January Player Tips and Tricks

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There are many many players in Iron Throne, and almost everyone has their way of succeeding in events and competition. This month we sit down to look at your best tips and tricks for Alliance Deathmatch, Golden Moon and Battle Royale.

Battle Royale

“Play like a tiger in the beginning, and like a crocodile at the end. In understandable words;

  • Send ONLY enough Cav to every low-level City you see, and speed up a bit if needed to steal from neighbors.
  • As soon as you have T3 troops, find an inactive-ish white named noob, and burn them with a full speed march.
  • Whenever able, attack weak people with separate Infantry, Cavalry and Archer march to burn three times at once. I speed up 1-2 times at march and 2-3 times on the way back.
  • Be the first one to get T6. If you do that, try and burn people with higher/same health as you, and start from the ones with higher points (better color), because they are the potential threat.
  • After getting a final reward, don’t attack unnecessarily. Only observe and steal final blows to get your buff. If you get buff, attack half army on your rivals. Sniping is better than porting to.
  • Best sniping way from far away (save speeds). Speed fast to the enemy and use recall all to recall in 3 seconds.”

“Die 2 times quickly, then play a 3rd as intended for more War Coins”

“Hit those low-level Cities quick and early. Knockdown people with similar unlock levels and health. If you have someone who you might not bear, keep an eagle eye on them and backdoor when they march on others.”

Golden Moon

“Don’t forget your Guard Captain!”

“Don’t forget skills and boosts, and get a Sanctuary”

“March size and tiers make a difference if you have unlocked the research. Even against leverage to a certain extent when holding a Sanctuary.”

“Remember that you can’t add boosts or change your Hero once you’re in the Golden Moon without abandoning.”

“Quickly refill your Sanctuary after you win the battle so that it’s full, and make sure you have strong Heroes inside.”

“Golden Moon is good for testing, but remember that you cannot heal, so if you’re testing different setups you will have to Abandon and then go back in an hour to make it an equivalent test.”

Alliance Deathmatch

“Don’t forget your Guard Captain!”

“Work as a team, always check boosts, guard, captain and lord skills. Let your biggest alliance member jump on the big RSS tiles, along with monster killing, to get their points up. Smaller players gather and post cords of the other team’s members. Let the biggest get the kill boost (the game is about winning, not which team member gets the most points). Have fun!”

“Make sure before enlisting to grab Town Mode boosts”

“Communication with your team! We find it super helpful to be on a call when playing, as the chat box is distracting and moves so quickly.”

“If you get shielded, post cords of other enemies from the lowest power, and post other pertinent cords that will help your team. Also, post cords to teammates who are in trouble.”

“If possible, do not send all your troops in one march. It’s much more efficient to send a march each of Infantry, Archer and Cavalry. Keep Siege home. You will get three bars down as opposed to one, and still have some troops left home to defend. Obviously, some players will require a bigger march and may need some troops, but players much lower than you do not need all your troops at once.”

“Go for the Black Unicorns. Everyone goes for the trolls first, and the unicorns are only just slightly lower in points and closer to you.”

The battlegrounds above are rife with challenge and danger. Do you have more tips and tricks for the community? Let us know in the comments below!

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