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One of the things we love about Iron Throne is that the gameplay is rich with a story that is interwoven throughout. Everything we do is part of the story, and we are constantly learning more as we go. This makes Iron Throne special and unique. As you explore the game, you find pieces of the story everywhere. Even our heroes have their own unique stories!

Sometimes as we build and progress, it is easy to hit skip on the story part and miss some unique parts of the storyline. Here, we will pull parts of the story so as you get the time, you can come back and reimmerse yourself in the unique story of Iron Throne. We will start with the stories of our Heroes.

Lauren, as told by Cinder…

Lauren is our Hero that we meet in the Town Mode of Iron Throne. Just like all of the other Heroes, she has her own unique story.

Meet Lauren:

“My Lord, the world still suffers from Chaos. Please save your people from the clutches of Evil.”


Lauren wandered down the streets of the Town. The young Captain faithfully served the townsfolk day in and day out, and would continue to do so until Infidus was gone.  As she wandered, she looked around and was reminded of her youth in many ways. She saw the young children playing by the fountain, the farmers in their fields, and she was taken back to another time.

Long Time Ago…

…Young Lauren ran down the street, carefree and ready to spend time with her closest friend, Rose. Born to peasants, she lived a hard life, but she was loved and was used to working hard to help her parents. This time of freedom to visit friends was rare, and she was excited to spend some time talking about the new boy who had just moved to town with her best friend. As she ran down the street, she had no idea what was coming.

Lauren arrived at the center of town and ran towards Rose’s home. She noticed smoke outside the town walls, but thought it nothing more then the farmers preparing the fields for the next round of crops. As she arrived at her friend’s, home she knocked on the door. The door was opened by fifteen-year-old Rose, excited to spend the day with Lauren.

Rose exited the house and the girls ran to the woods to the creek that was at the edge of the town. There, they shed their stockings and shoes and tied up their skirts so they could wander through the water to the little island that sat at the center and share their lunches while they let their feet kick in the water.

The girls had recently heard the stories of the dangers that were outside the town, but in their town they had always been safe. So they sat at the edge as the creek babbled by and chattered about their plans for the coming days without a care in the world, as they ate their bread and slices of ham.

The girls finished their lunches and they wandered through the creek, exploring as if they were mere children again. They giggled about the new boy that had moved to town and gossiped about the girls who seemed to be falling all over him to get his attention. Lauren had a crush on him, but she would never let on to the fact, as she found the girls that pleaded for his attention to be ridiculous twits.

As the girls wandered, lost in chatter and time, they failed to see the ominous smoke growing thicker and the sun fading in the sky. Lauren, realizing that it had been growing darker, exclaimed to Rose that they should hurry home. The girls ran back to where they had entered the creek and restored their stockings and shoes, adjusting their skirts before flying through the forest, racing each other to the edge.

Under Attack

Lauren tripped and fell and Rose, already ahead, did not notice. She continued to run, determined to win the race and arrive back at the edge of town first. As Lauren brushed herself off, she paused long enough to look at the sky. She saw ash falling that appeared as snow and knew that the smoke had not been from farmers clearing the field.

Lauren yelled for Rose, begging her to stop, but Rose was too far ahead. Lauren picked up her skirts and began to run frantically through the forest, determined to catch Rose before she reached the town’s edge. She spotted Rose ahead, and cried out. Rose glanced over her shoulder as she reached the edge and stepped into the town, a victorious grin on her face. Lauren ran to catch up and pull her back into the forest, but as she neared she heard sickening screams.

The fires had invaded the town and the Chaotic Army had arrived. Lauren saw Rose standing still, shell-shocked, as she looked out over their hometown. Lauren, from the edge of the forest, called her name, begging her to rejoin her. However, Rose stood glued to the spot. Lauren, determined to see her friend safe, crept out towards Rose, hoping she would not be spotted before they could retreat to safety.

With no way to defend themselves, the girls were easy targets. As Lauren neared where Rose stood, ready to pull her back into the forest, she saw a Chaotic Soldier. She grabbed Rose’s hand and tugged her towards the tree line but Rose stood as still as a tree and would not move. The Chaotic Soldier turned and spotted the girls, Lauren knowing they had no time to lose slapped Rose.

Rose fell to her knees and began to scream and the Chaotic Soldier began to move towards them. Lauren, feeling hopeless, tugged at Rose’s hand. Rose was immovable, a statue. The Chaotic Soldier was bearing down and closing in. Lauren gave another tug and screamed for Rose to move. Rose got up, and the girls began to flee towards the forest to lose themselves in the trees. Lauren stepped into the forest, and as she did, she felt Rose’s hand tearing loose from hers.

Lauren glanced back in time to see the killing blow as the soldier struck Rose down. Tears stung her eyes, but she knew she must continue to move before she, too, suffered the same fate. Lauren began to weave her way through the forest towards her home, hoping beyond hope that she would find her family safe. She could hear the Chaotic Soldier crashing through the trees behind her, and dared not slow down.

Lauren Finds Her Family

Lauren reached the edge of the forest near her home. She could see that the area in which she lived was nothing but ashes and fire. Stumbling to the foundation where her home once stood, she felt lost and without hope. Was there anyone in the town who would survive this invasion?

Lauren stumbled towards the cellar beneath her home in hopes that she could hide there. It was covered by the beams that had fallen from the ceiling of the home. She knelt down and, with great effort, lifted them and opened the hatch. With no light, she crept down the stairs to hide in the darkness between the potatoes and the onions. As she headed in that direction, she found herself tripping over the bodies of her family. Hopeful, she knelt down and found herself in something sticky. Unable to see, she shook the body of her mother. Lauren realized suddenly that she was kneeling in blood. The Chaotic Army had been here, and murdered her family, leaving their bodies in the cellar as the house burned down around them.

Lauren could not stay here. She felt nauseated and lost as she realized she was alone. She stumbled back up the stairs, believing herself to be safe as the Chaotic Army had already been here. In the distance, she saw horses riding towards her, and began to run frantically once again. As tears filled her eyes and hope left her soul, she found it hard to see where she ran. Her hair whipped in the wind, making it even more difficult, Lauren could hear the horses gaining on her, and her final thought before she tripped over the fallen debris and lost consciousness was that this was the end…

Back to Present Day…

Lauren looked over the town. She remembered waking up in the Lord’s army encampment, one of the few from the town saved from the Chaotic Army. The pain that followed was dealt with through hard work, determination, and discipline as she pledged her life to the Lord who saved her. She rose through the ranks to Captain and would continue to serve the Lord until the world was rid of Infidus, or until she breathed her last breath. Under her watch, she would do her best to be sure that the town did not have to suffer that fate again.

Lauren’s Story Abridged (As Told by Iron Throne)

As a faithful captain, Lauren has served the Lord in the castle ever since it was restored by the Lord’s ancient power. She was born to peasants, but her fate completely changed the day the Chaotic Army arrived in her hometown. Lauren was saved by Lord’s army, but most of the villagers weren’t. On that day as a fifteen-year-old girl, Lauren vowed to follow the Lord. With her strong will and many years of hard work, she was promoted to the Lord’s Captain.

One of her duties as a Lord’s deputy is taking care of townsfolk. She’s proven herself a great Captain by solving issues in the town both large and small. She firmly believes that someday, the shadow of Infidus will be forever dispelled from this land. Until that day comes, she continues to serve the Lord and protect his people.

Iron Throne is rich with the stories of our heroes and the story of Infidus. Whose story do you want to hear next?

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