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Cross Kingdom Continent Domination has arrived, adding a new twist to the current gameplay and requiring strategic plotting and planning to overcome all the obstacles in your path.


The goal of Continent Domination is to control all Territories on the map. Each of the top 4 Alliances in the Kingdom start with one territory. Players in other Alliances are placed within a random Alliance on the map. The battle rages over 3 days, with each round lasting 3 hours. If all Territories are claimed by one Alliance prior to the end of Day 3, the battle is over.


Prior to the beginning of the Domination rounds, players must enlist their troops for battle. You will automatically be enlisted in your current Alliance, unless you are not part of the top 4 in the Kingdom. Enlistment must be complete before the end of Day 1, or you will be forced to sit on the sidelines and spectate!

Upon entering the Continent Domination area, you will be prompted immediately to set troops for battle. Troop amounts ranging from 200k -5,000,000 may be enlisted. Be aware that these troops are not available for battle on the main map until the end of each round of the Continent Domination period. You must reset troops prior to each round. Use higher-tier troops for maximum efficiency in battle.


Once the timer begins, R4/R5 must declare war on an adjacent Territory. War Declarations are given to each Empire. They recharge every 15 minutes, so choose your timing carefully. Additional Declarations can be purchased with gold. Subordinated R5s have 1 Declaration, which can only be used by the R5.

The Battles

Empires must be prepared to attack and defend, as multiple battles can be waged at once. Be smart about this! Each player is given 10 War Participations a day, with an additional 10 available to be purchased with Gold. However, the price increases each time you purchase one.

The random placement of smaller Alliance’s players, along with subordinations, poses a challenge for the larger Alliances. Everyone wants to play, especially in the beginning, and this can be challenging for rounds where it’s imperative that the large players enlist (such as 10/10 and 20/20). Try asking smaller players to only enlist in the 100/100 matches (although this may not work). For absolutely critical tiles, the essential players must be on the button and ready to hop in quickly.

Battle Entry

On the lower right corner of the screen, you will see the War Status icon. This lists all current Attack and Defend battles happening at a given moment. If there are multiple battles, work with your Alliance to strategically assign players to each battle.

Empire Buffs are granted to R4 members or above (three times a day, for free). These Buffs increase Attack, Defense and HP (up to 100%). These roll randomly, much like Town Mode Buffs. Purchase additional Buff rolls with gold.

Clicking on the desired battle will take you to the troop set-up screen, where you will choose the troops to participate. There is a 5 minute window to join each battle, and battles last up to 20 minutes.

The Fight

Once the battle begins, it is critical to obtain control of the Sanctuary, as it give a 1000% attack buff. The Sanctuary is located in the center of the map, in a similar location to where the Capital is in the main game.

There are two different ways to conquer a Territory. Firstly, knock all of your opponents out of the game. Alternatively, completely destroy the opposing team’s Alliance City (attacking the City is available 2 minutes after the match starts). Note that Advanced Ports and Speed-Ups are NOT provided for Continent Domination battles, unlike in Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch.

Troops that die in Continent Domination are automatically revived, and returned to your City at the end of the three-day event period. However, revival during the event is also possible at a much lower rate than a normal revive.


If an Alliance loses their last remaining Territory, they will be merged into the winner’s Empire. All players then fight side by side as the battles continue. This offers an opportunity for strategy as well. Does your Kingdom want to work together and are close on the map? Wrapping into one larger Empire early on (or later in the event) is an opportunity to gather additional players, as well as additional War Declarations.

Continent Domination requires much more than brute force. Strategy and teamwork are key. Does your team have what it takes to dominate?

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