Majestic Gear

Breaking Down the Way Certain Buffs/Debuffs Work

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Majestic Gear

Majestic Gear is here and Princess Kat breaks down some of the new bonuses granted from the new levels. It’s now a Level 40 gear that can be enhanced to +20.

Around level 9 – 10 Majestic Set starts to outperform the Guardian Set. Additionally, you start to see Troop Attack Bonus with the Majestic Set. The Guardian’s bonuses pertain more to Castle Defense with its Debuffs.

The Majestic Set’s debuffs will always apply as long as you’re attacking. Also, the Troop Attack Bonus applies to all troops types simultaneously. Meaning if you’re an attacker and you have 500% Infantry, Archer, and Cavalry Attack with a Troop Attack of 1000%, that 1000% will add to each Troop at the same time. Meaning your Infantry, Archer, and Cavalry will each have a 1500% attack bonus.

Another feature is Majestic Set will be a direct counter to the Dark Lord set. The Dark Lord set has great Rally bonuses whereas the Majestic Set is providing Rally Debuffs.

Princess Kat breaks down some of the Majestic Set’s bonuses, debuffs, and enhancements in her video more specifically so make sure to watch the video all the way through!

What are your thoughts on the new Levels and Enhancements of this powerful set? It seems to offer great bonuses for attack and defense, so will this become a solid set for a majority of your needs? Do you plan to enhance your Majestic Set to get the best benefits?

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