Iron Throne Elite 2019 Year in Review

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Iron Thrones Elite is dedicated to creating high quality useful and relevant content for all levels of players. While creating an incredibly fun, positive, and informative community through our social media.

We’ve had an amazing year of highlights including a huge increase in new users/players, a fantastic amount of sessions and pageviews with our player base, that stretched across more than 19 countries!

Iron Thrones Elite has shown us a consistent User base with over 75% New Visitors for 2019! Meaning, more and more new players are coming to our website to get a huge edge in Iron Thrones. Our most popular guides of the year showed us that the community appreciates a versatile set of knowledge as they read about various Heroes, defending your Citadel, utilizing your gear better, and understanding your game interface and where specific items are located!

We’re excited to challenge ourselves in becoming even bigger in 2020! We cannot wait to share our success with you in this New Year! Thank you for being apart of this success!

The Numbers

Guides Published

15,387 Users From Over 19 Countries!

Most Popular Countries Include USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany

Noobs vs Vets

New players love us!

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