Preemptive Strike

Understanding how Preemptive Strike works within your attack/defense, and what exactly the research means.

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Preemptive Strike

PrincessKat breaks down Preemptive Strike and why it’s incredibly crucial to your effectiveness in battle!

First, due to community outreach, PrincessKat goes over how to read a Battle Report. Understanding what takes place in a battle really makes or breaks your ability to play in Iron Thrones or any War-Strategy game.

Later in the video, Kat goes into Preemptive Strike (PS). First, you must acquire it through Troup Training 1 which will give you 100% Preemptive Strike in addition to unlocking it.

Troup Training 2 gives you a 25% debuff and an additional 30% Preemptive Strike bonus for a total of 130%.

In order to find your new attack pool, you need to take the number of troops you have, multiply it by your base attack, then take that result and multiply it by your Troop Attack. Once you have that result, you’ll multiply that by your PS bonus and you’ll receive your new Attack Pool.

Also important to note that all of our Tier 6 Troops or higher will have their attack multiplied by your PS bonus whether they’re attacking or defending.

To gain a better perspective on PS, make sure to watch the fun illustration to get a better scope on how it works in-game.

What are your thoughts on Preemptive Strike? After watching Kat’s video, do you have a better understanding of how the mechanics work? If you’re still unclear, make sure to hit up Kat or mention it in the comments and she’ll be more than happy to help!

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