Maximizing Your Attack Power

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Whether you’re attacking another Castle in PvP, Battle Royale, Golden Moon, Death Match or Arena optimizing your attack is key. Today we take a look at how to best combine elements of attack to get the best hits possible.


Research is essential. Do your diligence in deciding what research will give you the best boosts for your attack. Many people complete the entire Battle tree before moving onto Troop Training or Hero Training. However, the silver costs can get extreme. Take a look at the cost/benefit analysis at whatever point you are in the game. Can you get more attack stats by doing 3-4 Troop Training over one Battle? Or visa versa. Don’t just aimlessly research. Get the most out of your resources and speed ups.

One research tree, although expensive, is excellent for increasing your attack potential. The Hero Training tree has the research for the Deployment Deputy. Why is this important? By the time you have finished this tree, your Deployment Deputy will carry 50% of their boosts going into battle. Additionally this tree has attack and debuff research. However, it is silver intensive.

Gear and Attacking

Good Gear is essential.  Don’t get hung up on the new gear sets if you don’t have highly enhanced pieces. For low-mid level players, several strong sets of Conqueror, Destroyer and Dominator can still pay off in spades. The new sets must be highly enhanced to equal +15 older ones. Compare your gear sets. Which has the higher stats for each troop type?

Obviously highly enhanced sets of Slaughter, Outcry, Agility and Majestic are the most favorable. One thing to keep in mind about Majestic. Many players just use it for defense. But look at the stats of a double maxed set (scale this for you gear, since most will not have this so highly enhanced;

Set Troop Attack Troop HP Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Enemy Troop HP Debuff Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff
Main Hero Majestic +15 360% 189% 4,471.2% 693% 693% 150%
Deputy Majestic +15 180% 94.5% 2,235.6% 346.2% 346.2% 75%
Total Gear Stats 540% 283.50% 6,706.80% 1,039.20% 1,039.20% 225%

Majestic can be used to debuff your opponent in defense AND especially in attack. Let’s take a look at this in a rally scenario.

Scenario: There is a large castle you and your alliance want to burn. It’s unshielded and looking juicy.

Set-up: The lead attacker sets with Majestic/Majestic (or Majestic/other highly enhanced set if not as much debuff is needed). This will help debuff the defender’s stats. The fillers then need to send one troop type along with more maxed set Heroes. This adds the punch.

Always make sure your fillers send their Hero (and that it corresponds to your desired fill)! This adds a significant boost to your rally.

Additional Tips

  • Use your boosts! Attacks will highly benefit from these.
  • In Alliance Deathmatch take advantage of the Rally Boost, even if you’re the last one standing. It gives an extra kick to your attack and you are only losing by a small margin, can make the win.
  • Get your VIP as high as possible.
  • Enhance your buildings; This is new in the V3.3.0 update. We will discuss this in more depth in the future, but combat stats can now be enhanced by using Orb of Trial.
  • If possible, be sure to scout. If the player has T2, make sure you have your debuff rings on! Also, if they are heavy in one troop type, take advantage of the leveraging system. This also coming into play during a longer zeroing. As the player becomes offset in one troop type, change what you are hitting with.

Causing a big burn is many player’s goal in Iron Throne. Utilize the game mechanics to maximize your attack!

Do you have tips and tricks for Offensive Combat? Let us know in the comments below.

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