Maximizing Your Time at the Blood Moon

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Players from all Kingdoms descend upon the Blood Moon to battle and collect rewards. Porting into the Blood Moon can be overwhelming. Today we will discuss some best practices to maximize your time and profits.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Purchase Advanced Ports (and March Speed Ups) from the Alliance Shop before you port into Blood Moon. Once you are there you cannot see the Alliance tab, so if you run out you’ll be stuck using gold!
  2. Don’t buy a port with gold if you don’t have a chunk of time to devote to Blood Moon. Just porting over and sitting will cost you 5k!
  3. Time your activities with the events in both Kingdoms. Always check which events are running at home and complete those before you port over for your four-hour warrant. It may even behoove you to port back and forth (if you have the gold for another Blood Moon port) to catch events such as World Infernos at home.
  4. Try and complete every event in Blood Moon. Some may not be realistic depending on your size, such as the Bloody Strongholds, but do your best! The rewards are much greater there than usual.
  5. For the best chance at farming Chaotic Strongholds and Monsters, drink some coffee and take the night shift. Especially the first night when it opens, there will be significantly fewer people fighting for the resources.
  6. Don’t send marches to Chaotics and Monsters far away (although you may be on auto-hunt so that could be unavoidable). Stock up on ports before you enter, and move to your targets. There is so much competition you won’t get many if you’re marching for 5 minutes.
  7. Test your set-up…but don’t give away too many points. Be realistic. If you have a large number of troops and want to try taking a hit do it! However, don’t just un-shield to taunt the whales and then lose points for your Kingdom. Remember, whoever wins get a couple of days of glorious farming in peace.
  8. Speaking of farming in peace…work with your Kingdom! This is a Kingdom event, and the winner gets the advantage of farming with a shield on for a couple of days after the competition closes.
  9. Settle for smaller. The higher level Chaotic Strongholds are in high demand. Keep in mind that the sub 30 ones also have double the rewards. It won’t be as much as the higher level ones, but you may end up with more in the end because you won’t be fighting as many people for them.
  10. Make some new friends, and visit with old ones. This game is as much about community as it is about the battle. Blood Moon offers the opportunity to visit with your friends from the Elite LINE room, as well and make some new friends…or enemies.

Blood Moon can be highly advantageous to help you grow and learn to battle. Make sure to take advantage of your time there to the fullest! Do you have any tips or tricks for Blood Moon? Let us know in the comments below, on Discord or on Line.

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