New Heroes, UI, Presets, and Hero Pets! [4.2 Update]

4.2 Update is Live and it's Huge! We discuss the new Heroes, UI, Presets, Hero Pets and More!

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Holy Guacamole my Avocados! PrincessKat is back and going over the HUGE 4.2 Update to Iron Thrones! We have new Heroes, UI, events, presets, and new Pets for your Hero!

Overall, User Interface has been streamlined to help improve the overall feel of the game, and the Golden Moon Event, which used to lock you in the level you selected, now has a “Cancel” button feature, just in case you didn’t input the correct level.

New events include Invasions, Duels, and Alliance Wars. Additionally, your Citadel can be leveled up to 38!

Additionally, new T7 Tactical Infantry Troops were released. They have the same cost as normal T7 troops but are better for attacking, so get to recruiting!

There’s a new Blessing Structure that allows you to spend Gold to increase your bonuses depending on the level you spend your Gold on. You can have a max of 50 blessings per day.

Now there’s Hero Presets and Equipment Presets, that way you can customize your specific type of Heroes (Attackers, Cavalry, Duels, etc) and Equipment for that Hero.

Speaking of Heroes, we have two new ones; Ivarr who is more Infantry focused, and Loki is more Cavalry focused.

Last, but certainly not least, we have brand-new Hero Pets! You can summon a random pet for one pet per summon ticket, and they range from various rarities, abilities, and stat bonuses. Hero Pets once summoned, are permanent additions that you can add to your Hero!

What are your initial thoughts on the 4.2 Updates? Are you a fan of the new Heroes: Loki and Ivarr? What kind of pets have you Summoned? Are you going to take part in the events with the new changes: Alliance Wars, Invasion, and Duels?

Share all of your thoughts below, and make sure to show us the Pets you’ve summoned and post your pictures on our social media channels!

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