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An essential element of strategy in Iron Throne is making sure that your Hero is equipped correctly in every situation. To ensure this, players must choose from a wide assortment of Runes and Auras. Equipping the right Runes and Auras on your Heroes can make the difference between a win and a loss, but the huge pool of options can be paralyzing. Let’s take a closer look to find what the best Runes are Auras are for any situation!


There are three categories of Runes: Economy, Dimension, and Battle. Each Hero can have up to three equipped at one time, although the third Rune does not become available until Hero Level 40. Each Hero comes with a Rune uniquely adapted to their original Trait. However, if you change that trait later, you will want to change the Rune as well.  Remove Runes using a “Remove Rune” item; otherwise the Rune will just be destroyed. There are several ways to obtain Runes, such as purchasing them in packs or winning them in quests and events.



Economy Runes boost things such as Research Speed, Training Speed, Silver Production, among others. Be sure to pair the appropriate Rune with the type of Hero that boosts that trait. For example, engrave Research Speed Runes on your Scholar.


Dimension Runes apply to Dimensional Battle. Utilize them wisely to beat all Chapters and Challenge Modes. Examples of Dimension Rune buffs are Leveraged Dimensional Troop Attack Increase and specific troop type Attack increases. These Runes only apply to Dimensional Battle. Do not use them to attack in PvP.


Apply these Runes to your Attack Heroes. There are Runes for speed, general attack, hero attack, specific troop tier attack, debuffs and more. Pair your Hero with the Runes that compliment their trait and gear. Stack duplicate Runes for an extra punch. If your Hero is wearing the Destroyer Set, engrave with Archery or general attack buffs. Adding an Infantry Rune to an Archer-based hero will do you no good.

Fusing Runes

Fuse six Runes to create a new type. Choose the Runes to be fused or have the system auto select within the parameters you set. However, you have no control over the outcome of the fusion. The result is random, so be careful which Runes you select to fuse. It is best to fuse Runes you don’t want, in the hopes of obtaining one more useful.

Combine Runes

Fused Rune

Runes can be Group Fused up to Epic level. Immortal Runes cannot be Group Fused.

Enhancing Runes

Runes may be enhanced up to +15. Enhancing Runes increases their effects. Enhance Rune for Battle Rune is necessary and can be obtained by purchasing Packs and Domination Rewards.


Auras are timed, specific troop-type attack buffs; Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Siege. There are three types of Auras; Normal, Power and Dark. Each Aura lasts fifteen minutes, so choose your timing wisely. Purchase Auras, or earn them as rewards for events such as leveling up your Citadel and Dimensional Challenge Mode. Combine Auras like forge materials; four of a lesser tier are required to combine to the next level.


Runes and Auras are critical to strengthening your Hero, provide a higher chance of success in battle and make it more economical to grow your Castle. Be sure not to ignore these important buffs!

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