Getting the Most Out of the Iron Throne 1 Year Anniversary Event!

Grind it out for the best rewards!

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It’s been an entire year since Iron Throne opened it’s gates to the world! As you will have noticed, this month is rife with special events, prizes and rewards. We are halfway through the Anniversary Month, and Iron Throne’s Birthday is May 16th! Did you eat enough of the birthday cake monsters?

As we head into the second half of the month, let’s talk grinding and smart allocation of your resources. There are some very specific ways that you can utilize the special events this month to get the most out of all the goodies!

Daily Buffs

Each day of the week brings a new Buff this month. You should plan your schedule around taking advantage of these. For example, only craft on Tuesday or Wednesday! You will save so many speeds! Also, if you have an excess of a certain gear type (Berserker for example), craft as many as you can and sell for silver!

  • Monday: Hunting March Speed 100% and Hero Attack Increase 500%
  • Tuesday: Instant Hero Equipment Crafting
  • Wednesday: Instant Hero Equipment Crafting and Construction Speed Increase 20%-100%
  • Thursday: Research Speed Increase 20%-100%
  • Friday: Training Speed Increase: 50%-100%
  • Weekend: Troop Capacity, Gathering Speed, Healing Speed Increase 200%-400%

We have always recommended following the Buff days for things like Researching and Construction, but this month it’s more important than ever!

Additionally, Town Mode Buffs are all automatically maxed this month. Be sure to match your buffs to the game’s Daily Buffs for the biggest advantage.

Monster Rewards

This is another big one, that people may overlook. Yes, it’s on the older gear sets (Conqueror, Destroyer, Dominator, Guardian, however many of us could still use more enhancements on these. Additionally, when the next Deputy level comes, you’re going to want these mats as most players won’t be able to whip up another highly enhanced set of Level 40 gear yet!

Level 21-30 Monsters are dropping multiple gear chests for their associated type. This is especially helpful for those in the new Kingdoms in grinding out their gear, but as mentioned above, it’s helpful as well to create multiple +15 Enhanced sets to be used as supplements to their newer counterparts. Then save all those materials for…you guessed it, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Event Center

There are multiple special Events running for this month. Most are very easy to complete, and offer lovely rewards, such as Speed Ups, Revival Herb and Gold. They are resetting every few days, so check the Events on a regular basis.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Collect your mail! There are Anniversary Presents being given with great rewards under the wrapping paper.
  • Exchange War Coins for Castle Skins: 5/19-5/22. Show your style.
  • Double Battle Royale Rewards starting 5/16. This is an easy one to grind out, make sure you enlist!
  • Bloodmoon increased Monsters and Strongholds! Everyone’s favorite grinding event looks to have gotten even better this month.

Netmarble has given us some great opportunities this month to better our Castles. Strap on your work boots, and grind it out! Happy Birthday Iron Throne!

Do you have any comments or questions about the Anniversary Events? Let us know in the comments below!


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