Exploring Battle Mechanics

Tips and Strategies to Minimize Point Loss and Maximize Victory!

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The gorgeous world outside your Castle walls offers many opportunities for battle… and defeat. Defeat is not any player’s goal, and there are many ways to maximize your chances of success. To do this requires a good working understanding of the battle mechanics in Iron Throne.


Scouting is the first thing you should do when deliberating over whether or not to attack an opponent (especially a larger one). Take the time to read the scout report. This requires a good working knowledge of which icon represents each troop type. Also, take into consideration the opponent’s gear (if it’s visible) and buffs.


If the opponent is heavy in one troop type, then leveraging your own troop types will come into play. Remember the below visual;

Troop Interactions

A Castle with a heavy load of Archer troops will lose more from a Cavalry hit. However, the attacker’s buffs and gear also come into play. Is your strongest set an Infantry set, and is this a strong Castle? It may behoove you to have another member of the alliance attack instead who has a full Dominator set.


To win a battle, the attacker must lose less power than the defender. This brings up the obvious question: “What tier of troops should I send?” Sending a full march of Tier 5 troops not only is expensive, but may still result in a loss. It is important to understand the relative power of each troop type:

wdt_ID Troop Tier Power Per Troop
1 Tier 1 3
2 Tier 2 5
3 Tier 3 7
4 Tier 4 8
5 Tier 5 9
6 Tier 6 10

When attacking, it often is advantageous to send a buffer of “meat,” or lower-tier troops. This not only decreases the amount spent on Revive Herbs or re-training, it may lower the power loss on the attacker’s end.

Defenders should be hit with a “missile.” A missile is a march sent of only your strongest troop type. For example, if you’re equipped with the Destroyer set, send Archers only. It will minimize your losses and maximize the damage to the opposition.

One interesting mechanic in Iron Throne is the 20% rule. Even if an attacker technically loses all of their troops, 20% will come home to the temple. This means that an attacker can lose their hero, but still have returning troops.


The fact that the winner of the battle is determined by power loss brings up another question. Is it advisable to train a huge number of Tier 1 troops in an effort to win by losing less power? The general answer is, “No”. Castles with millions of T1 that are hit by strong rallies can lose upwards of 15-20 million troops, which results in an overwhelming loss. It may be easy to retrain or revive, but with Tier 1, it is very difficult to obtain a “win.”

Keep in mind that the Guard Captain is your Defensive Hero, and in order for his buffs to apply, he must be appointed. None of the buffs from the unappointed Heroes will apply in a Defensive situation. Additionally, appointing more than one Hero set for Defense will not work. Only the Guard Captain appointment registers.

Iron Throne battle mechanics are ever evolving as the game matures. Some are still shrouded in mystery and complexity. Stay tuned for more updates and tips!



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