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We're Looking for More Talented Gamefluencers to Join Our Team

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Iron Throne Elite is looking to expand our Gamefluencer team! We’re looking for talented individuals who have demonstrated an unrivaled passion for this game while creating a fun, positive, and supportive environment for the IT community. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to an expanding community through your articles (or video content), develop your own unique voice as a writer, all while working with an incredible team of people who specialize in providing the best content for the IT audience.

Ideal Candidate:

-Someone who has a following and is respected among the community

-Has a passion for and is currently helping other players

-Must have a sense of integrity and understand discretion and can keep sensitive information confidential

-The candidate must have an undying love for the game

-Remain committed to being a Gamefluencer despite any ups and downs in the game or in the community

-Invests some money on a monthly basis into the game/publisher in order to experience the full content of the publisher/game

-Be willing to attend meetings on a weekly and monthly basis to discuss article and content ideas and the overall state of the game

-Capable of checking their messages and emails at least once per day

-Show an ability of promptness and delivering on deadlines in order to publish articles in a relevant and timely manner

-Has previous writing experience, whether as a hobby, a passion or a professional*

-Capable of self-editing, proofreading and avoid/correct basic grammar mistakes*

*We work very closely with our Gamefluencers/Writers providing additional assistance and training to ensure the best quality content that benefits both the writer, audience, and publishers!

Here’s what some of our current Gamefluencers have to say about working with us:

“When I first joined the team I had never written an article in my life. My first couple of attempts were…interesting. However, with the support of my co-workers, I now have several hundred published articles. You’re not alone. Helping the player base, and watching them benefit from what you’ve written, is an amazing experience!” – xAlyKat, Iron Throne Gamefluencer

“I have been working in different Game Communities for almost 2 years now. When I started I had already been helping people with building accounts and helping current Gamefluencers with content for articles. Becoming a Gamefluencer myself meant that I got to expand my reach and my ability to help players within the gaming community.” Cinder, Iron Throne Gamefluencer

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Gamefluencer and working with us:

-You’ll be able to create content with and for your community, friends, guildmates, and support the game on a bigger level

-You will have a direct impact on the game and help support the health of the game

-A majority of our Gamefluencers started as community members who were asked daily by their peers about tips and advice on the game; you’ll be able to help them and other players by providing tips and information on a worldwide scale. We have an average of 3,500 players visit our site each month.

-You’ll be joining the only community source for Iron Thone Elite and work with fantastic writers who publish an average of 10 articles per month

If you’re interested in a wonderful opportunity to join a large community, email [email protected] with this information listed below:

  1. Put in Subject Line of the email: Inquiring about the Gamefluencer Position for Iron Throne Elite
  2. Briefly tell us: How do you currently help players in your community? What kind of impact do you have in the game and with players currently?
  3. Please include an article or word sample (500 words) on a particular feature or subject in Iron Throne that you’re confident in sharing your knowledge in. If you’re not sure what to write, think about a question that your peers may have that you can answer effectively.
  4. If you have previous experience writing for another website or you have given great advice to your team, friends, and/or guild, please share a link or screenshot with this email.
  5. Please include first name, last name, age, time zone, your Discord account, Line account, and your Skype (if it’s your preferred method for video chat).
  6. Lastly, what do you expect to get out of this position?

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