date strategy and information as we continue to see more of invaders (and maybe do some invading ourselves.)

However, in the meantime use common sense and keep yourself safe. If you are looking to do some invading yourself, make sure you check out our article on Capital so that your Alliance can earn the ports needed to visit your neighboring Kingdoms. However, we are aware that this opportunity will not be available to everyone. So while you are waiting in your Kingdom for Invaders, do not forget that you can join us on the Line App (add that Cinder and ask ‘for an invite to the Elite Room”) or Discord.

Invasion Day Ended

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