Descending into the Arena

Our guide to the best Arena Strategy, both Offense and Defense

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Deep inside the Dimensional Gate lies the fierce battleground of the Arena. Here, combatants fight it out for supremacy. How might one succeed in the dangerous pit? Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics and options available. Today, Chrishero100 joins us as we explore the front lines of the Arena and how best to pull together a solid Arena Strategy.

Entering the Arena

Upon entering the Arena, you will see three sections: Dual, Defense and Ranking. Here, you will battle other players in Dimensional Mode. Just as on your journey to the Arena, none of your personal troops will be killed, and Dimensional Buffs are applicable.

Duel Mode

Upon entering Duel Mode, you will be presented with a list of opponents to choose from. You will have one free refresh, and then it will start costing gold. Each duel takes one Gauntlet, and you receive one Gauntlet every two hours. The winner will gain Battle Points, while the loser will see their Battle Points decrease.

Hero Selection

Up to four Heroes may be included in your duel, and there is an info button on the top left of the screen which will show you your total buffs. Be sure your Heroes are equipped with attack gear containing good Dimensional Battle stats, and that you’ve chosen your battle preset. Send your highest-level offensive Heroes into battle.

Gear Selection

Each combat gear set has Dimensional Buffs. Click the “?” in the Ready Up screen to see a summary of the stats that each of your battle-ready Heroes provides.

Dimensional Stats

Troop Selection

As always, troop leveraging is a big part of the strategy here. Leverage and place your troops appropriately. It is beneficial to have the bulk of your troops reflect your Buff’s strong type. For example, if your heroes are wearing gear strong in Ranged Dimensional Stats, the majority of your troops should be Ranged.

Consecutive Win Results

Winning consecutive duels results in buffs to assist you in continuing your conquest of the Arena, shown below.

wdt_ID Number of Wins Buffs
1 2 Troop HP 5%
2 4 Troop Attack 5%
3 6 Troop HP 10%
4 8 Troop Attack 10%
5 10 Troop HP 20%, Troop Attack 20%


The Defense tab is where you choose Heroes and position troops to defend against those Lords that choose to fight you in Duel mode. Winning Position Defense will gain Battle Points. Each battle consumes one Gauntlet.

Heroes and Troop Selection

Again, choose Heroes and troops wisely. Since you can’t see what’s coming to leverage gear and troops defensively for each individual battle, choose troops that complement your strengths. For example, if you are wearing mainly Infantry gear, go heavy on Infantry troops.


The Defense Record presents a listing of the players that choose to duel you. Win or lose, revenge is possible! Determine the Lord you wish to have revenge upon, and duel! You may only attempt revenge once upon an enemy, so choose your troop set up wisely!


The final tab is the Ranking section. Here, you can see your overall Ranking within the Arena, and also check out the prizes for both the Weekly Reward and the Season Reward. There are prizes for overall performance and total wins.

Arena RewardArena Rewards Season

The fierce battles in the Arena offer a unique opportunity to gain rewards and prestige. With a solid Arena Strategy, you will do well. Do you have what it takes to reign supreme?


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