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At the core of your success in Iron Throne is your stats. There are many different stats and although most are brought about by research and gear, the buffs are still very important and work to increase your underlying account numbers. Today we take a look at these buffs and some cost-efficient ways to utilize them.

Engaging Buffs

In the upper left hand corner of your screen is your buff menu. This is where you set your buffs, and can see which are available. There are five different types of buffs available; Battle, Rally, World, Appoint and Misc. They are all timed boosts, so be sure you only activate them when needed.

Obtaining Boosts

There are several ways to obtain boosts.

  • Packs; Boosts are available in packs. In addition to the large packs, there are smaller ones that contain boosts to be used for your castle, such as the Weekly Construction Pack and Weekly Hunting Pack
  • Town Mode; Many players start to ignore this as they get bigger. However, there are 20% combat buffs to be had here; 12 hour 20% Defense Debuff, 12 hour 20% Attack Boost, 12 hour Troop Defense Boost and 12 hour Enemy Troop Attack Debuff. These are useful for daily ADM and for the lower-midrange spending players, so don’t miss out! There are also production boosts, and Hunt Attack Boosts.
  • Alliance Shop; Make sure your R4/R5 stocks the Alliance Shop with Boosts! The following boosts are available in the AC
    • 50% Gathering Boost
    • 20% Troop Defense Boost (12 hours)
    • 20% Troop Defense Boost (24 hours)
    • 20% Troop Attack Boost (12 hours)
    • 20% Troop Attack Boost (24 hours)
    • 20% Hunt Attack Boost (15 minutes)
    • 20% Hunt Attack Boost (30 minutes)
    • 25% Hunt Attack Boost (15 minutes)
    • 25% Hunt Attack Boost (30 minutes)
    • 25% March Limit Boost (4 hours)
    • 25% Upkeep Decrease (24 hours)
    • 25% Upkeep Decrease (5 days)
  • VIP Shop: Also periodically overlooked, there are boosts to be had here.
    • 35% Hunt Attack Boost (15 or 30 minutes)
    • 10% Training Speed Increase (6 hours and 24 hours)
    • 10% Training Speed Increase (6 hours and 24 hours)
  • Purchase with gold: You can also purchase boosts with gold directly from the buffs menu. A good example of this would be purchasing the 100% Troop Attack Boost (30 min) for 5,500 gold.

Buffs Menu

As stated before this is where you’ll engage your boosts. Let’s take a closer look at each tab.


This is where you will engage the majority of your combat boosts. Any purchased boosts will be listed here, as well as the option to buy them for gold. This list includes;

  • Peace Shield (very important of course!)
  • March Size
  • March Speed
  • Troop Attack Increase
  • Troop Defense Increase
  • Enemy Attack/Defense/HP Debuffs
  • Scout Prevention
  • Deceptive Troops I and II
  • Divine Protection
  • Wing Protection


This tab deals only with Rally Boosts. There is no option to purchase these with gold, they can only be accumulated through pack purchases.

  • Rally Troop March Size Increase
  • Rally Troop March Speed Increase
  • Rally Troop Attack Increase
  • Rally Troop Defense Increase
  • Rally Troop HP Increase
  • Enemy Rally Troop Attack Buff Decrease
  • Enemy Rally Troop Defense Buff Decrease
  • Enemy Rally Troop HP Buff Decrease


The World tab includes boosts for Monsters, Raid Monster and Gathering. Note that the only use for the Gathering boosts isn’t for farming. Take advantage of the Gathering boost for farming in Alliance Deathmatch, and the Troop Capacity boost for looting enemy castles. Although you have to look over your shoulder, looting is a fantastic way for low to midrange players to accumulate RSS on a budget.

  • Hunt
  • Hunting March Speed
  • Additional Damage in Raid
  • Gatherer
  • Troop Capacity
  • Auto Hunt Activation


This tab is where you will activate economic boosts.

  • Construction Speed
  • Research Speed
  • Training Speed
  • Troop Training Capacity
  • Troop Training Cost Reduction
  • Decrease Upkeep
  • Food Production
  • Wood Production
  • Stone Production
  • Iron Production
  • Silver Production


This tab has your permanently active boosts, as well as one very important boost. The Lord XP Boost should be purchased in the Alliance Shop and used religiously.

This gives a 25% Lord XP boost for 24 hours. Make especially sure you have this active before you add XP points. This is extra helpful early on when the gap between Hero levels isn’t as high, and will save you some money in purchasing the XP points.

  • Special Buff (shows permanently active boosts)
  • VIP
  • Lord XP Boost
  • Daily Rewards Stage 1-3

Many players only look at the first Buff tab for their shield and ADM boosts.

Dig a little deeper, and take advantage of them! Do you have any tips or comment? Let us know below!

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