Halloween Event and New Update Patch Details

PrincessKat Details the New Halloween Event that Goes Until November 13 along with the New Update Patch which includes New Hero Skill Swaps and Citadel Level 39

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Halloween Event and New Update Patch Details

The new Halloween Event and Update Patch is now live on Iron Thrones and PrincessKat is here to go over all the new features!

Currently, the Halloween Event will last until November 13th, which allows your Hero to hunt the Constructor’s Skeletons which has a bunch of construction materials.

You’ll be able to find Constructor’s Skeletons all over the map and look like a Day of the Dead Skull with presents placed inside the skull.

Additionally, the events to hunting the Constructor’s Skulls will give you additional items, and materials similar to the Monster’s drops.

The New Update allows players to upgrade their Citadel to level 39, and include Strategic Archers. Also, there are new level 40 Gear Enhancements for players to gain additional bonuses from.

We now have Hero Passive and World Skills that can be replaced! You simply select the Swap World Skills in your Hero Skills Interface. You can then choose to swap all of your skills or if you want to keep some existing skills it will cost you Gold and/or Swap Items that come in Packs.

Once you swap your skills, you may choose to keep them and apply them or you may exit out of the Swap Skills window if you don’t want to keep the new skills, but it will still cost you Gold and/or Swap Items to see what the new possible Skills will be.

Additionally, PrincessKat goes over more details about the Halloween Event and the Update Patch thoroughly in her video, so make sure to watch all the way through!

Are you excited about this Halloween Event? Would you like to see similar events like this in the game? And if so, how often? What about the new Citadel Level and the ability to swap Hero Skill Passive and World Skills?

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