When A Player Passes: A Memorial

A memorial for those who have touched our game, our hearts, and have left.

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My darling Coconuts…

Here in the gaming community, we make friends and we make a family; sometimes out of perfect strangers, and people with whom we will never meet. We develop trust, feelings, and relationships with these people in which we interact with on a daily basis.

Since we don’t actually look at one another in the eyes, sometimes it is easier to bond and be more open with these people which we may not ever meet. In some ironic twist, we may become closer to these people than those with whom we interact with in person. We look forward to seeing their screen name pop up in community chats, we watch their empires grow. We check in with one another often and offer strength when times are bad, and celebrate when times are good.

So when a player quits gaming, it can be devastating to the community around them; however, many take solace knowing that they can still reach out to that person on a messaging platform and knowing that the person they are missing is still out there, making healthy choices and bettering their life. If a player just quits that particular game and goes to another, many of their peers will move with them. That is how close we are to one another; that we would give up the platform in which we met for another if only to keep the same people around us.

However, when a player dies, it creates a void in the community. Some of us may never know how they died; most of us don’t have the option to attend the funeral or reach out to their loved ones…and while we would gladly set ourselves on fire for that person to be warm and with us again, that person is no longer available for us to reach out to–in any way or form.

When a player passes, we all feel it, no matter if we were adversaries from the platform in which we play or casual acquaintances. Whether we are bystanders, watching their kingdom come together in a loving tribute, or whether that person was near and dear to us, personally. We can all take strength in knowing that they will not be forgotten by those around them and that whatever pain, illness, or stress that was present in their life, is no longer plaguing them; and if you are of the belief, that they are now in a better place.

Here at Iron Throne Elite, we create a memorial for those who have graced our paths and have left us a little bit better than before we met, even beyond their limited time with us.

Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over.

    —Jim Morrison

Apollo1 7-28-19 Kingdom 17

“Apollo was the type of person that wanted to make sure everyone was thought of while decisions were made. He didn’t want the little people to be forgotten or like they didn’t have a voice. He wanted things to be equal for all people…Very kindhearted player and thoughtful. Funny, and stood up for what he believed in. I had the honor to make him an r4…He was and is a great man and I’m glad I got to know him. Forever loved by all who knew him.” –DeathWish/Hollow

Apollo…has passed away today at 12:23. He’d like to say thank you to everyone that spoken or played in any games.” Karen, Apollo’s wife.

If you know of a player who has passed and wish to have us place them within the memorial, please contact the Iron Throne Elite team.

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