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Get the most out of every day in Iron Throne!

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Iron Throne offers enough rewards, prizes, and free items on a daily basis that a solid action plan for your day is necessary to get every last bite of the goodies. What should you concentrate on, and in what order? Let’s take a look.

Event Center

Upon logging in, check in at the Event Center. Collect your daily check-in gift, and take a look at what quests are available for any other events running in this tab. If you have any uncompleted for the day, try to kill two birds with one stone and align finishing them with Solo and Inferno Events.


Next, wander down to the Quests tab at the bottom of the screen. Collect Daily and Alliance Quests, and get working on VIP Daily. Since the VIP daily quests don’t change, create a solid daily routine that works for you to complete these on the regular.

Alliance Gifts and Alliance Check-In

Be sure to collect all gifts in a timely manner, otherwise they’ll expire, and continue collecting them throughout the day. Remember also to collect the Alliance Daily log-in gifts as soon as 20 members have logged in for the day.

Daily Free Package

Don’t forget to grab this! The Free Daily package is in the packs screen (you may have to scroll down a bit).

Daily Wishes and Merchant

Hit these up early, as they also complete VIP Daily Quests.

Town Mode

Before starting any events, or Monster hunting, set your Town Buffs. Choose buffs that will benefit you the most for your planned day, and max those out (or get them as high as you can if you’re low on silver). Many players set these for maximum Monster buffs, but if you’re looking at a day of researching or building, consider focusing on those buffs instead. Also, spend some time exploring Town Mode for the chests scattered about that contain prizes.

Dimensional Battle

As soon as you are able to in the game, complete the Challenge Mode in Dimensional Battle. Then collect the rewards daily for silver. Moving directly from Town reward collection to Dimensional reward collection will help you not to forget to grab these prizes daily.


Now that you have collected all possible goodies at your first log-in of the day, focus on events. Align your building/researching/monster hunting, etc. with these. It’s easy to plan, as you can see the upcoming event in the Events screen. Don’t try to rank in every event — that’s a sure way to run out of RSS, Speed Ups and AP. Instead, hit tier 3 and move on with your day.

Deathmatch and Battle Royale

Hone your skills and be sure to join Team/Alliance Deathmatch and Battle Royale during the day. There are ample prizes available several times daily from these modes.

Iron Throne provides daily free content unparalleled by any other game currently available. Do you have any tips to accumulate even more daily prizes? Let us know in the comments below.

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