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Recently Iron Throne made a complete overhaul of the Dimensional Battle Mode. This new take on Dimension Battle is very different from before. Today we will take a look at Dimensional Battle Revolution; it’s mechanics and strategies.

Entering Dimensional Battle

Just as before, Dimensional Battle is entered at the Dimensional Portal just under the Citadel. There are two modes here; Dimensional Battle and Dual Mode. We will discuss Dual Mode in an upcoming article.


There are nine chapters in Dimensional Battle. Each chapter has battles within, and playing them requires the use of DP. 100 DP recharges every day at System reset (0:00 UTC), otherwise it recharges by 1 every 6 minutes. Each initial battle costs 10 BP. Once you have cleared a level you can choose to complete that Chapter instantly daily using stored DP for the rewards (unlike using silver before). You can also choose to complete it 5 times (costing 50 DP), if there is a specific Token you need.

The Dimensional Battle Chests contain Auras!

Setting Up the Match

Upon entering a match, you will be greeted with a blank battlefield.

You must choose the Heroes and troops you wish to deploy, as well as the arrangement on the grid. Each Hero has special abilities to help in battle, which use Mana. As the Heroes are leveled up, they gain skills as well. The skills are shown as small icons on the bottom right of the Heroes portrait. If you tap the Hero it will tell you what each one means, along with the Mana it consumes and the Cooldown time.

There are several other things of note here.

  • There is a scout button. This shows you the enemy lineup.
  • There is also a Formation tab. This is especially helpful to set up Hero/Troop presets, saving you time. There’s also a “Just Now” preset that automatically prefills the lineup from your last match, IF that setup will work for the match.
  • There is a 2x button which can be used to play the match faster. Once you hit this for a match, you can’t undo it.
  • There is an Auto button to play the match automatically.

Special Troops

There are special troops that are unlocked as you complete the nodes for the first time;

  • Chapter 3: Ogre
  • Chapter 4: Death Knight
  • Chapter 5: Forsaken Frost
  • Chapter 6: Dragon

These special troops must be deployed just like normal troops.

*Note, the above is just an illustration, not a recommendation of how to set up your troops. This will change from match to match.

Upgrading Heroes

Clearing story modes will give you special Tokens that are used to upgrade your Heroes, and make them more efficient in Dimensional Battle. This is especially useful in clearing later chapters, and fighting other players in Dual mode.

There are four types of Tokens; Spade, Heart, Clover and Diamond. These correspond to specific Heroes.

To upgrade your Heroes, go to the Hero menu. There you will see a tab to the right. This is where you upgrade your Heroes, which opens more skills the higher you get. These skills are exclusive to Dimensional Battle, however the Deployable Troops size is effective for World battle, and can help you clear some of those pesky Tower levels you’ve been stuck on.

Once you have upgraded a level, there is a second tab. You must go to this tab and skill your Hero, just like you skill your Lord. The number of available skill points shows along the top.


There is research that will help in your quest to dominate both Dimensional Battle and Dual Mode. This research is located in the Dimensional Battle skill tree in the Academy. These researches enhance both your Mana capabilities and the strength of your Special troops.

The revamp of the Dimensional Battle system brings new challenges and strategic opportunities to the table. It’s not as easy anymore as just running through the nodes. Take your time and deploy strategically!

Do you have any questions or comments about Dimensional Battle Revolution? Let us know in the comments below!

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