Maximize the Power of Your Guard Deputy

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No longer does your Guard Captain have to defend your Castle alone. A Guard Deputy can now be hired to act as the right-hand man, and add his/her boosts to the mix.

Where do I hire my Guard Deputy?

The Guard Deputy must be researched in the Hero Training Tree. After an initial chunk of research, you can then hire both the Guard Deputy and the Deployment Deputy. This research takes a significant amount of silver, so plan accordingly.

How do I equip my Guard Deputy?

The Guard Deputy is appointed just like your Guard Captain. Once you appoint it, you will see the Hero in a little box under the GC. Additional future Deputies will be available for hire, but currently you can hire only one.

How can I make my Deputy stronger?

There is additional research within the Hero Training Tree to increase the boosts for your Deputy. There are three nodes. All combined, the Deputy has the potential to add 50% of their stats to your Defense. Node 1 can be researched at C26, Node 2 and C28 and Node 3 at C30. The nodes below add to 40%, and the initial hire of your Deputy gives a base 10% of stats.

What should my Guard Captain and Guard Deputy Wear?

This is the most commonly asked question. It depends on the reason for the battle, and your available gear.

For example, if you’re using a two type offset for battles in the “real world”, you will want your Deputy to have gear for your second troop type. Alternately, if you have a strong Dark Lord and Majestic sets, those are a good choice as well.

However in ADM, the troops are provided for you and using offset gear may not be the best choice. A mixed Deputy in the absence of Dark Lord or Majestic works well.

Put your strongest Gear set on your Guard Captain, and your second best on the Deputy. A good choice is a nice enhanced Dark Lord or Majestic set. In the absence of these, play around with your gear to see the best combination. Golden Moon is a great place to test your Gear set up. You can attack each other within Alliance, so take a strong friend in with you and do some tests. Note that you cannot heal in Golden Moon, so it will be necessary to do these tests in two visits in order for them to be accurate.

One example of a Dark Lord/Mixed Gear Setup is shown below. The Deputy in this scenario has a 40.2% boost, so closing in on the maximum. You can check your combined stats in the Appointment screen (also shown below).


More Sample Setups

Below are a few Sample Setups for your Guard Captain/Guard Deputy. Everyone will be different due to research level, gear and enhancements!

Maxed Majestic with Majestic

Set Troop Attack Troop HP Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Enemy Troop HP Debuff Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff
Main Hero Majestic +15 360% 189% 4,471.2% 693% 693% 150%
Deputy Majestic +15 180% 94.5% 2,235.6% 346.2% 346.2% 75%
Total Gear Stats 540% 283.50% 6,706.80% 1,039.20% 1,039.20% 225%

Majestic/Dark Lord with 10% Deputy

Sets Troop Attack Troop HP Troop Def Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Enemy Troop HP Debuff Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff
Main Hero Majestic Base Set 120% 48% 0% 908.40% 261% 261% 50%
Deputy Dark Lord Base Set (10%) 89.6% 25.6% 25.6% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Total Gear Stats 209.6% 73.6% 73.60 908.40% 261% 261% 50%

Hiring a Guard Deputy, although heavy on RSS (especially silver), can significantly help bolster your Defense. Be sure to set aside Silver and Speeds for these researches. Do you have any tips or comments? Let us know below!













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