Discover the Golden Moon: A New PVP Mode

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Golden Moon has arrived. This new PVP mode of Iron Throne provides fun battle modes and a place to connect with friends from other kingdoms. We took a little journey there and during my time ran into several people that we would not normally encounter in the game. There we could work together to stay and earn chests with rewards to help with progression.

Preparing to Enter the Golden Moon

There are a few things you should do as you prepare to enter the Golden Moon. While some basic items will be provided (we cover these below) not everything is provided. Your boosts and buffs do matter when you go into Golden Moon so be sure to do the following.

  1. Make sure your Heroes and Guard Captain are appropriately geared and appointed.
  2. Ensure that you are not going in without switching your Lord Skills to a combat set.
  3. Boost before entering the Golden Moon.
  4. Ensure that your account is shielded.

Golden Moon to some degree has some similar aspects to buffs and research applying while there. So be sure to continue to boost your stats with research, gear, and more.

Finding the Golden Moon

First things first, before you can play on the Golden Moon you have to know how to find the Golden Moon. There are two places you are able to access the Golden Moon from.

  1. Click on the Dimensional Void.
    Golden Moon
  2. On the Map of the kingdoms, you will find the Golden Moon next door to the Blood Moon.
    Golden Moon

Enter The Golden Moon

From accessing either of the above two spots you will be taken to the following screen.

Golden Moon

Facts about entering the Golden Moon

  1. There are six different grades and each of these grades requires a different level of citadel in order to enter. You can see that the levels you are eligible to enter are highlighted in white. This player has a Citadel Level 29 and therefore they can enter either the Platinum or Gold Grade.
  2. Once you enter the Golden Moon a cooldown timer begins. If at any time you leave the Golden Moon you have to wait until the 1-hour cooldown ends in order to re-enter. You can see this cooldown timer in the upper right-hand corner of your screen while on the Golden Moon.
    Golden Moon Re-entry
  3. Gold Moon exclusive items that can only be used in Gold Moon will be provided each time you enter Gold Moon Valley. These include:
    1. 50% March Speed Up x30
    2. Premium Teleport x10
    3. Cancel March x20
  4. The Golden Moon is always open except during the cooldown time.

Stay in the Golden Moon

Above we covered the basic things you need to know to be able to enter the Golden Moon. Next, we will go over what you need to know in order to be able to stay in the Golden Moon.

  1. Once you enter the Golden Moon you are required to conquer a Golden Sanctuary during your stay. In the left corner of the screen on the Golden Moon, you are able to see the amount of time you have left before you are forced to leave because you have not done so.
    Golden Moon
  2. If you succeed in taking over a Golden Sanctuary and maintain your conquest status, you will control the sanctuary and receive the Control Reward after a specific time interval (five minutes).
  3. Each grade of the Golden Moon has different control rewards. You are able to see the rewards offered by each grade before entering.
  4. If you do not succeed in conquering/controlling a Golden Sanctuary you will be required to exit the Golden Moon. Once again you can see the amount of time you have in the left-hand corner of your screen.
  5. You can freely move around your castle and the world during your time in Golden Moon. However, you are not able to join other battle content such as Battle Royale, Deathmatch, and more.

Battle in the Golden Moon

In the Golden Moon, you are able to battle against other Lords both at the sanctuaries and burning each other’s citadels. However, what is nice about this feature is that it does not affect your actual troops. While you may be zeroed on the Golden Moon when you return home all your troops will still be present.

Shields are removed when you enter the Golden Moon, however, in the world, they remain intact. You do not get watchtower notifications while on the Golden Moon so ensure that you are shielded before entering. You are unable to send or receive reinforcements or Resources on the Golden Moon. In addition, Rally Attack is unavailable on the Golden Moon.

However, something that has the potential to bring a lot of fun to this feature is that you are able to attack and scout other members of your alliance while on the Golden Moon. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities that we will cover more later in this article.

Visit the Golden Moon with ChrisHero100

The Advantages of the Golden Moon

Now that we have discovered the different features of the Golden Moon, we will cover some of the advantages that it provides to us as players. As this feature has been explored by various players it has allowed us to see what we are able to do. Players have differing thoughts on the Golden Moon and whether or not this is a feature that they find useful or enjoyable. However, the Golden Moon gives us possibilities that we have not had with previous features in Iron Throne. We will cover these possibilities below.

Possibility Number One: Earning Chests with Rewards

While on the Moon, you are able to earn chests that give various items such as special construction materials and gear chests. There are different levels of chests dependent on the grade you are able to enter. However, this is another way to be able to gather these different items so that you are able to continue to expand and grow with your build. These chests go into your inventory so you are able to collect them and open them as you do so.

Possibility Number Two: Testing

When you go into the Golden Moon your buffs, research, gear, heroes, troops all matter. While none of your actual troops are killed you do go in with your actual troop build. Therefore, it makes this the best place to be able to test your setup. You can take hits and burn and lose troops and traps and when you leave the Golden Moon you still have all of your troops.

When you enter be sure to have your skills and buffs set how you would in a combat. Ensure that you have your troops setup where you want them. Then go ahead and take as many hits as you want during your time there. Also if you manage to land on the Golden Moon with your alliance members then you are able to hit each other and scout each other and test more specific things such as hits with different gear, troops and heroes.

Possibility Number Three: More Testing

Within the Golden Moon, it is required to take over sanctuaries in order to be able to stay. Rallying is not available in the Golden Moon so on this level, you are unable to test. However, on a smaller basis, you can practice on the sanctuaries and see what works and does not.

Possibility Number Four: Engaging in Different Play Styles with No Risk

This is probably one of the best possibilities for Golden Moon. For many players unshielding in their kingdom or being able to engage in combat is not possible. If you are from a kingdom with big players such as Kingdom 25, 5, 1, and many more kingdoms then if you are small you likely live under a shield. You do not actively engage in sanctuary battles or PvP combat because coming out from underneath your shield is not safe.

Golden Moon is divided up based off of citadel level. Likely when you enter the other players will be at or around the same level as you are. This means that the maxed player from your kingdom will not be there unless you happen to have maxed your citadel already. So you are able to engage in combat with players that are similar closer to your level.

In addition, in many kingdoms, the capital and sanctuaries are dominated by the big alliances. Smaller players do not get much opportunity to engage in this battle style. Within the Golden Moon, this is required in order to be able to stay. So players that typically do not get to engage in combat at the sanctuaries and capital but love this style of play can do so until their hearts are content.

Possibility Number Five: We cannot Forget the Social Aspect

A large part of this game is the social aspect. All of us love being able to play and engage with different friends. Typically we do not get much opportunity to do this in the game with other kingdoms. Golden Moon opens up a new realm of possibilities as you are going to see players from all different kingdoms there. You may run into friends and you may run into enemies but it is a place where you can talk, banter, and continue to enjoy the community that makes the game great.

Golden Moon provides a lot of new opportunities and we are excited to see how players continue to utilize it.

What is your favorite part of Golden Moon so far? Comment Below and let us know.

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