Max It Out: Buying Roadmap for a Beast Account

What would you do with unlimited resources?

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Here at Iron Throne Elite, we have spent a lot of time over the past year or two talking about grinding and growing on a budget. Iron Throne is fantastic by making the game attainable to every type of spender. However, what would you do if you had a large budget?

There are plenty of players that fall into this category, in fact, I’ve had multiple players approach me and say “Aly, I want to play Iron Throne. What do I need to buy to smash, I don’t care about money?” So today we discuss exactly what you need, without spending money randomly and superfluously.

initial Purchases

We aren’t going to discuss specific packs today, as they change as time goes on within the game, but let’s discuss in general what you need to start your build. There are several sets to purchase initially on an economic end;

  • Glorious (Construction)
  • Sagacious (Research)
  • Tactician’s Training (Training)
  • Collectors (Gathering): Note, this isn’t for gathering in the “real world” most likely but rather for ADM points
  • Ironsmith Set (Crafting)
  • Second Building Queue

Now, in this “building of a beast” world, money is no object. Therefore, you may choose to buy enough of these set packs to max all the gear sets out at +15. By the same token, money is no object, so purchasing speedups may be the way you choose to go.

Most likely the packs that come along with these sets will give enough RSS and Speed Ups to get you rolling on your build, but if not grab some more!

Building Focus

Now it’s time to build. This category is easy enough; just start clicking (and buying) until you have a maxed out Castle. The builds get very resource heavy past C30, so you may want to wait until you have VVIP/SVIP for the 2 for 1 packs to continue past that point. Pick up some building and research speed increases in the packs to make it go a bit quicker.

Research Focus

Although you’re building a maxed account, there are several research nodes you want to focus on first so that you can get out there and start smashing.

  • Craft: For gear enhancement and set bonus
  • City: For economic speed boosts and training boosts
  • Battle: For general combat boosts
  • Battle II (at Academy 33): For higher combat boosts
  • March Speed: Smash quicker!
  • Hero Training: For Guard and Deputy
  • Troop Training: For Combat boosts
  • Troop Training II: T7 Combat boosts

Heroes, Lord Level, and VIP


You are going to want multiple Heroes. A minimum of two Heroes for each troop type, and one for each Appointment (minimum 13 Heroes).  There are Heroes unlocked through merely building the account, but if it comes time to fight and you need more, you may have to buy a few. Once you have them, they need to be leveled. The maximum level is 60; get them all up to that level.

Lord Level

As Lord Level dictates how many skill points you get, boost this up as well. There are strong combat boosts at the end of the tree, that will give additional power to attacks. You can buy packs for this, or use straight Gold. Focus on Lord Level, then VIP in terms of utilizing gold.


At this point, you should still have plenty of gold from all the packs to boost VIP. VIP is the best use of your gold accumulation after Lord Level.

Equipment Focus

Now it’s time to strap on some War Gear. If you didn’t have enough gold for VIP before… you will shortly…

It takes 20 pieces each gold gear piece to max them at level 15, and you want two of each set, save Dark Lord (just one of these is fine). What does that mean? For a player that wants to max out immediately, it means a lot of gear packs… here’s what to focus your purchases on;

  • Dark Lord: One (1)  +15 Set
  • Slaughter: Two (2) +15 Sets
  • Outcry: Two (2) +15 Sets
  • Agility: Two (2) +15 Sets
  • Majestic: Two (2) +15 Sets

Why two? One for each, main attack Hero and Deployment Deputy. This also explains why you need so many Heroes.


Once the build is done, it’s time to train. There are several different types of troop builds, but one thing you need for sure is plenty of T6 and T7. A strong T3 meatshield (one type, pick one…) is needed as well. You need hundreds of millions of troops. Start clicking!

Other Things to buy

  • Boosts for Battle
  • March Speed Ups and Rallying Winged Boosts
  • Instant Deploys
  • Training Boosts

Event Focus

Now you have a beast of an account, what to do with it? On top of day to day PvP within your Kingdom, there are several events to be sure and attend;

  • Alliance Deathmatch: Daily every 6 hours, and a monthly Tournament
  • Domination: Monthly
  • BloodMoon: Monthly
  • Invasion: Invade other Kingdoms every weekend

Now it’s time to take this baby for a drive. How best to attack and defend? That’s a story for next week…but test your limits. Don’t be afraid to get out there and attack. The best way to learn is through trial and error.

Do you have any questions or comments about building an effective maxed account? Let us know in the comments below!


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