Defense 101 – Video Guide

Our Video Guide detailing the basics of Defending your Empire

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Defense 101 – Video Guide



Gear is a vital bonus to your overall defending stats. It’s imperative to make sure that your Hero has a decent defensive set equipped. You don’t have to have the best defensive gear in Iron Throne; Guardian Gear still offers a great deal of protection.

300% Troop HP Bonus is nothing to scoff at, but the additional bonuses Guardian Gear provides is incredibly effective for our Budget and F2P players.

Later on, when you have the resources, you can upgrade to the Majestic Gear Set that provides a huge defense bonus for players.

Scout Blocker

Make sure you have a Scout Blocker always active. This will prevent other players from sending a Scout to your Empire to see what kind of stats you have. You can acquire 24-Hour Scout Blockers from various Chests and Packs in-game, or you can purchase a 7-Day Scout Blocker for 3,000 Gold.

Troop Count

Make sure you always have a significant amount of Low-Tier Troops that can help soak up attacks. You, ideally, want to have enough Low-Tier Troops that will create a buffer against enemy attacks as their troops proceed to move up the offense ladder and assault higher-level troops (T1’s, T2’s, T3’s, etc…).

Tier One and Tier Two will be the best bang for your buck, as they’re easily trainable and incredibly affordable to train.

Building Enhancements

Certain buildings are going to provide you massive bonuses to Defense. Each building that focuses on a specific troop type (Training Grounds = Infantry Attack and HP), Prison (Troop Attack and Defense), Wall (Archer Leverage Debuff vs Enemy Troops, Archer Defense for your Empire), Warehouse (Cavalry Bonuses), and Command Center (Infantry).

Don’t forget your Outer Buildings (Mines, Farms, etc…) are stackable and can help to add Defensive Buffs at certain levels.

Additionally, your Obelisk costs some Gold but can provide substantial buffs to your Empire depending on the level you complete.

In our Building Guide, it will help detail all the various benefits and purposes each building in Iron Throne provides, so take a look at that for more detailed information and which buildings to prioritize.

Tips from a Pro

After you finish the video, we highly recommend Conversations with Stitch, which details some amazing tips that a great Defensive player, Stitch, provides for players.

Also, check out Princess Kat’s Attacking 101 Guide that will help you have a better understanding of how offensive players prepare to attack you and your allied players.

Make sure to check out Princess Kat’s YouTube page, and subscribe so you can watch some great videos on how to get the most out of your Iron Thone’s experience!

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