Gear for Beginners

The Foundation of Crafting Gear and What to Equip for Your Different Needs

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Gear for Beginners

Focusing on which gear set while starting out your Empire can be a daunting task for any new or somewhat experienced player. That’s why I’m here to help you, my lovely coconuts! I’ll be discussing the various pieces of equipment that you can obtain in Iron Throne.

We break down different gear and what it is used for (Battle, Economy, World, and Misc). We focus on Battle gear and what kind of bonuses it offers. Also, we discuss what happens when your sets reach the Immortal Quality, and what kind of bonus you receive when you enhance it even further!

After I go over the basics, I’ll start to explain more about the Conqueror’s Set which focuses more on Infantry and grows more beneficial the more you enhance it. I also explain how to craft and enhance your equipment by navigating through the Forge and your Hero, to make sure you’re familiar with how to access your various equipment.

If you have any questions about crafting and/or enhancing gear that I may have not covered, feel free to leave any comments below! Additionally, if there are any other ideas that you’d like for me to cover in my videos, you’re more than welcome to suggest them below or join us in our Line and Discord servers!

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