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Methods to destroy your opponent, with what you have available

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Last week we discussed how to build a large (and possibly maxed) account. This week we are going to take a look at how to effectively utilize what you have when attacking other players. Although geared towards accounts with high research and maxed gears, there will be a takeaway for all types of accounts. So how do you use what you have to smash your opponent effectively?

Scouts and Reading Reports

Currently, this is one of the biggest requirements in the game. Why? Because effective defenders rely on both single troop type and combinations of different Gear. If you can’t get a scout, sometimes this requires a YOLO hit to get a report.

Once you’ve got a report or a scout, you can basically tell exactly what your opponent is wearing by their stats. Where to see this? Scroll down right below the first section. On a scout, it will just show you their stats. If it’s a hit, it will show you your stats, as compared to your opponent. Your sole focus was to get a report to see what they have on.

Countering Reports

Once you’ve deduced what your opponent has under their belt, it’s time to craft your attack. What are they wearing? What troops do they have (don’t forget troop type)? Are they heavy in one type? Many people use Archers to defend. If this is the case you want to send Cavalry to hit them. Always remember the leveraging.

Troop Interactions

You need to really understand what each set does when attacking and defending. If you’re unsure what the stats are telling you, head to the Forge. The Set Codex gives a drop-down for each Equipment set showing the stats for each grade. Keep in mind, however, those are just the unenhanced stats, but it can give you an idea of what you’re looking at, especially if you’re new to the game.

Crafting an appropriate attack may take time. It’s not always as easy as queuing up your strongest attack set and hitting send.

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. The Defender is wearing double Majestic: Rally/Solo with Troop Type main and Majestic Deputy
  2. The Defender is one troop type (Archer), with Archer Gear: Rally/Solo with Cavalry main and Majestic Deputy. Even better you could also send Double Majestic with a Cavalry counter troop.

Rally Techniques

One highly effective way to hurt an opponent is a good rally. Many Alliances just set and people fill willy nilly. DON’T do that! Keep in mind that the fillers’ Heroes add to the rally. That includes what they are wearing.

The rally is influenced by the number of fillers and their gear. The top 5 strongest fillers contribute 10% of their Equipment Power. If everyone taps an increased march size and the rally fills with only a few people it’s going to be weaker then if everyone sends a smaller amount of troops so more Heroes can fit. Filling the rally is great, but it’s not the end-all.

Every person that fills needs to fill the appropriately dressed Heroes AS WELL as the correct troops. Troops aren’t the only thing to consider. Heroes’ Equipment adds stats to the rally, and unless you know exactly who is the strongest online ahead of time, it’s better to hedge and get more players in.

Make sure that your fillers are clothed appropriately. Fillers follow your Lead’s instructions! If they ask for Majestic/Majestic Heroes, don’t send random Archer/Dark Lord just to fill the rally.

Additionally, the highest leveraged troop tier possible needs to be sent to really pack a punch. If you can fill all T7 that’s best (although probably too pricey for everyone), alternately make sure you have full T6 fill.

Attacking Checklist

So let’s simplify this a bit with a checklist:

  • Get a scout and if possible, know what they’re wearing.
  • Make sure the Lead is in the appropriate equipment for countering the player you are hitting.
  • Make sure all fillers send the appropriate Heroes/Equipment.
  • Lead boost Rally Size and add buffs. Fillers DO NOT boost march size. If there are many players online, you may even have to send less than your march size.
  • Set Rally with the appropriate troops and Heroes
  • Fill Fast! Many players will bubble quickly when there’s a rally set on them! You need to be prepared to fill as soon as the rally is set.
  • Launch as soon as the Rally is filled. Use your instant Rally and Rally Speed Ups.

More Tips

  • Use your boosts! Attacks will highly benefit from these.
  • In Alliance Deathmatch take advantage of the Rally Boost, even if you’re the last one standing. It gives an extra kick to your attack and you are only losing by a small margin, can make the win.
  • Have a high Lord level for maximum skilling.
  • Get your VIP as high as possible.

Attacking is more complex in Iron Throne than in some other games. It’s part of what makes the game engaging and fun. Take your time to craft effective attacks, especially against larger/stronger players. As tempting as it is to go all in 5 seconds after seeing a shield drop, sit back and think for a moment.

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