Haral’s Story

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The story continues! Last month, we were able to take a closer look at our Town Hero Lauren and her story. This month, we will continue exploring the story within Iron Throne and take a closer look at another Hero, Haral. Haral is the first Hero recruited to your Citadel and comes with the Construction Trait. He is appointed as the architect for many players. However, just like Lauren, Haral has his own story.

Meet Haral

Haral Ivarson“I can’t die lying down – that would be shameful!”

Haral’s Story, as told by Cinder

BANG, BANG, BANG… Haral looked up as he heard the banging and surveyed the troops working to build their Barracks. As Architect, he wanted to be sure not only that the buildings were designed to work well for the needs of the soldiers, but that they were constructed properly.

He loved the battlefield, but he knew the importance of respite and a safe place to return at the end of a wearying battle. The young soldiers within the camp often did not understand him or his cross nature, but Haral knew one thing: they may not have understood, but they respected him. At the end of the day, the Barracks would be built, and the soldiers would have a place to rest their heads at night, so that they could go make names for themselves and, along with Haral, join the ranks of great warriors.

Haral knew that when the work was done, there would be many battles ahead as Infidus and the Chaotic Army sought to take over and conquer them. Haral cared not their reason for wanting to do so as long as he got to join the glorious battle and demonstrate his bravery and honor. He would fight until the day he died.

Hard at Work

Haral strode down the lane to check in on the other soldiers and their tasks. Seeing them all hard at work, he wandered on and smelled the fragrance of the dinner the camp cook was preparing at the center of the camp. Haral glanced at the sky and saw that the sun was getting lower, and he knew that soon the dinner bell would ring and soldiers would abandon their work to surround the fire and get their share.

Haral walked back to where the Barracks were under way. He viewed the progress and knew they would not be ready tonight, but would soon be done. The soldiers needed to work quickly so that their focus could return to the battle at hand; however, they could not lay aside the work just for training. Haral motioned to his soldiers. As the men quickly focused their attention on him, Haral gave instructions for clean-up for the evening. The soldiers rushed to quickly do his bidding, grateful for the respite from the hard work.

The men finished up their clean-up and ran to get cleaned up before the dinner bell rang. Haral strode towards the center of camp again and sat at the fire, waiting for dinner and his men’s arrival. Lost in reminiscing, he thought of his daughter and his people, and was suddenly surprised to hear the sound of the dinner bell and his soldiers’ appearance.


The men grabbed their dinners and surrounded the fire. Haral followed behind and, grabbing his meal, watched the friendly banter. This was the time of day where all were able to let down their guard, relax, and enjoy their meal together. Later, the men would switch out with the others that were on guard so they could eat their fill, but for now, they had time to talk and breathe.

The men surrounded Haral and, as they did at many meals, asked him to share his stories. Haral, a storyteller by nature, had many tales to tell and the younger men hungered for the tales of victory and dreamed of having their own stories to tell someday. Haral settled in and stroked his beard, thinking of which story to tell them this evening. As he thought, he realized there was no better story then the one that told how he came to join their Lord’s Army. The men quieted as Haral began his story.

Haral’s Story

Haral looked over the ocean as they headed homeward. The ship was a good craft that had been won in their most recent invasion, and he looked forward to returning home to see his daughter. He stroked his beard and looked over the younger men. This was to be his last voyage, and that was not something he looked forward to.

He was a warrior at heart and he wanted to serve on the battlefield until his last day on this earth. Haral knew that the younger men believed him to be ready to return home and stay within the Nordenth village, but Haral was not ready. The Ivarson clan were fighters and his story would not end here.

Haral had heard rumors of a fight that raged on in the south. He was planning to head that direction after returning home. His daughter, a young warrior, would likely join him. Haral gazed over the ocean again, seeing the coastline knew that they would arrive home that evening. He turned and returned to his work, eager to tell his daughter of his plans and to check to see how she had fared over this last voyage.

Later that Evening…

Haral strode down the walkway towards his home. Stepping in the doorway, he saw his daughter preparing dinner. Freydis turned and upon seeing her father, greeted him enthusiastically. She set another plate at the table and the two sat down to their meal to catch up.

Haral told her of the men’s exploits and voyages. He told her of the things they had seen and Freydis soaked it up like a sponge, eager for the stories her father had told her since she was young. As Haral wrapped up his tale, he sought to hear how his daughter’s training was going.

Freydis, a young female warrior, played many roles in their home. Freydis filled him in on the training she had undergone and the things that had happened within the clan during his absence. She was always happy to see her father’s return. She dreamed of being able to join him in the battle, but knew that the clan had asked that he remain at home for future voyages. Freydis asked her father what his plans were as he had returned home from his last voyage.

Haral’s Plans

Haral filled her in on the rumors he had heard of a fight in the south and his desire to join in there. Freydis, worried that she would be left behind yet again, listened with a sinking feeling. Haral watched his daughter and saw the thirst for great battles in her eyes. He knew that it was her time to join him on the battlefield. She had proved herself in her training and he knew she would accomplish great things.

Haral finished telling her of the battle, and told her he would be leaving at dawn in two days’ time. He watched her shoulders sink and decided to lift her spirits. Haral looked at Freydis and told her what he would need to be prepared for the journey, and ended his sentence with, “Do not forget to pack these things for yourself as well, daughter.”

Freydis’ eyes lit up and she hugged her father, happy to join him. She quickly set to preparing their items for the voyage ahead, excited to voyage out and make a name for herself as well.

The Journey Begins

Haral and Freydis set out south on horseback. They did not know where their journey would take them but they were ready to plunge into the battle ahead, headfirst. Haral was happy to have his young daughter join him and knew she would make him proud.

The two knew that there had been stories of a battle that raged on, with the Chaotic Armies pillaging and destroying towns. As they journeyed, they hoped to be able to join a Lord in the south to fight against the Chaotic.

Haral and Freydis journeyed for days. They saw monsters and signs of the Chaotic and battled as they pressed on. Weary and tired, they hoped they would soon find a place to join the greater fight. Haral looked at the skyline and saw that the sun had begun to recede into the night. He motioned to Freydis and together they set camp for another night.

Freydis prepared the fire and cooked their dinner. Father and daughter ate their meals in silence, and then turned in for the night, weary from their journeys.

A Noise in the Night

Haral was awoken that evening by a noise in the night. Instantly alert, he glanced around to see that Freydis, too, had awoken. Haral walked to the edge of the encampment and crouched to look ahead and see fires burning. He motioned to Freydis and the two gathered their weapons and crept through the night towards the fires.

As they approached, they saw the Lord’s Army bravely fighting off the Chaotic. However, the Chaotic were strong and the Lord’s Army was struggling. Haral and Freydis rushed forward to assist the Lord’s Army. The Lord’s Army seeing that the warriors were assisting them were rejuvenated and fought harder with hope.

Haral and Freydis fought side by side taking down Chaotic Soldier after Chaotic Soldier. They fought strongly until the daylight rose and then stood at the center of the field with the remaining of the Lord’s Army seeing that the field was covered in blood but they had arose as victorious.

The Leader of the Lord’s Army strode towards them and shook their hands, thanking them for their assistance. They began to talk and, finding that Haral and Freydis were traveling with no destination in mind, he invited the pair back to the Lord’s camp to join them in the battle. As they walked, the man told him of the battles they had encountered, and Haral knew they had found the right place to be. There would be no shortage of fights in the battle against the Chaotic.

Dreams of Glory

Haral wrapped up his story and looked out over his soldiers. He could see dreams of glory in their eyes and knew they, too, would one day make great warriors. However, in the meantime, there were preparations to be made, and Haral sent his soldiers on their way to their nightly tasks as he rumbled off to make his own preparations for the evening. Nights were never safe when the Chaotic Army was lurking, and Haral would fight alongside his men on the battlefield until the end.

Haral’s Story as told by Netmarble

Haral Ivarson is a warrior that inherited the traditions of Nordenth, the land of the Ivarson clan.

He lived a life of voyages, invasions, and pillages – just as his ancestors before him. The infamous Haral only left Nordenth because he did not wish to die anywhere but on a battlefield.

A weathered warrior, Haral cares not what his master’s goals or beliefs are – he simply wishes to participate in battles bravely and honorably until he meets his death like other great warriors.

Wrapping it Up

The fight continues, and each of our heroes has a unique story to share. Each has their own and each has their own dreams of glory. Next month, we will take a look at Freydis, Haral’s daughter, and her story. What hero are you looking forward to hearing more about? Comment below.

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