An Update is Coming

The Highlights of the Upcoming Iron Throne Update

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A massive Iron Throne update is on the Horizon. Are you ready? Just like the Winter in Game of Thrones, we know it is on the way but we do not know when (Update: Okay, now we know when but my reference still was valid until today). However, we do have some details to prepare you for the upcoming update. So I shall be here today with the who, what, when, where, and why, the Down and Dirty, the… okay, okay, I’m done, I am just going to talk about what you need to know and break it down. For full details make sure you check out the Iron Throne Forum

An Update is Coming

The Down and Dirty

So let’s get started! What is coming with this update and how does it affect us as players? While we have as many details as the rest of you we are still going to try to break it down and make predictions for how this will affect us as players. We will get into more details once the release is here and we have had time to tinker with the new features. This article is going to be broken down into four sections:

  1. Convenience Features
  2. Low Impact
  3. Medium Impact
  4. High Impact

We are going to break down the upcoming updates into our rating of how much we think they are going to affect us. So let’s get started before I put all of you or myself to sleep with my introduction. 

The Convenience Features

Some of the updates we will be seeing with the coming update are quite simply convenience features. These are things that will make our lives easier in Iron Throne but not necessarily have a huge impact or even a low impact. Some of these will be discussed within the other updates but we will quickly cover the other items we will be seeing. 

Convenience Features to be on the lookout for:

  1. The Research Function is being improved in that we will no longer have to exit Research to speed it up. Be careful with this! Even though it will allow you to research more quickly make sure you are still waiting for your Alliance Helps. 
  2. Anyone else forget to grab your free pack? They are now adding a little green dot on the gold icon to remind you to go grab your free pack. Which is great since the mention pet scrolls being in those. 
  3. An All tab is being added to the Gold Store- I like the images but if you want to see all the packs on one page then this will list them all but remove the images. 
  4. We will now be able to directly access our Lord Skill Preset settings from the castle view and World Map View. This will make it much easier and much quicker when we are looking to just do a quick skills change. 
  5. A new castle skin is being added, we all love our castle skins and the ability to make our castles look unique. This one should be fun as well so be on the lookout for it. However, it will not unlock until you reach Citadel level 38. 
  6. Lord Level skills improvement, you know how when you are skilling your lord you can only add one point at a time? Well, this is changing, there will now be a button that allows us to add multiple points at a time making the Lord skilling go much quicker then it has in the past. Thank the heavens because those skills trees feel long when you are sitting trying to skill! 
  7. If you’re demolishing your hospitals, not sure why you would, but if you are you can no longer demolish your last hospital if you have injured troops. 
  8. Finally, one of the last notable convenience feature updates is updates to UI across multiple features. For those of you who have no clue what this means… well… essentially it just means that they are going to make things look prettier and work better! Always good news. 

Low Impact

Low Impact

Low Impact items that are coming with this update include things that we already have. These are updates that we may not see as much impact because we have seen them before and had updates to these items before. These are the comfy old socks of updates. 

A Super Duel Event is coming

We are all familiar with Duel but are you ready for the event! We are marking this as low impact because the Duel is not new, just the event is. 

New Heroes and Hero traits are coming

We are getting two new heroes and two new Hero Traits. The new hero traits that will be available are the Infirmary and Crafting Traits which will be great to toss on your Heroes that are appointed to those functions. Note the appointment process is getting easier too!

A New Citadel Level is coming

Our citadels will now be available to be leveled to 38 while we have had citadel level increases before we debated on whether or not to put this as high or medium impact as we will be receiving a new function with this citadel level. 

Medium Impact

Medium Impact

We may have seen these items before but they are updated and new in a way that is going to impact us a little more! Here are the things that we estimate will have a medium impact on the player base. 

Invasion Point Event is coming

There will now be a point event and inferno event with this we will see a new method of entering invasion coming into play as well. We hope that we will see some great rewards that make the PvP risks worth it! 

Alliance Research Enhancement is coming

Alliance Research is getting a tune-up! As well as making it more powerful we are going to see some ease of feature functions added such as the ability of the R5 to mark recommended researches and an easier donation process. This is marked as medium because the Alliance War is coming which will make Alliance Research even more important. 

Tactical Infantry Troops are coming

This is a new attack troop and they will have the same costs as our current T7. This troop will be unlocked at citadel 37 and is labeled as an attack troop. However, we do not know what the stats will look like yet which means the impact of this could shift. 

Hero and Equipment Presets are coming

You have been asking for them and they are on their way. This will make setting up our Heroes and their gear so much easier. We are looking forward to seeing these released and learning how to operate them. More on this when it is released!!

Gear Enhancement to Level 20 is coming- Our Older sets of gear are now going to be able to be enhanced to level 20. This includes conqueror, Destroyer, Guardian, and Dominator Gear. While it is stated that the stat increases will below the set bonuses per level will also be getting some upgrades at the higher levels. 

High Impact

High Impact

These are the new things that can be considered brand new and completely new features. We do not have much information on these yet but are looking forward to hearing more about and testing these new features out. 

Alliance War is coming

From the update, we can tell that this will include PvP but also some non-PvP methods to score points. Our Alliance Castles will finally be becoming more into play from the looks of it. Start preparing by getting that Alliance Research done and doing all the Alliance strengthening things!

Blessings are coming

Bless you, my child… No, but in all seriousness, Blessings are about to be a thing. We will be able to increase our stats for certain functions (not quite sure all what yet) by applying these blessings. This looks promising and we are looking forward to seeing this come into play. Our very own Aly is already planning an article for you! 

A Pet System is coming

We are getting PETSS!!! I want a fluffy cat, please and thank you! Our Pets will have different stats and be able to be summoned using summoning scrolls at a certain probability. Our pets will also be available to be enhanced. This is something completely new to the game! It adds a new element into gameplay and we will soon see exactly how much impact they have. 

Please Note that we covered the things that are of the utmost importance, but may have excluded some minor items. Do not forget to check the Iron Throne Forum for all the nitty-gritty. We will be learning these new features as they are released right alongside you! Hang with us as we wait to see these changes go into effect and we will have new information out to help you as you update your city! Join us on Facebook, Discord, and Line. We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

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