Freydis’ Story

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Welcome to the next Hero Story in our Iron Throne Fiction Series. Freydis is the daughter of Haral, and after telling his story last month, it only makes sense to continue on with hers. Freydis comes with the Archer trait and can be earned through Clearing Town Mode Season 1 Epic Quest. This Hero, like all of our others, has been given her own unique story by Netmarble. Here, we will have some fun and dramatize this Story even more.

Meet Freydis

Freydis Ivarson“There are only two options in this world. Eat or be eaten, win or lose.”

Freydis’ Story as Told by Cinder

Freydis looked over the map of Nordenth. She was looking forward to traveling back to her home during the battle at hand. She had left with no regrets, but there were still days when she longed for a glimpse of her home. Freydis had grown up on stories of great warriors that she had descended from, and she desired to continue that story, and have her own story told one day. For that, she was willing to make sacrifices, but that did not make leaving the comforts of home easier.

Map of Nordenth

Freydis Returns Home

Freydis glanced around her hometown as she waited for Torrs to return so they could travel to Ingestadt. After the conversations with Hakkon and Liveratus, she was anxious to continue the journey to Ingestadt to find more and prepare for the battle she knew would continue to rage.

She saw young children running around and smelled the familiar scents of the bakery down the street. It was good to be home but not all had remained well. The battle was beginning to invade here and Freydis knew that she would continue to fight her Lord’s battle, but fighting it on her home front would give her more purpose and passion.

Freydis wandered down the street, wondering what battles she would encounter here. She overheard grandparents telling their grandchildren the stories of great warriors and saw them point to her, saying that she was a strong warrior as well. Children glanced in awe as they saw the fierce female warrior. She sat down on a nearby bench and watched and listened, as she heard whispers of the stories of herself and her father that had begun to permeate the town.

Freydis stood up again and walked to the local post. There she pulled out paper and began to write a letter to her father to fill him in on what was going on in Nordenth.

Freydis Write’s a Letter

Dearest Father, 

Do you remember when I was a young child and I would run about and hear the stories from the Elders in our village and you? Those stories inspired dreams in my heart that continue to this day. I am so glad that with you and under the Lord we serve I am able to work towards continuing our traditions. 

Today in Nordenth I heard whispers of our stories in the battle against Infidus beginning to be told. I saw children gaze at me in awe as they heard of the battles I was fighting, and I began to understand what it was like for you, why you could not simply stop and stay home. I am glad that this time you brought me along. 

It has been good to fight alongside you and to journey out to make my own name. I will not lie though, it is good to return home and check in with old friends. I am worried, Father. Soon Torrs and I will head to Ingestadt, but I have learned some disturbing things from both Hakkon and Liveratus while here. 

The stories you told me as a child, the ones said to be legends, have more merit then we thought. In speaking with Hakkon, he said that the Chaotic Army is not controlled by a mysterious evil. That they are actually creatures from the legends of this world, just as Revenants were once legendary heroes who were revived by an evil force. 

Hakkon traveled with Helga, a great sorcerer, who was on a mission to find someone who knew about the legend and learn all she could about what was happening. What they found out was even more frightening to them. They came to the conclusion that the Firstborn were at the center of the legend. 

Hakkon said that if Ivarr could be resurrected somehow, that it was possible that other Firstborn and other ancient, powerful beings could be revived as well. As I am sure you can deduce yourself, Father, if that happens, the world will not be safe for a single living soul. 

Helga made a prediction, Father. She predicted that, “powerful legendary beings, unstoppable by human standards, will bring great, vengeful war upon their foes, or will conquer and rule this world.” Hakkon told us as well that Helga had gone on a long meditative journey, and that when he went to check on her, she told him that she had seen the Firstborn Ivarr murdered by someone in her vision. 

I told Hakkon about what had passed between Infidus and the Fae Lord. He says it is possible that Infidus could send the Fae Lord to kill Ivarr. Torr has suggested that we travel to Ingestadt to meet the town elder and try to gather some intel. I had some initial problems with Torr here, but all seems to be fine now, and I will watch him closely. He is preparing as I write this letter to journey out. 

I also spoke to Liveratus while I was here. He said that he had been pursuing the Fae Lord using his magic power. However, the Fae Lord has found a way to block his magic energy. Liveratus told me that the moment he stepped foot on Nordenth, his magic no longer worked, as if the Fae Lord is shrouded in a thick fog. 

Liveratus also shared that he knew Ivarr to be in danger as well. He believes that Ivarr revived in some form, or at least he sensed it, but something about him has changed for the worst. He sensed bad energy, and that is all he was able to tell me. Liveratus asked that I keep pursuing the Fae Lord in Nordenth. It is my honor to fight for our Lord from here. 

I have learned some worrisome things here, Father, and my journey has only just begun. I will keep you updated as I travel and learn more. For now, know that I am here and continuing to fight the battle against Infidus. 

Your Loving Daughter,


Preparing to Head to Ingestadt

Freydis wrapped up her letter and sealed it. She made sure it was ready to be posted and sent it on its way with the news she had gathered so far. She knew her father would be waiting for news from home. Freydis only wished that she could send better news to him. The stories she had heard from Liveratus and Hakkon had left her heart heavy, but she was determined to continue the fight.

Freydis left the post and walked down the street to begin to gather supplies and prepare for the journey at hand. It would not be easy, but they would learn and find out how they could continue this battle. She was glad she did not have to make the journey alone and had a fellow warrior at her side. She watched the town, ready to continue the journey and the fight for as long as it may take.

Freydis’ Story as told by Netmarble

Freydis Ivarson is the daughter of Haral and one of the best warriors of the Ivarson Clan.

Her ancestors’ great triumphs were her bedtime stories, and she dreamed every night of becoming a great warrior, just as those in her clan had done for centuries. But even after countless victories, she was not satisfied. She wanted to paticipate in a battle on a scale never before seen and never to be replicated, so she left Nordenth without any regrets.

Freydis believes that her dreams will only come true once she wins the war for the throne. Poets and bards will forever praise the victor’s name, while the great tales of Freydis Ivarson are told to every child in the world– just as her ancestors’ stories were told to her.

Having Freydis and Torrs in the Town Mode story have added another layer of fun to our Hero Articles. The Elite Hero Stories are based off the information given by Netmarble on our heroes, but fleshed out here. We hope that you are enjoying their stories and that it makes the Heroes a little more human to you! Who is your favorite Hero thus far? Next month, we will continue this series with the story of Torrs. What trouble will Torrs and Freydis get into next?

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