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Fight in real time and crush your friends...we mean enemies...

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It’s time to throw down your gauntlet! Duel has arrived in Iron Throne. This new game mode replaces what used to be the Arena. Now you are able to battle your friends and enemies in real time twice a day. Duel occurs at 1 PM and 1 AM EST or 10 AM and 10 PM PST. For an hour you have the opportunity to battle until your heart’s content and we want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to be able to succeed in your Duels. In this article, we will cover the basics of the Duel and how it works. We will also cover choosing your Heroes and troops and the rewards. In addition, we also have some quick community tips for you!

The Duel Begins

In Duel, you have the opportunity to take 4 heroes and then troops of all different types into battle. Duel is directly connected to Dimensional Battle in that as you clear the higher stages of Dimensional battle you open new troop types that you can use in Duel. In order to even engage in Duel Mode, you must complete Chapter 2 of Dimensional Battle.

Clearing stages further into Dimensional Battle will open new troops in Duel Mode. Clearing Chapter 3 will unlock Ogre Troops.

Duel Mode

Going on to Clear Chapter 4 will unlock the Death Knight Troop.


Clearing Chapter Five will unlock the Forsaken Frost Troop.


Finally, Clearing Chapter 6 of Dimensional Battle will unlock Dragon Troops.


Signing up for a Duel

So we know that we can take different troops and 4 heroes into the battles ahead. However, let’s take a step back before we dive further in. Let’s start with just signing up for a Duel. At the times listed above Enlistment will open up for Duel. You can enlist from the Dimensional Gate in your City.


Once you enlist the matchmaking will begin. You will be paired up with another player to battle it out. However, here’s the good news about this, you can enlist as many times as you want in a one hour period. Once you finish your current Duel hop in and enlist again for another battle. You will go through the matchmaking process each time. While you are waiting to enter your Duel you are free to run around your Castle and engage in chat until the Duel starts.


The Basics of your Duel

When the Duel begins you are given time to choose your Heroes and your troops. Once the battle starts your chosen heroes and troops are deployed immediately. Each of your Heroes has a skill that is assigned to them that they are able to use in battle. You are able to set those skills off manually or set the Duel to Auto where it sets off the skills for you.

Every time you use a Hero skill it uses Mana, while mana is constantly replenishing throughout the battle you want to be careful as you do receive a limited amount. If one of your Heroes dies during battle you are able to revive it using 100 Mana. Every battle is going to last two minutes. After one minute the speed at which you are accruing Mana will be doubled.

Winning a Duel

When it comes down to it our ultimate goal in a Duel is winning. So we want to be sure that you know how to win the battle as there is more than one way to achieve your victory.

There are two ways that you are able to win a duel. The first way you can win a battle is by completely annihilating your opponent. This means that you kill any troops or heroes that they have deployed into battle. The second way that you are able to win is by having more HP left at the end of the Duel then your opponent when time runs out. There will be times you are not able to completely kill off your opponent in the Duel when this happens whichever player has the most HP left will be declared the winner.

Picking your Heroes

Each of your Heroes has a different skill in the Duel Mode. Below we have a list of all the Heroes and their skills. The cost for Mana and the cooldown time for the skill is also listed. We have some basic tips on how to choose which Heroes you are going to use.

  1. Use a good mix of attack skills and defensive skills. This will give you a good balance of Heroes that are able to help protect you and then a good balance that will be able to strike back. Personally, I have found that having two protective skills and two attack skills has been beneficial.
  2. Watch the amount of Mana that is needed for skills. Using skills that all require a large amount of Mana will mean that you are able to use those skills less often.

To get further details about Skills while choosing in Battle you are able to click on the Hero and get a quick description.


Below you can see a breakdown of every Hero, their skills, and the Mana cost and cooldown time.

Choosing Your Troops

This is where it gets a little more tricky. Obviously, when you are choosing your troops you want to counter what your opponent is sending. There is a scout option available, however, when using this you can only see your opponent’s front line of troops. The rest is shrouded by a cloud of fog.

DuelSo you can set up your front line to counter them. However, beyond that is the question of what to send. If it is someone that you have played before you can always try to remember their previous set up as a lot of players tend to stick to what works for them. However, if you are completely in the dark sending a good combination of troops may be your best bet.

This is also where the Heroes that are able to deploy troops as their skills may come in use. Having an even mix will mean that you have troops that are able to counter what is hiding behind the fog. In addition, if you have been able to unlock the later chapters be sure to experiment with the special troop types. At this point, a lot of troop selection is going to be done by trial and error.

Another thing that is important to note about choosing your troops is that you only have 20 units available to you. When you are choosing your troops you will see a number in the upper left-hand corner. This indicates how many points that troop type will take from your 20 counts. So choose wisely as you are limited in the number of troops that you are able to utilize.



You are able to earn rewards from Duel as well. In every battle, you fight you have rewards sent to your game mailbox. With losses, you can even earn rewards. While the rewards may seem small if you are battling multiple times in the hour that enlistment is available the rewards can quickly add up. Below you can see an example of a Victory and Defeat Reward. These Rewards must be claimed from your notices.

Duel RewardsDuel Rewards

In addition to the rewards, you receive just for battling Duel runs on seasons. Your ranking at the end of the season will determine how many War Coins you are able to earn. With the number of items, you are able to get in the War Coin Shop currently having a higher ranking will help to give you a nice boost in War Coins so that you are able to purchase different items there.

Community Tips

We talked to some people in the community to see what works best for them. While different things may work for different people hearing what other people are doing can sometimes help us to know what to try ourselves that may work.

I just go in hoping I pick the right troops. Lol with it being real-time vs both opponents basically wait til last minute to throw in troops hoping to be able to tell what the other is using first.



Usually certain heroes pair with others well. I upgraded Torrs, Hakkon, and Freydis because I like my frosty dragons. But I’m also not a regular player so not saying it’s best strategy.



This is a brand new game mode. All of us are still figuring it out. While you can try what others are doing it may not work as effectively for you. Be willing to use trial and error and see what works best for you. And remember in the end to have fun!


The Battle has begun! Are you ready to duel your way to victory? We would love to hear about your victories and losses. What has worked for you and what has been a total flop? Let us know what tips you have for Duel mode in the comments below and we will add them to the rest of our community tips for everyone to be able to engage with.



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