Iron Throne Currencies Guide Part 1

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Within Iron Throne, we have multiple types of currencies that we are able to spend in-game. From the most basic of currencies such as Gold to War coins, knowing how to properly use these resources will enhance your ability to grow and help to decrease what you are spending.

Here we will cover the different currencies and some of the best ways to budget them and spend them. In addition, we will cover how to obtain them. There are so many different in-game currencies that this article has been split into two! Here we will cover some of the more basic currencies such as gold, AP, wishes, war coins, and ancient coins.


GoldWe will start with the most obvious currency, Gold. Gold can be used in many aspects of the game however, it is important that you use it correctly so you do not blow through it and are stuck grinding to get more gold.

Where can you get Gold?

  • Alliance Gifts
  • Alliance Daily Check-In
  • Clear Dimensional Void Normal Mode Challenges
  • Chronicles
  • Solo, Inferno and Alliance Events
  • Dragon above the Altar
  • Town Mode Guide Quests
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Resurrection of An Ancient City
  • Join the Greet An Elite Program and Be Rewarded!

There are a lot of different ways to obtain Gold and there are also a lot of different ways to spend it. You can use gold to buy resources, hero and lord XP, boosts, ports, March speed ups, and more. Most things in the game are able to be purchased with gold. So with this possibility what should you use your gold for?

Gold Priorities

  1. Construction Needs
    Once you get to higher level buildings you start to need compasses in order to continue to progress. These compasses are very difficult to obtain. We recommend that you begin saving gold early on so that you are able to have it available to purchase compasses when you do get to this point. One compass costs 1K gold, save and spend wisely with this in mind.
  2. Boosts
    Boosts are always needed for ADM/TDM, monster hunting, and more. Boosts can make the difference between being able to kill that Cerberus or not. Burning in the tournament or not. Be sure to check your VIP store for boosts first.
  3. Shields
    Keep yourself protected. Never spend so much gold that you do not have enough left for a shield. However, also recall that there are other ways to obtain shields so this is not priority one when it comes to gold.
  4. Resources, Speed Ups, Teleports, and more.
    All of those other items we recommend not using gold to buy unless absolutely necessary. There are so many other ways to get these items and those should be utilized first. However, if you do spend gold here be sure to check and see what the VIP store has for a discounted price.



Go to the temple and make a wish at the Wishing Well. You can receive resources such as silver, food, stone, ore, or wood and you can also wish for AP. Every day your wish count resets and the number of times you get to wish is dependent on the level of your temple. Once you run out of wishes you can also choose to spend gold to wish some more.


So what should you wish for? Let’s take a closer look.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

If you look at the number of different resources able to be obtained from the temple the amount is minimal. As you progress in the game it will not even put a dent in what you need. While the AP is not a huge amount it is your best choice in how to spend your wishes. By increasing your AP and using it in conjunction with events you will obtain more resources then you are able to form the temple. Build up your AP supply and it will go a long way.


APSpeaking of AP, we have included AP in this guide as a currency. AP has used such as killing those pesky monsters, attacking chaotic strongholds, attacking Defiled Strongholds, and filling rallies for Defiled Strongholds. AP is a huge need within the game and so you need to be able to work to get as much as possible.

Where can I find AP?

  • Alliance Gifts
  • VIP Daily Quests
  • Alliance Events
  • Town Mode Daily Quests
  • Resurrection of an Ancient City Castle 7
  • VIP Shop
  • First Monster Kill Reward 1-30

When Should I use my AP?

With all the uses of AP, how should you prioritize using it? Obviously, you want to be sure to have enough for those PVE purposes if needed. However, the rewards from monsters, chaotic strongholds, and defiled strongholds are needed as well.

Basically here you will want to be sure that you have your lord skilled for max AP and regeneration. So that you are gaining AP as fast as possible. However, when you do use your AP be sure that you are spending in conjunction with events. If there is a monster event going on then go out and hit Monsters. If there is a chaotic stronghold event going on then go out and hit chaotics. Be selective about what you are hitting based off of your needs.

For example, I am working towards being able to obtain Dark Lord gear. So I will want to go out and hit level 30 and above monsters in hopes of getting Cerberus’ to kill. Another example, I am running low on silver, I want to be sure to hit chaotic stronghold levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 in order to obtain final blow rewards of silver. By doing this at the same time as events as well you will optimize your rewards.

Finally, be sure to save AP for the Blood Moon War. The Blood Moon gives double the prizes and therefore you will get more use out of your AP on the Blood Moon then you would in your kingdom. This is also something else you should be saving your gold for.

War Coins

War CoinNext up we have war coins. War coins are relatively new to the game. While there are limited things that we are able to spend war coins on they are still very useful. There are a few places where you can obtain war coins.

Where can I obtain War Coins?

  • Battle Royale
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination

What should I spend my War Coins on?

First, let’s look at what you can buy in the War Coin Shop. Here you have three tabs, items are divided by how often you can purchase them.

  • Tab 1- you can purchase these items daily, however, you can only purchase three of each. This tab includes rare materials that are more difficult to find for crafting gear.
  • Tab 2- You can only purchase these items once a week and only one a week. These include the items you need to be able to craft special accessories. You can find out more about these accessories here.
  • Tab 3- these items you are able to purchase with war coins an unlimited number of times. It includes things like March speed ups and gathering boosts.

The priorities for how you spend war coins will be largely dependent on what you need. If you want the special accessories then you should focus your efforts here first due to the cost of war coins for these materials. If you are struggling to get rare crafting materials for your basic gear then you should spend your war coins in Tab 1. However, if the gear is not a concern this is the best place to be able to get your March speed ups and gathering boosts. So before you start spending make sure you know what you need and use these coins wisely.

Ancient Coins

Ancient CoinsAncient Coins can also be used in the Inn for the random cards. Random cards have three rare rewards that change each time. However, there are also a lot of other items you can that can help give an extra boost.

Where can I find Ancient Coins?

  • Chaotic Strongholds
  • Resurrection of An Ancient City Castle 2,3, 21

How Should I spend my Ancient Coins?

The main source of your ancient coins is going to be chaotic strongholds. However, when you go to spend these should you flip all of the cards or just flip until you get the rare rewards you need? Part of this is going to be based on personal preference and part based on how many ancient coins you have.

If you are low on ancient coins and AP it is best to flip until you get the Rare Rewards and then stop. However, if you have an abundance of ancient coins then you may want to flip all of the cards in order to get those extra little items that add up over time. In the end, if you are hitting chaotic strongholds on a regular basis then obtaining these will be no problem.

These are some of our very basic in-game currency for Iron Throne. However, we have more to come. We will be covering honor points and more in Part 2 so be sure to keep an eye out for that to come. How do you choose to spend your in-game currency? Let us know in the comments.



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