Get Acquainted with the New Feature: Hire Some New Deputies

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One of the biggest changes with the November 2018 update were the Deputies. There is a both a Guard Deputy and a Deployment Deputy. Currently only one is available for each, but the NetMarble teaser post indicated that up to four will be able to be hired in the future. The Guard Deputy assists your Guard Captain in defending your Castle, which the Deployment Deputy accompanies your attack hero in offensive marches.

Hero Training Research

In order to hire your Deputies you must research them in the new hero training node. This research node is available at Academy 26. They are not cheap! The researches before them must be at Level 5 first, and each Deputy costs 144 million Silver (among other RSS and Speeds).

After unlocking your Deputies (and it must be both), you can continue along the tree to research additional boosts, and enhance your Deputy’s Stats. The initial gain from each Deputy is 10% of the Hero’s stats, but research can increase this to a maximum of 50%. Note that the full 50% potential cannot be achieved until Academy 30.

Deployment Deputy

The Deployment Deputy accompanies you when attacking other castles. As mentioned above, the minimum increase is 10% of the stats on the appointed Deployment Deputy, increases through research to 50 percent.

This means in the best case scenario (or worst case if you’re the Defender), two +15 sets will reach the below stats;

Set Infantry Attack Infantry Defense Infantry HP Add'l T1 Damage Add'l T2 Damage
Main Hero Slaughter +15 2,850% 855% 855% 6,700% 6,700%
Deputy Slaughter +15 1,425% 427.50% 427.50% 3,350% 3,350%
Total Gear Stats 4,275% 1,282.50% 1,282.50% 10,050% 10,050%

Keep in mind this is just the gear set stats, these numbers will be higher due to your individual research. Howeve,r at this point, people with both new sets maxed and a maxed Deputy are few and far between. Let’s look at an example using the older sets. In this scenario, let’s assume the attacker has researched their Deputy at the minimum level (10%).

Set Infantry Attack Infantry Defense Infantry HP
Main Hero Conqueror +15 1900% 570% 570%
Deputy Conqueror (10%) 190% 57% 57%
Total Gear Stats 2,090% 627% 627%

Guard Deputy

This Deputy stays home to defend your castle. As with the Deployment Deputy, the maximum benefit derived from this is 50% (at Academy 30). The Guard Deputy must be appointed to serve your Castle. As many players are striving for the new Majestic set, let’s first take a look at a maxed Deputy with +15 Majestic sets.

Set Troop Attack Troop HP Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Enemy Troop HP Debuff Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff
Main Hero Majestic +15 360% 189% 4,471.2% 693% 693% 150%
Deputy Majestic +15 180% 94.5% 2,235.6% 346.2% 346.2% 75%
Total Gear Stats 540% 283.50% 6,706.80% 1,039.20% 1,039.20% 225%

However, most of us won’t have that at this point. Let’s look at a base Majestic as main, with a 10% Deputy base Dark Lord.

Sets Troop Attack Troop HP Troop Def Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Enemy Troop HP Debuff Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff
Main Hero Majestic Base Set 120% 48% 0% 908.40% 261% 261% 50%
Deputy Dark Lord Base Set (10%) 89.6% 25.6% 25.6% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Total Gear Stats 209.6% 73.6% 73.60 908.40% 261% 261% 50%

Another option to consider is basing your Guard Captain and your Deputy on your troop setup. If you are running a two type meat layer (let’s say Infantry/Range), and don’t have Dark Lord, Conqueror on your Guard and Destroyer on your Deputy may be a good choice.

The Deputies bring a new dimension to Iron Throne, both Offensively and Defensively. So save up your silver and hit the books!

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